Going to the Beach While Pregnant (Safety Tips And Benefits)

If you naturally love going to the beach, you will see nothing wrong with going to the beach while pregnant. In fact, a recent report revealed that many ladies visit the beach for the first time in their lives during pregnancy – how wonderful.

Who says you do not deserve some fun, water, sand, and sunshine in your life just because you are pregnant? There is no reason why you cannot have a wonderful time just like everyone else because you are pregnant.

However, during pregnancy, you should know that you have to consider your baby while having all the fun. You need to take your baby – albeit in the womb, into consideration as you enjoy your day at the beach.

In this article, we have highlighted all the necessary tips you need to enable you to have a fun-filled and enjoyable time at the beach while pregnant. Enjoy the moment, but first, check out our safety tips and important information.


Can You Go To The Beach While Pregnant?

Oh my, the simple answer to this is ‘YES’. I had to write it in capital letters for emphasis. There is no law anywhere in the world that prevents you from going to the beach while pregnant.

That been said, the truth is that going to a beach while pregnant is a totally different ball game compared to going with a pregnancy. You will have to carry out some extra planning and precautions before you go on a beach on a hot summer day with your baby bump.

Before you step out to enjoy the beach and sunlight, you must be conscious of the possible risks and concerns, in order to equip yourself accordingly.

Not to worry, this article provides you with all the information you could possibly need to enable you to have a wonderful time at the beach regardless of your pregnancy.

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Beach Risks During Pregnancy

One annoying thing that you have to endure as a pregnant lady is the unending precautions and advice that you have to put up with – especially when you try to do the things you normally enjoy doing.

Thankfully, going to the beach while you are pregnant does not have as many precautions as you would expect. In fact, you will be surprised to find out that these are normal precautions – and nothing too overly serious – like what you expected to see when you decided to research this topic.

Below, we have highlighted the possible risks you are bound to encounter when visiting the beach while pregnant. Of cause, we have also provided the precautions to take to enable you to avert the risks. Firstly, let us look at the risks.

5 Possible Risks of Visiting the Beach During Pregnancy

1. The Risk of Sunburn

Sunburn is one of the biggest concerns you should consider when going to the beach while pregnant. When it becomes too much, sunburn can have severe consequences on both your health and that of the baby.

Yes, apart from the fact that the powerful rays of the sun can harm your skin, it also has a way of extracting essential minerals such as folic acid from your baby – yes, right from your womb. Folic acid is essential for your baby’s metabolism and development. While exposure to the sun is one of the main reasons while people visit the beach, sunburn should be prevented at all costs if you are pregnant. [Also Read: Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas]

2. Dehydration is a Huge Concern

According to experts, pregnant women are more prone to dehydration than others – this is because, during pregnancy, we naturally need more fluids than the rest of the population.

Water is very essential in the development of the baby, as it helps in the sustainability of the baby and the growth of the placenta. Thus, dehydration – which is basically a reduction in the water content in your body, puts the development of your baby at risk.

Another point of note is that during pregnancy, our blood volume increases significantly to accommodate the baby’s needs, to manage this effectively, we need as much fluids running through our system as we can possibly amass.


3. Over Heating is Not Good for the Baby

When has overheating ever been good for anyone really? The truth is that you stand a chance of being exposed to overheating when you visit the beach – especially during pregnancy.

Apart from leading to dehydration, overheating can lead to severe consequences which include health issues and miscarriage. When you are pregnant, you should make sure that your body temperature is maintained below 102°F at all times.

When your body temperature increases above this, you are risking both your life and that of your unborn child. Although we agree that you cannot judge the intensity of the sun before going to the beach while pregnant, you should take caution and be prepared for the worst.


4. The possibility of Exhaustion

When you are on the beach – pregnant or not, there is always the possibility of engaging in a fun activity or game. Going to the beach can be pretty exhausting, so you should be extra careful.

Do not get carried away and try to engage in the usual activities you normally engage in when you visited the beach before you were pregnant. Your body is working differently now from how it was working then, so there is a high possibility of you getting exhausted easily.

Exhaustion is not only harmful to your baby; it could also prompt you to take energy drinks high in caffeine, which are not good for the development of your baby.


5. Simple Incidents with Severe Consequences

When you go to the beach during pregnancy, you have to be more careful especially when in the midst of a crowd. You should try to take extra care than you normally would when you visit the beach during this period.

A harmless push or nudge can cause severe consequences, and like the famous saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Try all you can to stay clear from possible incidents, to protect yourself and your baby from severe consequences.


Safety Tips for the Beach During Pregnancy

1. Do Not Be Ashamed to Hide From the Sun

Your friends are not going to relent; they will keep calling you out to join them in all the fun. Do not be shy to say no! Try to stay away from the sun as much as you can.

Before you set out to the beach, be sure to make arrangements for a tent that can shade you from the sun. These tents are usually available at the Beach for a fee. They will help prevent you from sunburns, overheating, dehydration, and exhaustion.

In an instance where there are no tents, you should be prepared. Come with an umbrella to provide shade for you from the direct rays of the sun.

2. Be Aware of Everything

When you are going to the beach while pregnant, you cannot afford to be carried away by activities that do not concern you. Even when they concern you, try to be as alert as possible.

You have to be conscious of the fact that you are not just looking out for yourself, but you are also looking out for your unborn baby. Yes. When you notice a misunderstanding, fight – or even an overly excited crowd, try to stay away from the group as far as possible.

3. Use a Sunscreen for Your Body

What fun are you going to have on a beach if you do not have a sunscreen? Get a sunscreen lotion, spray, or any SPF protection for your skin, especially if you plan on exposing your baby bump and other areas of your body.

Also, ensure to always apply the sunscreen from time to time because the sun is capable of wearing off its effect. Do not get too carried away, hoping that one thin layer of sunscreen will carry you throughout the day. No, it won’t!

4. Drink as Much Water as You Want

When you are out on the beach, be sure to be around as much water as you possibly can. You should walk by the sea shore and allow the water to run through your feet and ankles.

Also, drink a lot of water to keep your body temperature in check. Like I already mentioned, you need as much water as you possibly can – both in your body and on your body! So, feel free to sprinkle some water around your body and your face.

5. Pack a Big Bag

Going to the beach as a ‘single’ lady is so different from going to the beach while pregnant (the pun was intended!) When you are going to the beach, kindly pack a big bag of all the essentials you might need while at the beach.

Try not to assume that you will find these items there or that they may not be necessary. Please pack everything you feel you might need. It is better to have items at the beach and not use them, than not to have what you might have needed. I cannot say this enough, pack a big bag!


What to Pack for the Beach While Pregnant

Every lady who has decided to go to the beach while pregnant have asked the exact same questions. If possible, I know you will want to put your entire wardrobe and empty your boxes into a bag.

Well, trust me when I say there is no need for that. All you need is to make sure you pack the essentials, and then you are good. But what are the essential items that should go into the bag first?

Worry no more because we’ve got you covered. Below we have listed some of the best suggestions and items you need to pack when going to the beach while pregnant.

Here are essential items you need:

  • A Blanket or Sheet
  • A Big Bottle of Water
  • A Large Bottle of Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Sunshades
  • Raffia Hat
  • A portable Music Player
  • A Book (if you love to read)
  • Extra Clothes
  • Towels (and Extra Towels)
  • Some Cash
  • Paracetamol (or Acetaminophen) Tablets


Can I Swim in the beach while Pregnant?

If you are asking this question in context, then the answer is ‘yes’. There is nothing stopping you from enjoying a harmless swim in the beach while pregnant, however, extra caution must be taken into consideration when doing this.

According to the experts at Women’s Health International, women are advised to stay active while pregnant to create a balanced metabolism for both the mother and the developing baby.

However, you should take necessary caution, which while you are cooling off and regulating your body temperature, try not to swallow the ocean water because it is dangerous for your baby. Sea water often contains loads of bacterial and chemical substances that are harmful for your health and that of the baby.