120 Samoan Names – Pacific Islander Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Pacific Islander and Samoan names for baby are popping up on multiple Google searches lately; more parents are considering it for their babies. It is evident that the Pacific Islanders did not only sell their breath-taking vacation experience to the world – but their names also.

Ask for the most unique baby names you can find anywhere in the world, and you should be sure that you will be directed to Samoan and Pacific Islander names.

As you may already know, there are three major groups of Islands in the Pacific Ocean, namely; Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia.

Samoa is officially known as the Independent State of Samoa. Before 1997, it was known as Western Samoa. It is a Polynesian island country with Apia as its capital city.

Enough of the history folks – let us get to the part where we mention the beautiful Samoan baby names from these highlands – I cannot wait!

Just so you get a heads up; interestingly, there are some Pacific Island names that do not have known meanings but have been answered by famous personalities across the globe.

120 Samoan Names – Pacific Islander Baby Names for Boys and Girls


25 Samoan Boys Names

1. Alofa: This lovely name means ‘Love’. You will agree that the pronunciation of the name in itself is lovely.

2. Artorian: Another lovely Samoan name which means ‘Available’.

3. Enele: There is no known meaning for this name. it is believed that the name migrated with foreigners who visited the Pacific Islands a long time ago. The first Prime Minister of Tuvalu was named Enele.

4. Fetu: This powerful name means ‘Star’.

5. Haych: In Samoa, Haych is a common nickname for boys, and has been slowly accepted as a name given to babies from birth.

6. Hemi: This is the Samoan form for ‘James’. James means ‘Supplanter’.

7. Iakopo: This is the Samoan form for Jacob, and it means the same meaning as James, which means ‘Supplanter’.

8. Iosefa: This name is the Samoan version of Joseph. Joseph means “he will add” in Hebrew.

9. Keola: In Samoan, Keola means “Life”, it can also be translated to mean “Health.”

10. Laki: When translated from Samoan to English, Laki means “Lucky.”

11. Maleko: This is the Samoan version of Mark. It means “Male”. It is believed that the name evolved from the famous Roman god of war.

12. Malosi: In Samoan, Malosi means “strength.”

13. Noa: The Samoan meaning of Noa is “Just”. The name is also the Samoan version of Noah, which is said to mean repose, rest.

14. Puleleiite: This name is translated to mean “Management” or a “Ruler”.

15. Semis: This name is a form of James used in Samoan territory.

16. Siaosi: The name is the Samoan form of George. Wondering what George means? It means “farmer” or “earth-worker”.

17. Sione: If you like the name “John”, but want a different version, then Sione is your best; because this is the Samoa version of John.

18. Tala: In Samoan, Tala means “story”. Also, the currency of Samoan is Tala; 100 Sene makes 1 Tala.

19. Taito: Another Biblical name, Taito is the Samoan version of Titus.

20. Taito: There is a Finnish version of this name – but it means something entirely different. In Samoan, the name means “Skill” or “Knowledge”.

21. Tuala: In the Samoan language, Tuala literarily means “Towels”. You don’t like the name? Well, one time Samoan Ambassador to Belgium and current Director of the Central Bank of Samoa goes by the name.

22. Tusitala: This is a literary name and it means “teller of tales” or “story writer”.

23. Uati: This is another interesting name which means “to watch”.

24. Vaea: This is a powerful name I am 100 percent sure you will love. It is not a popular name and it means “King” and “Chief”.

25. Vasa: In Samoan, Vasa means “Ocean” or “Sea”.


25 Samoan Girls Names

1. Amataga: In Samoan, Amataga means “Omega” or “Beginning”

2. Atamai: This is a Samoan name that means “Clever”. There is an eco-village in New Zealand called Atamai.

3. Elisapeta: This beautiful name is the Samoan version of Elizabeth.

4. Fiafia: If you have a beautiful and happy baby and like Samoan names, then you should consider naming her giving her this name. Fiafia means “Be happy.”

5. Filemu: In the Samoan language, Filemu means “Peacefulness.” This name can also pass for a boy child.

6. Fiva: This name is a controversial baby name that means “fever.” It is the Samoan version of the Russian name “Thebe.”

7. Kenese: This is a Samoan girls’ name which means “Genesis.”

8. Lagi: You will love this name, in the Samoan language; it means “Heaven.”

9. Loimata: In the Samoan language, Loimata means “tears.” Many interpret it to mean tears of joy.

10. Luni: In the Samoan language, Luni means “June.” It is a common name for babies born in the month of June.

11. Lupelele: The meaning of this name in the Samoan language is “Flying Dove.”

12. Lupesina: This is a combination of two Samoan words ‘Lupe’ and ‘Sina’, which means “Dove” and “Silver.”

13. Manaia: In the Samoan language, Manaia means “Nice.”

14. Manamea: This is a beautiful name for a baby who is nothing but a Sweetheart. It means “Sweetheart” in the Samoan language.

15. Mataalii: This name is the Samoan language form of Māorian name ‘Matariki’, it can be interpreted to mean “creativity, curiosity, charm, friendliness, cheer, and social life”

16. Nuanua: In the Samoan language, Nuanua means “Rainbow.”

17. Olaga: In the Samoan language, Olaga means “Life” and it is a very beautiful name for a baby girl.

18. Olioli: in the Samoan language, Olioli means “Joy.”

19. Onosaʻi: This name means “Patience” or “Be Patient” in the Samoan language.

20. Penina: This is one of the most famous Pacific Islander Baby names, it means “Pearl” in Samoan.

21. Rongomai Whenua: This is a peculiar name for a baby and it means “Earth Mother”. Don’t you just love the name?

22. Salamasina: This name has no interpreted meaning, but it is believed to be named after an ancient personality who was known for her strength and goodwill.

23. Saofa’i: Many consider this name funny and lovely at the same time, it means “Sit Down.”

24. Sina: This is another popular Samoan name: It means “White” or “Gray-Haired.” Are you having any ideas?

25. Teuila: This is a beautiful Samoan name for a famous flower called ‘red ginger’ in the English language.


25 Polynesian Girl Names

1. Konane: This is a powerful Polynesian name that means “Glow like moonlight”.

2. Alanah: This name means “Precious”, it is also interpreted to mean “Awakening”.

3. Maluhia: This lovely Polynesian name means “Peace”.

4. Kaneeta: This Polynesian name means “Sound”.

5. Oke: Another lovely traditional Polynesian name that means “Deer lover”.

6. Kaloni: A great name which means “The heavens”. It has also been translated to mean “Sky” and “Royal One”.

7. Kau’i: This is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl, meaning “True Beauty”.

8. Kahiau: The meaning of this Polynesian name will melt your heart, it means “To Give Generously with the Heart”.

9. Allana: Another two-meaning Polynesian name, meaning “Precious” and “Awakening”.

10. Anuhea: This Polynesian name doesn’t only sound nice, it also has a lovely meaning, which is “Cool Fragrance”.

11. Nohealani: This Polynesian name means “Beauty from Heaven”.

12. Meilani: This Polynesian name was created to be a name; it means “Created Name”.

13. Loe: This beautiful Polynesian name means “King” or “Queen”

14. Luanne: This beautiful Polynesian name means “Enjoyment”.

15. Malia: Another of the most popular Pacific Islanders baby names, it means “Of the Sea”

16. Mahina: This beautiful Polynesian name means “Moon” or “Moon-Light”.

17. Kaile’a: A traditional Polynesian name that means “Joyful Sea.”

18. Halia: This name means “Remembrance of a Loved One”. It is a great Polynesian name.

19. Leiko: Every baby girl will love this name. It means “Little Flower”.

20. Nana: Nana means different things in different dialects and to different people. In the Polynesian language, it means “Star”.

21. Leilanie: The meaning of this name in the Polynesian language is “Flower of Heaven”.

22. Aleynah: Another famous Polynesian name that means “Precious”. It is also interpreted to mean “Awakening”.

23. Luane: Every lady – young or old, will love this name. It means “Enjoyment”.

24. Lou-Ann: This lovely Polynesian name means “Enjoyment”.

25. Mohala: This is a beautiful and rare Polynesian name that means “Petals Unfolding”. It is also translated to mean “Shining Forth”.


25 Polynesian Boy Names

1. Kaipo: This famous Polynesian name means “Sweetheart”.

2. Nalani: A boy’s name that means “Heavens”.

3. Kalei: The meaning of this name is “One who works for the King”.

4. Liko: When interpreted from the Polynesian language, this name means “Bud”.

5. Loe: The meaning of this name is “King”.

6. Mana: Another beautiful Polynesian name that means “Spirit”.

7. Palila: This name means “Bird”.

8. Keiki: The meaning of this name is “Child”.

9. Konala: This Polynesian name has huge significance; it means “World Ruler”.

10. Moke: Meaning “Born of”. It is often used as a prefix to a family name.

11. Feleti: This means “Name from Tonga Language”

12. Kamea: This name means “Precious One” in the Polynesian language.

13. Kealii: This is one of the famous Pacific Islanders’ baby names and it means “Chief”.

14. Manawanui: This name is interpreted to mean “Stout Hearted”, “Patient” and “Determined.”

15. Halia: This name means “Memorial”

16. Lilo: This name means “Generous One”

17. Kanoa: In the Polynesian language, this name means “The Free One”.

18. Kalani: This beautiful name is interpreted to mean “The Heavens”, “Sky” or “Royal One”.

19. Kaili: This is a popular name of a Hawaiian deity. There is no translation to the name.

20. Ipo: This is another Polynesian name with a “Sweetheart” and “Lover”.

21. Aulani: The name means “King’s Messenger”.

22. Kapena: This name is translated to mean “Captain”.

23. Aulii: This is a Polynesian name translated to mean “Delicious”.

24. Keanu: This is the name of a famous Hollywood actor; the name means “Breeze”.

25. Makani: Almost the same meaning with Keanu, this names “Wind”.


5 Tahitian Baby Names for Girls

1. Farahinano: This is a popular Tahitian name that means “the Flower of Pandanus”. This is a popular tropical plant in Polynesia.

2. Hauata: This is a beautiful name that means “Cloud of Peace” or “Peaceful Cloud”.

3. Hautiare: Another name about flowers, this name means “the sweet flower” or “sweet flower”.

4. Heiana: This is a beautiful Tahitian name that means “Brilliant Crown”.

5. Heiani: This name is very popular in Hawaii; it means “Crown of the Sky”.

5 Tahitian Baby Names for Boys

1. Aitoarii: This is a strong name for a baby boy; it means “Royal Warrior”.

2. Aitonui: This is similar to the first name; it means “Great Warrior”.

3. Ariihau: Another powerful Tahitian baby name which is composed of “Arii” meaning “King” and “Hau” meaning “Peace”. The name is translated to mean “King of Peace.

4. Nui: This is a boy’s name; when translated from the Tahitian language, it means “Big”.

5. Oro: This is a name of a Polynesian god.


5 Cook Island Baby Names for Girls

1. Nooroa: This is a famous Cook Island name; it means “Stay Put” or “Remain Still”.

2. Tereapii: This is a traditional Cook Island name “School”.

3. Teina: The meaning of this name is “River”.

4. Teremoana: This name means “High Sea Navigator”.

5. Ngatupuna: This name means “Long Cloud”.

5 Cook Island Baby Names for Boys

1. Moeroa: This name means “Success comes easily to you”. It is a lovely name you will agree.

2. Miimetua: This beautiful name literarily means “let the bones lie” when translated. It means “Make Peace”.

3. Upokoina: This lovely name has a lovely meaning too, it means “Good-Natured”.

4. Teokotai: I love the sound of this name; it means “The Main One”.

5. Ngatokorua: This is another beautiful name; it is translated to mean “Unique”, “Visionary”, or “Different”.



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