55 Brazilian Baby Names for Boys And Girls

Brazilian baby names are becoming more popular by the day and the beautiful part is that Brazil is known for a lot more.

Apart from its robust history and cultural heritage, the famous Latin American country is known for its lovely names. Although none of my children bear any, I plan on giving Brazilian names to my grandchildren.

Another beautiful thing I noticed about Brazilian names is the fact that the names have different origins. Brazil is a country that brings together people from different tribes around the world with diverse cultures; this is reflected in the names used by citizens of the country – and those who fancy them.

If you are reading this article, then you have considered giving your baby a Brazilian name, trust me when I say it is a choice you will not regret.

Also, as it is our culture on Parentinggoal.com, we have mentioned some famous personalities around the world who answered some of the names – you would be surprised!

Below, I have highlighted all you need to know about Brazilian names and some male, female, and unisex name suggestions to inspire you.


55 Brazilian Baby Names for Boys And Girls


25 Brazilian Baby Names for Boys

1. Ayrton: The name is not very popular but is named after a famous river. It means “a farm on the river Ayr”, and was the name of the late renowned F1 driver, Ayrton Senna.

2. Felipe: Meaning “a friend of horses”, Filipe name of another very famous Formula One driver, Felipe Massa.

3. Bruno: This is a famous name of German origin, it means “Brown”.

4. Caio: This is another very lovely Brazilian name of Latin origin; it means “rejoice”.

5. Carlos: You should be familiar with this name. Carlos has its genealogy from Spain and Portugal. Historians claim that it is a variant of the name ‘Charles’, and it means “a free man”.

6. Eduardo: This name is of Iberian origin and from the same genealogy as the name ‘Edward’. It means “wealthy guardian”.

7. Gaspar: The name has a strong connection in Latin origin. It means “treasure”. Interestingly, this name is translated to be ‘Jasper’ in Portuguese.

8. José: Another very famous and powerful name of Spanish origin; it means “God will increase”. It is one of the most famous names in Brazil and is a variant of the name – Joseph.

9. Luiz: This name has its roots in French history and is translated to mean “the famous warrior”. It is the Portuguese version of Louis and remains a popular name among the French and Brazilian people.

10. Heleno: The name means “a shining light and torch” and is of Brazilian origin. The name was made famous by the magnificent Brazilian footballer named Heleno de Freitas.

11. Jorge: This is another famous name in Brazil; it means “worker or farmer of the land”. One of the famous people who popularized the name is Jorge Paulo Lemann, a billionaire businessman, and banker.

12. Lucas: This name represents a strong significance among the Brazilian people. It means “bright”. There is a talented football player by the name of Lucas Maura.

13. Mário: Made famous by the computer game ‘Super Mario’, the name means “war-like”. There are a lot of famous personalities who go by the name; one of which is the late Brazilian poet, Mário Raul de Morais Andrade.

14. Neymar: If you are a football fan, then the name ‘Neymar’ will ring a bell. It means “unavailable”; and it is the first name of the Brazilian football wizard, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior.

15. Paulo: The name means “small”, and is another famous name among the Brazilian people. One of the famous personalities who go by the name is Paulo Coelho, the celebrated author of books such as The Alchemist and The Pilgrimage.

16. Romero: The meaning of the name is “someone who embarking upon a religious pilgrimage”. This is the name of Romero Britto, a famous cubist pop art, Brazilian sculptor, and artist.

17. Ronaldhino: Football lover or not, you probably would have heard of this name popularized by the Brazilian football superstar, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira. The name means “little Ronald”.

18. Lúcio: This is another name with huge significance, it means “Light”. It has its roots in Latin origin.

19. Miguel: Meaning “a person who is like God”, Miguel is a name with roots in both Spanish and Portuguese history. Interestingly, it is a variant of the name ‘Michael’.

20. Kadonkechi: This is a traditional Brazilian name with a rather humourous meaning. It means “bitter soup”.

21. Manoel: This is a traditional name rooted in Brazilian origin; it means “God is with us”. The name is a variant of the famous Spanish version Manuel.

22. Onyait: Synonymous to the Brazilian people, this name means “born on the grasslands”.

23. Pascoal: This name means “a child of Easter” and is a Portuguese variant of Pascal. The name is of Portuguese origin.

24. Quim: The name is Hebrew and it means “raised by God”. It is famous among Christians and Jews and is a shorter version of the name ‘Joaquim’.

25. Tácito: This name is often chosen for babies who are perceived as quiet. It is a traditional Brazilian name that means “silent one”.

25 Brazilian Baby Names for Girls

1. Anitta: This is one of the most popular names you will find in Brazil; it means “graceful”. There is a famous online personality, singer, and television host known around Brazil called Anitta.

2. Alessandra: This name has roots in different countries, but this is the Brazilian version. It means “defender of mankind”. The famous Brazilian model, Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the notable personalities from the Latin American country who have publicized the name.

3. Camila: This is a perfect name for a perfect baby girl. If you guessed that the meaning of this name is “perfect”; then you guessed right.

4. Carmen: The name was made famous by the late Broadway actress and Samba singer, Carmen Miranda. She lived to fulfill the meaning of her name which is “poetry or ode”.

5. Cléo: This is a powerful name that means “Pride, glory, and fame”. According to records, one of the most popular figures that have answered the name is Cléo Pires – she was a renowned actress.

6. Dilma: The 36th President of the independent nation of Brazil was named Dilma Rousseff. The name means “independent”.

7. Elis: You should have heard of the famous singer names Elis Regina – if you are a lover of Jazz music. The name means “God’s promise”.

8. Gisele: The name means “to owe a mutual obligation or pledge”. Gisele Caroline Bündchen made an enviable reputation as an internationally renowned supermodel and environmental activist from Brazil.

9. Hebe: The name means “youth”. It was made famous by the late 1929 born television host renowned as the Queen of Brazilian Television.

10. Jacy: The name means “moon, and creator of plant life” – it is such a beautiful name if you ask me. Then again, are all Brazilian baby names not beautiful?

11. Marelaine: This is a name originated from Brazilian origin. It means “the kind one”.

12. Maria: This name is of Hebrew origin, which means “from the sea”. It will interest you to know that this is by far the commonest name in Brazil. Being a predominately Christian community, the name is influenced by the Biblical Mary – the mother of Jesus.

13. Mucamutara: Interestingly, this name has an Egyptian origin, and it means “a girl born during the war.” It can be pronounced as “Muh-kaem-mu-wu-arah”.

14. Pedrina: This name has roots in Brazilian and Portuguese history. It means “rock”.

15. Yara: This is a strong historical name of Brazilian origin. It is symbolic of the name of a Brazilian goddess with lovely fair skin and mystic luscious flowing green hair. The image the meaning of the name creates in the mind’s eye is alluring.

16. Luara: The name is a traditional Brazilian name that means “glorious and winning”.

17. Olga: This name was popularized by the legendary singer, Olga Souza. The name means “the blessed and holy one”.

18. Fernanda: This name originally originated from Germany, it is interpreted to mean “a brave journey”. It is also the female version of the name ‘Fernando’. It is believed that the original version of the name is Ferdinand.

19. Francisca: This name has its origin in Old France, but is very popular among the Brazilian people. It means “free one”.

20. Joaninha: This name is originally of Portuguese origin and it means “God is gracious”. According to historians, it is the Brazilian version of the name, Joanna.

21. Juliana: This is one of the popular Brazilian Baby names of Latin origin. It means “youthful”. It is one of the most common female names in Brazil.

22. Kiania: This is a beautiful name of Brazilian origin, it means “a new dawn”.

23. Lecia: This Brazilian name is of Latin origin and it means “a very joyful person”.

24. Lygia: This is one of the Brazilian baby names of Greek origin; it means “clear voice”. It is also the Portuguese version of Ligeia.

25. Marcia: This name is of Italian origin and it means “someone who is dedicated entirely to Mars”; another lovey Brazilian name, you will agree.


5 Gender Neutral Brazilian Baby Names

1. Araci: This is an original Brazilian name meaning “morning”.

2. Jaci/Juci: This is a name from the old Tupi origin, it means “moon”.

3. Naolin: This is a name of Spanish origin meaning “Mexican sun God”.

4. Abilio: The name means Proficient or Skillful.

5. Iara: The name means “Lady” or “Lady’s man”. It is a Brazilian name of Tupi origin.



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