50 Mexican Baby Names for Boys and Girls – Mexico Male And Female Names

Mexican baby names for boys and girls are famous around the world. Mexico boasts of a rich history and culture, which are encapsulated in their unique names.

One of the reasons also why their Mexican baby names are loved by many is how they are pronounced.

For example, the name ‘Jose’ – a popular Mexican name, is pronounced as ‘ho- say’, meaning the letter ‘J’ is silent. This gives their name a unique feel and tone to it.

If you are looking for a name to give your baby, a Mexican name is a solid choice – trust us on that!

Before we check out Mexican baby names for boys and girls, let’s learn a little about Mexican names and naming culture.


Meaning of Mexican Names

Interestingly, many Mexican names originated from other languages and countries.

It is common to see a Mexican name with a Spanish, Italian, Latin, or Hebrew genealogy.

However, this does not make the names any less Mexican – and perhaps this is one of the most significant attributes of these names – their history!

Little wonder Mexican names are famous all over the world.


Mexican Baby Naming Culture

The naming culture in Mexico is unique. Like in many other Spanish-speaking cultures, babies are given two last names during the naming ceremonies – isn’t that lovely?

This implies that the newborn will have two surnames, one from each parent.

The name from the paternal side of the family is listed first, while that from the maternal side comes second.

The name from the father’s side is locally known as the ‘apellido paterno’, while that from the mother’s side is known as the ‘apellido materno.’

According to experts, the naming culture where the babies have two surnames helps to create a strong bond between both families. It also strengthens the child’s ties to both families – paternal and maternal.


25 Mexican Baby Names for Boys

1. Bernardo

Meaning: Strong and Brave as a Bear

Popular Figure: Bernardo Silva, a Portuguese and Manchester City football player.


2. Caesar

Meaning: Long Hair

Popular Figure: Caesar was the name of a Roman general who is known for his role in the origin of the Roman Empire.


3. Carlos

Meaning: Manly

Popular Figure: Carlos Tevez was a popular Argentinian footballer.


4. Casimiro

Meaning: Peaceful

Popular Figure: There is a multi-title winning Real Madrid midfielder called Casimiro


5. Santiago

Meaning: The name is derived from Santo, meaning Saint, and Yago, which is another name for James.

Popular Figure: The name was coined in respect of Saint James – the patron saint of Spain


6. Matias

Meaning: Someone Who is a Gift of God

Popular Figure: Matias Kranevitter is an Argentine footballer.


7. Diego

Meaning: One who is a Famous Bearer

Popular Figure: The most famous figure to have bore the name is the legendary Argentine football maestro, Diego Maradona.


8. Joaquin

Meaning: Lifted by Yahweh

Popular Figure: Joaquin Phoenix is an American actor.


9. Emiliano

Meaning: A Rival

Popular Figure: A man named Emiliano Zapata played an essential role in the Mexican Revolution.


10. Sebastian

Meaning: Honor

Popular Figure: There is a German Formula One World Champion named Sebastian Vettel.


11. Nicolas

Meaning: Victory of the People

Popular Figure: There is an American Hollywood veteran named Nicolas Cage.


12. Lucas

Meaning: One who comes from Luciana (a famous place in southern Italy)

Popular Figure: There is a famous Brazilian footballer named Lucas.


13. Benjamin

Meaning: Son of the Right Hand

Popular Figure: As we all know, Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America (USA).


14. Andres

Meaning: Manly

Famous Figure: Andres Iniesta is a Spanish and Barcelona football legend.


15. Samuel

Meaning: “God has Heard” or “The Name of God.”

Popular Figure: There is a renowned novelist and poet named Samuel Beckett.


16. Alexander

Meaning: One who Defends Mankind

Popular Figure: Alexander The Great was a king in the ancient Greek kingdom.


17. Felipe

Meaning: Lover of Horses

Popular Figures: There is a famous Brazilian footballer named Felipe Anderson.


18. Leonardo

Meaning: Brave as a Lion

Popular Figure: The world renowned Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci


19. Santino

Meaning: Little Saint

Popular Figure: Santino Marella is a famous Canadian actor.


20. Ignacio

Meaning: Fiery

Popular Figure: Ignacio Camacho is a famous Spanish footballer.


21. Adrian

Meaning: The one who comes from the Adriatic sea region.

Popular Figure: Adrian Monk is a fictional character who was extremely popular in the much-loved detective series ‘Monk.’


22. Rodrigo

Meaning: Famous Ruler

Popular Figure: There is a famous Brazilian actor by the name, Rodrigo Santoro


23. Pablo

Meaning: Small

Popular Figure: Pablo Picasso was a Spanish sculptor, painter, poet, and artist.


24. Vicente

Meaning: The One who Conquers

Popular Figure: Vicente Fox is a former President of Mexico.


25. Kevin

Meaning: The Handsome One

Popular Figure: Kevin Hart is a famous American actor and Comedian.


25 Mexican Baby Names for Girls

1. Maria

Meaning: Sea of Bitterness or Sea of Sorrow

Popular Figure: Maria Sharapova is a top ranked international Russian tennis player.


2. Elena

Meaning: Someone who will Gain fame and Popularity like a Bright Shining Light

Popular Figure: Elena Ferrante is a pseudonym used by a famous Italian novelist.


3. Rosa

Meaning: Rose Flower

Popular Figure: Rosa Parks, the Black American Lady who refused to give her seat in a segregated bus, is known as the ‘First Lady of Civil Rights.’


4. Gabriela

Meaning: God is my strength

Popular Figure: Gabriela Sabatini is a high ranking international Argentinian tennis player


5. Leticia

Meaning: Full of Happiness and Joy

Popular Figure: Leticia Dolera is a world renowned Spanish actress.


6. Veronica

Meaning: A combination of two different words – verus, which means true, and iconicus, which means belonging to an image, and thus stands for ‘true image.’

Popular figure: Veronica Roth is the famous author of ‘Divergent.’


7. Elizabeth

Meaning: God is satisfaction

Popular Figure: A cosmetics empire known as Elizabeth Arden was founded by a Canadian entrepreneur who goes by the same name.


8. Teresa

Meaning: The Reaper

Popular Figure: Mother Teresa is perhaps the most popular figure who has been identified with this name. she is renowned for her humanitarian work around the world.


9. Silvia

Meaning: One from the Woods

Popular Figure: Silvia Colloca is a famous Italian actress.


10. Francisca

Meaning: Liberated and Free

Popular Figure: Francisca Valenzuela is a Chilean music superstar.

11. Yolanda

Meaning: Violet

Popular Figure: American gospel singer, actress, record producer, and host of her show, Yolanda Adams.


12. Martha

Meaning: Lady

Popular Figure: Martha Stewart is a world-renowned American entrepreneur and social personality.


13. Adriana

Meaning: Dark

Popular Figure: Adriana Grande is a multi-talented, award-winning American singer.


14. Gloria

Meaning: One who Brings glory

Popular Figure: Gloria Estefan is a Cuban American singer and actress.


15. Luisa

Meaning: Renowned Warrior

Popular Figure: Luisa Moraes is a famous Brazilian actress.


16. Delfina

Meaning: One who is a native of Delphi

Popular Figure: The daughter of Egyptian and Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez is named Delfina.


17. Maite

Meaning: One who is Loved Dearly

Popular Figure: Maite Perroni is a famous Mexican actress.


18. Miranda

Meaning: Admired

Popular Figure: Miranda Kerr is a famous international Australian model.


19. Paulina

Meaning: Small

Popular Figure: Paulina Gaitan is a famous Mexican actress.


20. Anika

Meaning: Group

Popular Figure: Anika Nilles is an internationally recognized German performer.


21. Fiona

Meaning: Fair

Popular Figure: Fiona is the female protagonist from the popular children movie series Shrek


22. Paloma

Meaning: Dove

Popular Figure: Paloma Faith is a famous English singer and actress.


23. Diana

Meaning: Divine or Heavenly

Popular Figure: The name was popularized by Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales, and the first wife of Charles, the Prince of Wales.


24. Irene

Meaning: Peace

Popular Figure: Irene Adler is a fictional character in the Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


25. Laura

Meaning: Honour and Victory

Popular Figure: Laura Spencer is a famous American actress.


12 Gender-Neutral Mexican Baby Name – Mexican Baby Names for Boys and Girls

1. Ariel

Meaning: Lion of God

Popular Figure: The famous Disney Mermaid Princess in the movie – Little Mermaid was named Ariel.


2. Ávila

Meaning: Desired

Popular Place: There is a city in Spain called Ávila


3. Azul

Meaning: The colour Blue

Popular for: A Brazillian Airline carrier based in Sao Paulo


4. Belén

Meaning: Bethlehem

Popular Place: Bethlehem is believed to be the hometown of Jesus Christ.


5. Camille

Meaning: Helper to the Priest

Popular Figure: Camille is a famous character in the movie League of Legends


6. Castel

Meaning: To the Castle

Popular For: Castel Group is a world-renowned French beverage company.

7. Claude

Meaning: Limping

Popular Figure: Jean-Claude Van Damme is a famous Belgian actor.


8. Dani

Meaning: God is my Judge

Popular Figure: Dani Alves is a famous Brazilian Football player.


9. Desi

Meaning: Yearning

Popular Figure: Arnaz is a world-renowned Cuban actor, musician, bandleader, comedian, and producer.


10. Elia

Meaning: God has Answered

Popular Figure: Elia Kazan was one of the most decorated and influential figures in Broadway and Hollywood history.


11. Amadis

Meaning: God’s Love

Popular Figure: Amadís of Gaula is a famous humorous classic written by Miguel de Cervantes in the early 17th century.


12. Amor

Meaning: Love

Popular Figure: Amor Ben Taher is a renowned retired Tunisian football player.


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