How Many Changing Pad Covers Do I Need? – Everything You Need to Know

It is so interesting how something as minor as changing pad covers can be a massive cause of concern for mothers to the point of asking, how many changing pad covers do I need – but it should!

As a proud young mother myself, I often find myself brooding on thoughts relating to motherhood.

During these unguarded hours, I find favor in the quote by famous American actress Ricki Lake. She said, ‘motherhood is not only the greatest thing, but it is also the hardest.’

Three years ago, I knew nothing about diapers or changing pads, but today, I can be classified as an expert – like every other mother.

It is amazing how motherhood can turn you into an expert in something that naturally irritated you. Especially things that had to do with poo and dirty diapers!

Before I lose myself in the travails of motherhood, let’s attend to the business at hand – Changing Pad Covers!


What Really Are Changing Pad Covers?

It is okay not to know about covers for changing pads, even as a mother. I didn’t know about them either until after my second child.

There are new innovations daily that tend to ease our stress as mothers – and we are so grateful for all the assistance we can get.

Changing pad covers are simply little pillow-case-like sheets that can be fitted over diaper changing pads.

In some cases, the changing pad covers are just sheets that can be placed over a diaper change table.

If you have a baby or one – or more to attend to, changing diapers will become a constant obligation because our little kids are good for three things – eat, cry and poop!

With changing pad cover, you do not have to worry about cleaning and disinfecting the surface area of your Nursery or changing table.

The changing pads are either disposable or washable material sheets that can be placed over the changing area to absorb the moisture and replaced as often as possible.

Trust me – or as you already know, with this comes to a lot of comfort for the baby and saves the mother a lot of stress.

Now, who doesn’t like a win–win situation?


Types of Changing Pad Covers

Different changing pads are readily available in a variety of beautiful prints and materials, and choices often depend on taste and season.

Yes, the season – hot or cold, should determine your choice of changing pad covers.

Generally, covers for changing pads are made from soft quality materials that provide comfort to babies and ease for the mothers.

They are also specially designed so that mothers can affix and replace them quickly.

Typically, it takes between one to three minutes to set up a changing pad cover, and considering the amount of work it saves mothers in clearing the changing-table surface area, this is a great bargain.

Regardless of the type of material used in making the changing pad, an elastic patch is often attached to the edges to enable the mother – or caregiver to secure the mattress during a diaper change.


Types of materials used in the production of changing pad covers include:

1. Cotton

When it comes to baby clothes and materials, mothers and caregivers prefer cotton.

Apart from its soft, gentle feel, which doesn’t cause irritation, they can be used in hot or cold weather.

Another reason why cotton is preferred is because it can absorb liquids more than any other material.

2. Vinyl

This is also a very common material used in making changing pad covers. It saves mothers the stress of laundry – don’t we already have enough in our laundry baskets? 

Changing pad covers made from vinyl are wipeable, so it is easy to clean.

3. Muslin

Muslin is a plain weave material made from cotton. It is often preferred in hot seasons because of its delicate sheeting.

When the weather is hot, babies are easily irritated, and you need a changing pad cover that will reduce their irritation. 

4. Polyester or Fleece

Changing pad covers made from this type of material are perfect for the cold winter months when babies need all the warmth they can get.

It can be considered as the direct opposite of the Muslin material.


5 Reasons Why You Should Get Changing Pad Covers

The truth is, not everyone sees the need to get changing pad covers. But one thing every mother agrees on is that the interest of the baby is paramount.

Babies should be happy, safe, and comfortable at all times. Interestingly, as surprising as it may sound, changing pad covers go a long way in making babies happier, comfortable, and safer.

Below, we have highlighted five reasons why you should consider getting a changing pad cover.

1. Maximum Comfort

Babies go through many discomforts, and what is even worse is that they can’t help themselves or communicate the real problem to you.

Most changing pads in the market are made of vinyl or plastic, and this can cause a lot of discomfort for babies.

The discomfort and pains of being in a soiled diaper is enough trouble for babies. Let’s not add to it by placing them on bare plastic changing pads or surfaces.

2. Protect the Baby

Many mothers and caregivers may argue that the baby will only be on the changing pad or surface for a few minutes. But they will also agree that a few minutes is enough time to bruise a baby’s skin.

Have you ever felt your wet flesh pulled off a plastic surface? Imagine how your baby feels every time you turn them to the side or lift them from the bare vinyl surfaces.

3. Protects the Changing Pad

Changing pad covers protects the changing pads from wear and tear. Constant use of changing pads can rip them off – which makes them very dangerous. But changing pad covers can save you all the stress and trouble.

4. Beauty and Theme

Changing pad covers come in various themes and exciting colors, giving the room or Nursery a great look. With colorful changing pad covers, you can spice things up in the Nursery – and your baby will be grateful for it.

5. Ease and Hygiene

What would you rather be washing – a soiled changing pad cover or a soiled changing pad? Changing pad covers can save a lot of stress for mothers and promote the overall hygiene of mothers, caregivers, and babies.


How Many Changing Pad Covers Do I Need?

Because you cannot determine how many times your baby will need a diaper change, you should have between 2 to 5 changing pad covers.

Having this number of changing pads will save you the stress of washing your cover immediately after use.

The advantage of having 2 to 5 changing pad covers means that you can always have a spare in the baby’s bag in case of emergency – poop emergency of cause!

As a mother – or caregiver, there is a lot on your plate. Trust me when I say that there are times when you will not have the time to wash the changing pad cover immediately after a diaper change.

However, mothers and caregivers must not make it a habit to pile up all five changing pad covers before washing them.

The idea of having that many covers is to ease your stress – not abandon your duty as a hygienic mother.


What to Consider When Choosing a Changing Pad Cover

More people are learning about the importance of changing pad covers, which has increased its options and market value.

When choosing a cover for your changing pad, consider the following to help you make the right decisions.

1. Price

It is always advisable to go with the covers – or any other item that fits comfortably into your budget. Do not try to impress anyone.

You should also remember that just because an item is expensive doesn’t mean it is comfortable and durable.

2. Material

You should always consider the material of the covers you are buying and consider the weather. Also, be conscious of the fact that babies like warmth and comfort.

As a mother or caregiver, you should place your baby’s comfort over every other thing. Try to go for the covers made from the best materials, that fit into your budget.

You should also be conscious of buying covers made from artificial materials that can harm the baby’s delicate skin.

3. Absorbability

Babies are very likely to pee while you are changing their diapers – and they do that a lot.

Cotton ranks top for materials that have high rate of absorbability.

When choosing a changing pad cover, try to select one that has a high rate of absorbability. If it can’t absorb the moisture, what is the need of using a cover in the first place?

4. Appearance

There are a large variety of choices in the market for changing pad covers. You should consider picking a cover with colors or patterns that matches the baby’s bed sheets or changing pad.

This will give the Nursery or room a collective feel.


How Do I Keep My Changing Pad Cover Clean?

One primary reason many mothers and caregivers do not consider using changing pad covers is the stress of keeping them clean. Who wants additional laundry?

Keeping changing pad covers clean is often a fundamental question owning to the fact that covers can come in different materials.

The cleaning method for your changing pad covers depends solely on the material in which it is made of.

Since we already mentioned the two major types of materials used for changing pad covers earlier, there will be no need to explain it all over again.

Vinyl – a rubber-like material and cotton, which mothers and caregivers are all too familiar with are the two major materials used in making covers.

For vinyl, the best way to keep it clean is to wipe it clean with a damp napkin after each use and set it aside to dry.

On the other hand, add your cotton covers to your laundry, and you are good to go!


How Long Should I Use a Changing Pad Cover?

The simple, straightforward answer to this question is to use it for as long as it can carry you efficiently. By efficiently, I mean when it is not showing any sign of wear or damage.

As you should already know, you must sanitize baby items regularly, so I am not considering the possibility of your changing pad covers being bacteria-prone.

Under no circumstance should mothers and caregivers fail to sanitize their changing pad covers, and other baby wears.

You should always apply disinfectants to your water whenever you are washing your baby items.

This way, you are protecting your baby from illness-causing bacteria and infection. Babies are very delicate and easily prone to illness, so we should take special care to prevent such.


Closing Remarks

Diaper change is a crucial obligation to mothers and caregivers. Even the babies appreciate the comfort that follows after their diapers have been changed.

Like every other aspect of a baby’s formative years, great care should be taken when choosing the suitable changing pad covers.


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