100 Nerdy and Geeky Baby Names for Boys And Girls

Nerdy and Geeky baby names are the new normal, and you should consider them too. Let’s face it; apart from the undeniable fact that these names are seriously cool, they have significance.

We are glad that you recognize that a name is the first and perhaps most crucial element that defines an individual.

After all, that is what they would be introduced and identified with, for as long as they live – so, you ought to choose carefully.

If you are on the lookout for nerdy or geeky names for your baby boy or girl, then you are in the right place. We have compiled 100 nerdy and geeky baby names – 50 for boys and 50 for girls, just for you!

What are you waiting for? Dive into the pile of nerdy and geeky names, and check out these cool and significant names.

We apologize in advance because you will struggle to choose from these beautiful nerdy and geeky baby names.

100 Nerdy and Geeky Baby Names


50 Nerdy and Geeky Names for Boys

In compiling this list, we have made your job easier by selecting the nerdy and geeky baby names that are not popular.

We know you are seeking an uncommon name with a great genealogy, so we will not waste your time with the likes of Alex, Andrew, and Christian.

These are great nerdy and geeky baby names, but our list focuses on bringing you uncommon names with great significance.

1. Kent

Origin: English

Meaning: High

Fun Fact: Superman’s real name is Clark Kent (at least, that’s what we were told!) The Kent’s very intelligent people, and as you know, Clark Kent was as nerdy and geeky as anyone could be.


2. Leonard

Origin: German

Meaning: Brave Lion

Fun fact: The given name of the famous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1940 to 1955), Winston Churchill is Leonard.


3. Liam

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Strong-Willed Warrior

Fun Fact: Renowned Hollywood actor Liam Neeson is considered one of the most intelligent actors to ever appear on screen.


4. Logan

Origin: Irish

Meaning: descendant of the warrior

Fun fact: It appears the Irish loves names associated with ‘warriors.’ We all know the famous X-men character – codenamed ‘Wolverine’. Like you know, his name was Logan.


5. Luthor

Origin: German

Meaning: Army people

Fun fact: Lex Luther may be Superman’s enemy, but we can nt take it from him that he was intelligent and a nerdy geek!


6. Sheldon

Origin: English

Meaning: Town in the valley

Fun fact: The brain behind Las Vegas Sands Corporation – the parent company of Marina Bay Sands, Venetian Macao Limited, the Sands Casino Center, and the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is Sheldon. Impressive!


7. Theodore

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Gift of God

Fun fact: The name of the 26th president of the United States of America, who ruled from 1901 to 1909, was Theodore Roosevelt.


8. Wesley

Origin: Norman

Meaning: A field in the west

Fun fact: Charles Wesley, who lived from 1707 to 1788, was credited for writing over 6,500 hymns. That’s impressive even for a geek or nerd!


9. Alexander

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Defender of man

Fun fact: Only one man in history has ever earned the title of ‘the great’. Yes, Alexander the Great!


10. Calvin

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Bald

Fun fact: Ever heard of the American fashion powerhouse called ‘Calvin Klein?’


11. Ganon

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Fair Skinned

Fun face: Ganon is the name of a lead video game character.


12. Grimm

Origin: Anglo-Saxon

Meaning: Fierce

Fun fact: Someone discovered the Grimm’s law of linguistics. I guess you already know his name.


13. Jules

Origin: French

Meaning: Youthful

Fun fact: Jules and Vincent by the legendary Mike Mitchell, remains one of the greatest pul fiction of all time.


14. Linus

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Flax

Fun fact: Linus Torvalds is the computer engineering genius who created the operating software – Linus.


15. Marius

Origin: Roman

Meaning: Warlike

Fun fact: I’ll recommend you carry out a little research on Marius Pontmercy. Thank me later.


16. Zack

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The Lord Recalled or Laughter

Fun fact: Zach Galifianakis remains one of the world’s most talented TV host, actor and comedian.


17. Eugene

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Noble or High Born

Fun fact: Eugene is a famous city in Oregon (United States), famous got its recreation, arts, hikes and organic farming. U.S. state of Oregon


18. Fabiano

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Bean

Fun fact: Luís Fabiano is a Brazilian footballer, currently ranked as second highest goal scorer in Brazilian in the 21st century.


19. Ferdinand

Origin: German

Meaning: Bold voyager

Fun fact: In 2017, a movie titled ‘Ferdinand’ melted the hearts of millions of people around the world. The story was about a soft hearted bull – named Ferdinand, who escapes after his father does not return from a bull fight. You should watch this movie!


20. Herman

Origin: German

Meaning: Warrior or Soldier

Fun fact: Herman is the name of one of the top American furniture and equipment manufacturing companies.


21. Humphrey 

Origin: German

Meaning: Peaceful Warrior

Fun fact: There is an act in the United States called the ‘Humphrey–Hawkins Full Employment Act.’


22. Irving 

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Handsome friend

Fun fact: There is a city in Texas called Irving. It is often referred to as an economic powerhouse.


23. Juniper 

Origin: Latin 

Meaning: Young

Fun fact: There is an American multinational company called Juniper


24. Langdon 

Origin: English

Meaning: Long Hill

Famous fact: The most famous person by this name – Professor Robert Langdon, is actually a fictional character.


25. Leopold 

Origin: German

Meaning: Brave People

Fun fact: This name is often associated with the bravery of a leopard. 


26. Magnus 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Greatest

Fun fact: Magnus IV of Sweden, born in 1316, is considered the most famous person to ever bore the name.


27. Mars 

Origin: Rome

Meaning: God of War

Fun fact: The smallest and fourth planet in the solar system is named Mars.


28. Milton 

Origin: English

Meaning: Mill town

Fun fact: There was a famous poet, playwright and writer from Canada named Milton. He leads a long list of famous people who go by the name.


29. Montgomery

Origin: Norman

Meaning: Man Power

Fun fact: There are monuments in over 20 countries by the name, Montgomery


30. Napoleon

Origin: French

Meaning: Lion of Naples

Fun fact: The twenty-franc gold coin used in France during ancient times was referred to as Napoleon.


31. Raoul 

Origin: French

Meaning: Wolf Counsel

Fun fact: One of the major characters in the famous novel, The Phantom of the Opera was named Raoul.


32. Sage 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Wise

Fun fact: The name is adopted for both males and females. 


33. Albus 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: White

Fun fact: Every fan of Harry Porter is familiar with this name.


34. Anakin 

Origin: American

Meaning: Warrior

Fun fact: The name was specially created for the “Star Wars” movies.


35. Ash 

Origin: English

Meaning: From the Ash Tree

Fun fact: There is a key character in the popular kid’s show – ‘Pokémon’, named Ash.


36. Bennett

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Blessed

Fun fact: The current Prime Minister of Israel is named Bennett.


37. Hedwig

Origin: German

Meaning: Fighter

Fun fact: A pet very close to Harry Porter’s heart was named Hedwig


38. Hermes

Origin: Greek

Meaning: God of Boundaries and Transitions

Fun fact: Rings any bells? A popular designer fashion label goes by this name.

39. Jones

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Loan’s son

Fun fact: This name is synonymous with Indiana Jones, the fictional archaeology professor


40. Kenobi

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Ken means “sword,” and Obi means “belt.”

Fun fact: Kenobi is a famous Star Wars character


41. Nero

Origin: Roman

Meaning: Energetic and Strong

Fun fact: There was a Roman emperor called Nero


42. Noble

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Aristocratic

Fun fact: Persons who bear the name are often perceived as morally upright


43. Oliver

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Olive Tree (Gotten from the Latin word – ‘olivarius’)

Fun fact: The olive branch is a universal symbol of peace


44. Rey

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: King

Fun fact: The name is considered a variation of the Latin version ‘Rex’


45. Silvano

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Woods of Forest

Fun fact: The Roman god of forests is named Silvanus.


46. Terrence

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Smooth

Fun fact: This name is another version of the Latin name – Terentius


47. Thackeray

Origin: English

Meaning: A place with thatching

Fun fact: This name is an alternative to the name Zachary


48. Clyde

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: warm

Fun fact: There is a river in Glasgow, Scotland, called Clyde


49. Constantine

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Steadfastness

Fun fact: There was a 2005 blockbuster Hollywood movie known as Constantine


50. Dax

Origin: French

Meaning: Leader

Fun fact: Every Star Trek fan will be familiar with this name


50 Nerdy and Geeky Names for Girls

Many parents do not consider giving their girls strong name – and sadly so. A girl is most likely going to lose her family name when she gets married.

So, parents should do more in giving their girls powerful names, because that’s the only thing from you they will keep!

We are glad you are considering a nerdy and geeky name for your girl. Check out the beautiful and significant names we highlighted below:

1. Deanna

Origin: English

Meaning: Valley

Fun fact: There is a Star Trek character by this name


2. Éowyn

Origin: English

Meaning: Horse Joy

Fun fact: Another famous movie character, this time, from Lord of the Rings.


3. Felicity

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Good Luck

Fun fact: The name was culled from the original Latin word – Felicitas.


4. Guinevere

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: White Phantom

Fun fact: Guinevere is the famous wife and Queen of King Arthur. It’s also a very lovely name – don’t you think?


5. Hypatia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: The Highest or Supreme

Fun fact: You should research on the names of famous women who have borne this name and you will be surprised as the impressive list.


6. Irene

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Peace

Fun fact: Irene Fischer is one of the famous people who have borne this name; she produced the system which mapped the earth to reveal its size and shape.


7. Irmingard

Origin: Germany

Meaning: Universal

Fun fact: The engineer who pioneered the automatic control theory was named Irmingard.


8. Zor

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Courageous

Fun fact: If you love brave movie characters, then this is a good name for you. This was the name of Supergirl in the Superman series.


9. Keiko

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Celebrated Child

Fun fact: Another great movie character in Star Wars

10. Lei

Origin: Hawaiian and Chinese

Meaning: Flowers or Child [Hawaiian]; Bud [Chinese]

Fun fact: A name with a genealogy rooted in two different ancient kingdoms


11. Maya

Origin: Greek, Roman, and Hebrew

Meaning: In Roman and Greek, it means ‘Good Mother’; in Hebrew, it means water.

Fun fact: Ever heard of Maya Angelou? You should check her up again!


12. Morrigan

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Great Queen

Fun fact: Great Queen sounds like a name you would want to call your baby girl!


13. Motoko

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Child

Fun fact: Depending on how it is used, Motoko can mean Resources of Fundamental Child also.

14. Nicola

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Victory of the People

Fun fact: The name was gotten from the Greek name, Nikolaos. Ever heard of a certain Nikola Tesla? Hmm…


15. Nyota

Origin: Swahili

Meaning: Star

Fun facts: African names are the future!


16. Selina

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Moon

Fun fact: If her eyes glow like a full moon, then you should consider naming her Selina.

17. Thalia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Blossom

Fun fact: This should interest you! Thalia is the name of the god of festivities in Greek mythology.


18. Willamina

Origin: German

Meaning: Desire

Fun fact: The name can also mean ‘Helmet.’

19. Aurora

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Dawn

Fun fact: Aurora is a character famous for her role in ‘X-Men’.


20. Cora

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Maiden, Girl, or Daughter

Fun fact: This is the name of the epithet belonging to the famous Greek goddess, Persephone.


21. Dione

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Divine Queen

Fun fact: One of the moons of Planet Saturn is named Dione.


22. Echo

Origin: Latin and Greek

Meaning: Deflected Sound

Fun fact: This name is often considered significant, and used to represent the representation of the family’s ethos.


23. Elora

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Sun Ray

Fun fact: Hebrew names are believed to have very strong spiritual strengths.


24. Felicity

Origin: English

Meaning: Happy

Fun fact: If she is a happy baby, then you should consider calling her felicity!


25. Fleur

Origin: French

Meaning: Flower

Fun fact: Girls like to be described and associated with flowers. She will thank you for this name when she grows up!


26. Gretchen

Origin: German

Meaning: Pearl

Fun fact: As lovely as this name is, it is very rare. If you want her to stand out, then you should call her Gretchen.


27. Hera

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Queen

Fun fact: Choosing a name associated with Greek mythology is considered a lucky charm.


28. Ares

Origin: Greek

Meaning: God of War

Fun fact: NASA is notorious for naming their spacecraft ‘Ares’.


29. Aspen

Origin: English

Meaning: Shaking poplar tree

Fun fact: A famous international space center is named Aspen


30. Daphne

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Laurel tree or Bay tree

Fun fact: There is an interesting story about Daphne and the god Apollo


31. Iris

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Rainbow

Fun fact: In Greek mythology, Iris is the name of a god


32. Jasmine

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Gift from God

Fun fact: The name is derived from an ancient Persian word, ‘yasmin’, which means ‘jasmine flower.’ We love names with dual meanings, especially when both meanings are lovely.


33. Kestrel

Origin: French

Meaning: Rattle

Fun fact: Kestrel is a name for a bird of prey. For a girl, it holds great potentials for strength and resilience.


34. Ona

Origin: Slavic

Meaning: Grace

Fun fact: Ona is also a West African name that means ‘Fire’.

35. Orion

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Rising in the sky

Fun fact: The name is greatly influenced by ‘Orion the hunter’, from the Greek mythology.


36. Rhodanthe

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Rose Blossom

Fun fact: Every girl wants to be likened to a rose – without being named ‘Rose’. She will thank you in the future.


37. Rigel

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Left Leg of the Giant (Referring to the cosmic figure of Orion stars)

Fun fact: Rigel is one of the brightest stars in the galaxy and part of Orion


38. River

Origin: English

Meaning: A body of fresh water flowing naturally

Fun fact: A prolific and famous author goes by the name ‘Rivers’. Besides, water is beautiful – isn’t it?

39. Ross

Origin: German

Meaning: The steed, or the horse

Fun fact: This name was originally a male or family name, but the Scottish people adopted it for their daughters.


40. Tana

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Fire or Star Goddess

Fun fact: The longest River in Kenya is named Tana


41. Thalia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Flourishing

Fun fact: What did we say about names liked with Greek Mythology?


42. Zelda

Origin: Yiddish

Meaning: Blessed

Fun fact: The name Zelda is often considered a nickname for ‘Griselda.’


43. Leia

Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: Heavenly Flower, or Child of Heaven

Fun fact: Popularized by a nerd in the movie ‘Star Trek.’


44. Natasha

Origin: Russian

Meaning: Birthday, or Natal Day

Fun fact: The name is the Russian pet form of the name Natalya – how interesting!


45. Nichelle

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Like God

Fun fact: This is a very powerful Christian Biblical name


46. Peggy

Origin: English

Meaning: Pearl

Fun fact: Girls like pearls!


47. Primrose

Origin: English

Meaning: First Rose

Fun fact: Every girl will be glad to be called ‘First Rose.’


48. Rowena

Origin: German

Meaning: Fame and Happiness

Fun fact: The name is very popular in Scotland.


49. Ruby

Origin: Latin and French

Meaning: Deep Red Precious Stone

Fun fact: Did you ever hear the quote that precious stones are a girl’s best friend? Well, you just did!


50. Sabine

Origin: Latin

Meaning: A member of an ancient Italian people called Sabines

Fun fact: Name of another nerdy and geeky character in the blockbuster movie, ‘Star Wars’.


The Importance of Selecting the Right Nerdy and Geeky Name for Your Baby

The time parents spend searching and deliberating on the name for their newborn is not wasted. Regardless of your religious standpoint, you will agree that names are significant.

Picking a name for a child is not a walk in the park, as many think. The process can be overwhelming as you will be faced with so many beautiful options to pick from.

It is best to narrow it down to the type of name you want the child to have. Then you can consider the meaning, the memory, or the impact you want the name to have on the child.

In a recent survey carried out in Ireland – a country with a strong genealogy – 89 percent of the Irish people voted that a child’s name is the most important decision a parent makes.

It is on very few occasions that children grow up and request for their names to be changed. We all grow to accept the name we were given.

This is why it is essential to select the right name for a child. What truly is in a name, and why do you have to pay so much importance in choosing a name?

Below we have provided seven points to highlight the importance for choosing the right name for your baby.

1. Background Perception:

Your baby’s name tells a lot about the family background. If your child bears a name that leaves a sour taste in the mouth, people are going to wonder what type of a parent you are.

No one ever blames children for the name they bear. Be prepared to take all the blames – as you should!

2. Promotes Confidence:

A name can promote confidence or inferiority complex. People will always ask for your child’s name. How do you think your children will feel knowing that their names were not carefully chosen.

If you did not carefully choose their name, the child would exhibit low self-esteem due to the deregulatory remarks they are now all well used to.

3. Source of Inspiration:

The meaning of the child’s name or its significance can be a source of inspiration to them. Imagine a child growing up to find out that they were named after someone with an outstanding achievement.

There is no better feeling than being linked with a famous figure just because you share the same name.

4. Nickname:

Your child’s name will determine the nickname they will be addressed by peers.

While Dickson may be a great name, before choosing it, be prepared to live with the fact that many of his peers will nickname him ‘dick’.

5. Impression:

A name can attract a good or bad impression to an individual. Your child can suffer immensely and experience untold difficulties – especially in relating with people, just because of the impression they have of him about his name.

6. Meaning:

One day the child will check the meaning of their name. You do not want them disappointed.

The meaning of your child’s name is essential, and you should not make the mistake of giving a child a name you have not looked up the meaning.

Children with nerdy and geeky baby names grow up proud.

7. Significance

Names have powerful significance in the lives of individuals. Believe it or not, the name you give children could create a significant impact in their lives.

But why would you think of giving your child a bad name in the first place?


Closing Remarks

Shakespeare, in one of the most popular books in the world till date – Romeo and Juliet, asks the fundamental question – ‘what is in a name?’

He would go further to highlight the significance of a name by saying that anything we call a rose smells as sweet!

Let’s take the world’s greatest sprinter of all time, Usain Bolt. Could it be that it was a coincidence that he had the speed of a thunder bolt? You be the judge!

So, you don’t only want to birth a bundle of joy; you want your baby to be the next Einstein. Who can blame you?

You could consider speaking to your partner or a parent to assist in choosing one name from the list you penned down. Oh yeah, we know you penned down a couple – we all do!


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