Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

I did not catch the thanksgiving pregnancy announcement bug early. In fact, my first child missed out because there was no thanksgiving announcement when I was pregnant with her. 

Today, thanksgiving pregnancy announcements are big deal. It has become an important family and pregnancy ritual not only in the United States – but across the globe.

Pregnancy and motherhood are universal languages, and somehow, thanksgiving and thanksgiving pregnancy announcements are becoming universal too. 

You may ask, why thanksgiving? Couples pick thanksgiving as the perfect time to announce a pregnancy because it is one occasion that brings family members together. Over time, couples have rolled out innovative ways to make these announcements in the spirit of the thanksgiving celebration.

In this article, we have carefully picked 20 ways to pull off the perfect thanksgiving pregnancy announcement. We hope that you find one or two that will inspire you for your next move – good luck!

20 Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement


1. Write a Simple Note

What could be better than a simple note to say “we are expecting a baby”? Well, this is one of the ways you can make a thanksgiving pregnancy announcement. Imagine passing a note to the head of the family who read out the words in your handwritten note to everyone at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

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2. Make a Special Announcement

So, everyone is having a big laugh on the table or broken into little chit chats. Then you suddenly hit your glass with your fork – you have a special announcement to make.

Surprised, everyone looks up at you – and even your partner, who is in on the secret, looks at you like he is surprised too. The words “I am Pregnant” will through the room into a celebration.

3. Sign the Announcement in Your Cards

So, there are these beautiful cards specially designed for Thanksgiving celebrations. The cards usually have a blank space in them where you can write a special message of your own.

Consider signing out the card saying “From our family – including the baby”. #Smiles

4. What are You Grateful for?

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and thanksgiving, so there is always a time during the thanksgiving dinner where everyone is giving a chance to say what they are really grateful for.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to let the cat out of the bag and say “I am thankful for …….”

5. Letterboards Have Become a Tradition

Letterboards are the new normal when it comes to making thanksgiving pregnancy announcements. Not only do they give you the opportunity to personalize your message, but they also give you the opportunity to join a moving trend!

Try creating a customized letter board that announces your pregnancy or welcome of a new addition to your home. Trust us when we say this is a good thanksgiving pregnancy announcement model.

6. Share a Picture

What is it they say about pictures – that a picture says a thousand words? Share a Thanksgiving Photo of your family, but this is not a usual photo. 

In this photo, give a hint that your family is expecting an addition. You could hold a baby’s shoe or top in the photo. Also, you could ask everyone to look at your stomach smiling. How awesome.

7. Give Away

What is a Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement without a Giveaway? So, you should consider doing a Giveaway with a customized message that announces your pregnancy.

A customized shirt or keyring is an excellent choice for a thanksgiving pregnancy giveaway.

8. Family Announcement

There is about to be a new addition in your family, what better way to introduce this new addition to the world than by the family themselves?

You should consider making a family Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement which involves everyone in the family wearing a branded t-shirt or matching colors. It would be great to make a video.

9. Play a Pick-and-Reveal Game

You should make things a little bit more fun when anticipating a Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement. Here is one game you should consider and trust me when I say it is both fun and surprising.

So, consider creating a game where everyone has to pick a folded piece of paper from a pile to reveal a task. One of the tasks should read “Announce to the house that Ms. ……. is pregnant!”

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10. Make Everyone Play a Puzzle

You can take things up a notch by designing a puzzle as a way of making your Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement. Ask everyone to try and solve the puzzle and interpret the clue.

Imagine when they solve the puzzle and find out that you are making an announcement that you are expecting an addition to your family – how awesome. 

11. Adopt the Photo Trickery Strategy

You do not need to spend a dime to pull this off – if you have a mobile device. All you need to do is snap a good photo and edit it to insert a frame or theme that relates to pregnancy or child birth.

Anyone who sees the photo will get the message and the ‘congratulations’ will follow. There are various apps that can assist with creating the perfect theme for you.

12. Change Your Decoration

You can change the color on your walls or add something a little extra that will prompt people to ask questions. When they ask the questions, give them a broad smile and break the news of your pregnancy to them.

Note that when picking a color or decoration, try to go for something that is baby friendly or catchy – they will raise questions.

13. Bring Out the Cot

Imagine the look on their faces when they walk into the living room for Thanksgiving dinner, only to see that you have placed a beautifully designed cot in the corner of the room?

The moment they see the cot, they will get the memo that you are expecting a new addition to the family. Be ready to have the entire evening centered on you and your pregnancy.

14. Put an Empty Chair at the Table

This is one of the oldest thanksgiving pregnancy announcement rituals ever. So, you put an empty chair at the dining table – usually, a baby’s chair is preferred.

Being a baby’s chair, your guests will understand that the chair was reserved for a purpose – and they will make inquiries. Take advantage of the moment and share the news of your pregnancy.

15. Drop the Hint during Grace

One of the cutest ways to make a Thanksgiving Pregnancy announcement is to drop the hint when saying the prayers over the thanksgiving meal.

So, you have offered to say grace before the thanksgiving starts, and while everyone is waiting for you to finish the prayers, you say “…and thank you Lord for the addition to our family..” Yes, that feeling! Hahaha.

16. Let the Pumpkin Do the Talking

One interesting way in which you can make your unique thanksgiving pregnancy announcement is to let the pumpkin do the talking.

Pumpkins are synonymous with thanksgiving and all your guests will look out for your pumpkins – to see the creativity you have chosen to adopt – or the message you want to pass across. Do not disappoint them!

17. The Heartbeat Bear Technique

This is also closely related to the one mentioned above because it involves you taking a bold step on the dining table. The technique involves you having a baby’s heartbeat to a heartbeat bear.

After you have done this, place the heartbeat bear on the table and watch the reaction of everyone when they come into the room.

18. Low-Tech Adorbs or The Turkey Egg Technique

This Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement technique involves placing little turkey egg replicas in gift boxes or around the dining table.

The presence of these turkey eggs will give rise to questions and inquisitive looks. See who can decode the news first. Put them out of their misery if no one can come up with the answer.

19. Let’s See the Ultrasound Images

These days, ultrasound pictures are so common that even a child can randomly tell the difference and know what it means.

You could try wearing a customized shirt with an ultrasound image of your pregnancy. You could get your spouse to come in on this one. In fact the entire family can be in on it to bring the idea home and pass the message better.

20. Everyone Loves Gifts – and Gift boxes

Yes, everyone loves gifts and gift boxes – especially when they have a special message or significance. Spice things up by giving your guests a gift box.

But no, this gift box is not just to celebrate thanksgiving, but to make your Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement in a unique way. you can imagine the joy – and surprise on their faces when they receive the gifts and find out the reasons why you are giving them a gift box.



We are positive you have found a couple of ideas to adopt for your own special Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement.

One extra thanksgiving pregnancy announcement you can also adopt is one that is special and unique to you. Yes, you can create yours – however, you have to be careful not to overthink or try to over create a process.

Let us know the technique you adopted in the comment session below – and most importantly, the look of surprise on their faces. Good luck!