I Don’t Like My Baby’s Name – What To Do To Get Over Baby Name Regret

Baby name regret is more severe than you may think. A baby name regret can be frustrating and depressing at the same time. Am I speaking from experience – oh yes, I am.

You may be wondering – how can you regret the name you gave to your baby? Well, as weird as it may sound, it happens, and there are millions of parents in that boat. During the period of pregnancy and after delivery, every mother is overwhelmed about the perfect name for her baby.

There would be so many suggestions and so many names to choose from. All the names will seem lovely and have powerful meanings. So, when you end up making a choice you regret, you feel very bad about it. But what can you do to get over baby name regret – let us find out!


I Don’t Like My Baby’s Name – What to Do to Get Over Baby Name Regret

There are occasions when parents – especially mothers regret the name of their baby after finding out the meaning. On some other occasions, the name may have a good meaning but a questionable genealogy.

Well, my case was somewhat more complicated – and there are many that are like me. In my situation, my baby’s name was beautiful and had great meaning – but there was an issue. We later found out that there was someone who was very popular for the wrong reasons. Hence, the name was not only associated with this individual but with the evil deed committed. I didn’t want my baby to grow up with such a wrong stigma born out of an inherited perception.

After a year and two months – I could no longer bear the burden. I had to speak up to take crucial steps that would help me get over the baby name regret. Today, I am happy and feel fulfilled as a result of the steps I took to get over the regret.

In this article, we will discuss all you need to know and the fundamental steps to take to get over baby name regret. So let us get into it – shall we?

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Can I Change My Baby’s Name?

Yes, of course you can change your baby’s name if you feel you have made a wrong decision. However, before taking this all-important decision, I advise you to speak to someone about it. A medical adviser, a census official, a local government official, or a counselor can come in handy.

The reason why you need to do this is to enable you to get all the adequate advice you need as regards documentation you may need to facilitate it. Even if your baby is only a few months old, you will still need to speak to your doctors because they may have to issue you a new birth certificate with the new name of the baby.

There is no official law anywhere in the world that prevents you from changing your name. In fact, there are outlined government registration procedures that are on the ground to assist those with such needs. So that the individual can continue to use all previous documents that carry the old name.

If you have a strong feeling that you have made a wrong choice with your baby’s name, you can change it. For me, it is better to change the name of my baby than have to leave with the baby name regret all the rest of my life. This is because the name will continue to hurt you anytime you hear it, and can lead to depression and frustration.

Another reason why it is important to speak to someone about this is that the situation may not be as bad as it seems. Probably you are interpreting or spelling the name wrongly. However, you should know that many parents change the name of their babies every year.


I Don’t Like My Baby’s Name – Here’s What You Can Do

When I was pregnant, and after we got the confirmation that she was a girl, my husband suggested what I felt were the most ridiculous names. I wasn’t happy that he was focusing only on getting a name with a strong meaning. He didn’t pay any attention to how the name sounded or any of that.

After a lot of back-and-forth over the name for our baby, he finally agreed to one of my suggestions. This was after about a week – during which we addressed our newborn simply as ‘baby’.

However, about three months after delivery, I began to experience baby name regret. The more I heard people call her by her name, the angrier I got. At first, I thought it was something I could easily knock off, but I found this was not going to be the case. So, one fateful Sunday morning, I took the bull by the horn and made a bold step to tell my husband that I was not too fond of our baby’s name.

Yes, there was the, ‘but this was your idea’ moment – I was prepared to absorb it all. I knew I had to make a decision, but there was no way I could go on with this name anymore. We spoke to experts in different fields and got the best advice available. Today, I can confidently say that we made a good decision, and I am glad we did.

If you are like many parents out there who are battling baby name regret, here’s what you can do. I shared some of the best advice we got below. Check them out!

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4 Steps to Take When You Don’t Like Your Baby’s Name

1. Create a Cute Nickname For Your Baby

If you do not like your baby’s name or it gives you a weird feeling anytime you call it, then it is best to look for an alternative. Even the renowned psychologist, Dale Atkins, supports the claim that parents should look for a nickname as an alternative to their baby’s name.

There are many cute nicknames that can be derived from actual names – but don’t sound like the names they were derived from. So, this will solve any issues you have with baby name regret. For example, one of the nicknames for a baby called Emily is Mimi. Liam is for someone named William.

2. Adopt the Baby’s Middle Name

If you are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with your baby’s first name, and you have discussed this with your partner – you can go with the middle name. A baby’s middle is a legitimate name, and he or she can be addressed by it. So, feel free to adopt the middle name and use it more often.

However, when doing this, ensure to inform all concerned parties like caregivers, school administrators, neighbors, friends, and family members. Once everyone is informed and used to address your baby by his or her middle name, it will become a norm in no time.

3. Carry Out a Name Change for the Baby

If you are bent on losing every connection with that name, you can arrange for a name change. As we mentioned earlier in this article, there is nothing stopping you from having a name change for your baby.

Many parents change the names of their babies, so you would not be seen as awkward if you make this decision. If you decide to change your baby’s name, discuss it first with your partner. Then, carry out the name change through all assigned government regulatory and registration organizations. This is to ensure that the baby does not experience any challenges with the name change in the future.

4. Make Your Decision and Act Early

Just like every other thing that has to do with a baby, ensure to take action early when handling baby name regret. Whatever your decision or consideration may be – nickname, middle name choice, or a name change – you need to act fast.

The earlier you make the decision, the better it is for your mental health and for the baby. So, do not waste too much time contemplating. You should take action and move on to what you have agreed to do. The earlier, the better!

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How to Get Over Baby Name Regret

As a parent, you must be careful to get over baby name regret as soon as possible, but the question I often get is – how?

Well, frankly speaking, baby name regret is not a challenge that can be easily waived aside with the back of a hand. It is real and has led many into depression and frustration. But there are tested and trusted ways to get over baby name regrets, and we have listed them below.

3 ways to Get Over Baby Name Regret

1. Go Back to Your Baby’s Name wish List

Pull out the notepad where you wrote down the names you loved most before sticking to the one you chose. In my case – and as it is with many parents – I didn’t really have a wish list, but I sure had some criteria for the type of name I wanted. Also, I knew pretty much all the names I considered.

So, I wrote them out and revisited each of them. The good thing about carrying out this process is that it would once again remind you of the reasons why you chose this particular name in the first place. This would help you fall in love with the name all over again.

On the other hand, it can offer you quick cum easy substitutes and suggestions to go for in case you want to go for a name change. Going back to the foundation by pulling out the wish list can go a long way in helping you get over baby name regret.

2. Confirm the Popularity of Your Baby’s Name

If the reason or one of the reasons why you do not like your baby’s name is because of the popularity of the name. Then, it would be best if you considered looking up the name to know its popularity. This is because the results as regards the statistics may be totally different from what you had thought.

There have been cases where parents thought that the names of their babies seemed difficult and were worried that people were always complaining about this. After looking it up on the Social Security SSA website, they found out that name was actually one of the most popular names in America.

Also, a parent who may be worried that there are many persons with that name may find out that there aren’t a lot of people using it. Maybe a few persons they came across had the name or knew someone who went by the same name. In a different community, there would probably be no one by that name. So, ensure to look it up before you make the all-important decision of changing the baby’s name.

3. Speak to Others About Your Baby Name Regret

Sometimes, it is always a good decision to speak to someone about your baby name regret. Who knows, it may not be as bad as you are taking it. So, it would be best if you started by speaking to your partner, closest family members, or friends about the situation.

When doing it, make it a proper discussion or deliberation over a meal or over drinks. When you do this, it ensures that the other person knows that it is a serious issue and not what should be taken lightly or without attention.

Also, during the discussion, inform them of how badly you are affected by this, and share your possible options – such as introducing a nickname, adopting the baby’s middle name, or opting for a name change. This will go a long way in making them understand that this is an issue that affects you so badly, and you have given it serious thought over time.


Baby Name Regret Depression and How to Avoid It

Baby name regret can be a cause of depression for parents. Experts and medical advisers often advise parents against keeping pressing issues such as baby name regret for too long. However, it is always good to take action quickly to reduce the chances of having depression. Below, we have discussed the steps to take to avoid depression from baby name regret. Let us check them out – shall we?

3 Steps to Avoid Depression from Name Regret

1. Cool Off, and Clear Your Head

To avoid depression from baby name regret, one of the most important steps to take is to let out some steam. You should take some time to cool off and clear your head of every regret and remorse you may be feeling as a result of this name regret. One thing you have to understand is that you have already given the name; there is no need for a pity party. You should think about what next step to take!

2. Weigh Your Options Accordingly

After you have cleared your head, weigh your options accordingly. Make a quick decision whether you want to opt for a nickname, adopt the baby’s middle name, or go for a name change entirely. There is no need to waste time making these decisions. You already have the options laid down in front of you, so pick what works best for you – depending on the level of regret you are feeling, and take action.

3. Carry Out a Name Change

In many cases, carrying out a name change is the most sustainable option to prevent depression from baby name regret. Also, it is actually easier than it looks and doesn’t require too much time or processes. In no time, your baby will be addressed by the new name, and you will be happy again. Most importantly, you will have no fear of slipping into depression. Like I always say, if you can fix it – then go ahead and fix it!