Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Our compilation of the best Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas will blow your mind. Like you already know, holidays are wonderful time to make important announcements such as these.

Easter is a popular celebration marked by Christians every year. The celebration is used to celebrate the commemoration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The event is marked with deep significance relating to God’s divine plan for mankind.

Another significance of the event and why it relates to pregnancy is that it is celebrated with eggs – which signify birth.

If you are looking to make an Easter pregnancy announcement – or planning to help someone with one, then you are in the right place.

In this list, we have compiled the amazing unique announcement ideas that will help you make a statement and make your Easter celebrations memorable. Let’s get to it already; these are the best Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas you will find anywhere.


15 Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Below, we have carefully selected the best Easter pregnancy announcement ideas that will give you the inspirations you deserve:

1. Use a Play on words

You can never go wrong with a good Pun! Apart from the fact that it is always catchy to play on words, it is an excellent way to share news on social media.

Imagine a post on your status that reads ‘We did it again’ or ‘Baby Number 2 just called’ can go a long way in making your announcement special and worthwhile. Words are the basics of every conversation, so you will enjoy playing on them to achieve your aim!

2. Letterboards are the Real Deal

Letterboards are becoming a trend when making announcements around the world. A letter board is your own personal billboard to the world and you can use it to pass quick and catchy messages.

A letter board is perfect for an Easter pregnancy announcement, all you have to do is arrange the letters of what you want to communicate on the board and place it beside your basket of beautiful Easter eggs.

3. Let a Photo Do the Talking

When you hear of Easter, what comes to your mind? No, I don’t mean ‘Jesus Christ’ – what else comes to mind? Lol! Easter eggs, right? I can bet you have seen several photos of Easter eggs and how people around the world engage in their celebrations.

Pictures say a lot and go a long way in making announcements. Arrange for a photo of you and your family with a basket of beautiful Easter eggs and a baby item.

4. Present Your Evidence

Do you have a baby bump? If yes, shoe it off! What better way to make an Easter pregnancy announcement other than by showing them the hard facts.

The evidence will make all the questions pop up and you can achieve your aim. A woman with a baby bump has become one of the most celebrated figures in the world in recent times. So, feel free to wear something that will make your bump evident – a tee-shirt knotted on the side will do.

5. Where is Your Telegraphic Evidence?

We are in the age of ultrasound imagery. That is the telegraphic evidence you need to make your big announcement a success.

Nowadays, everyone – including a newborn baby, can recognize an ultrasound imagery. Lol! So, get your family together and take a good photo with the ultrasound imagery of your new family member.

You can also choose to take the photo alone or with your spouse – the most important thing is the ultrasound imagery photo of your new baby.

6. Use Your Family’s Best Friend

Yes, you can have your family friend do the announcement for you. So, everyone is gathered and he/she stands up for a toast or to make a special announcement. It is just like the toast made by the best man on your wedding day, but this time it is to announce your pregnancy – how lovely!

This is a very good Easter Pregnancy Announcement Idea because it will not only give you what you want, but it will also create a stronger bond between you and your family friend. I wish someone would pick me to make such an important announcement on their behalf.

7. Use Man’s Best Friend

Dogs. Dogs. What would we have done without them? It is no cliché that dogs are man’s best friend. Let’s be serious, what is a complete family photo without our pets?

So, make your pet make the announcement for you by wearing a sign around its neck that announces the baby. Honestly, this is one of the Easter Pregnancy Announcement ideas I would have adopted or will recommend.

8. The ‘Egg-cited’ Idea

This idea is all about using the Easter eggs to make your pregnancy announcement. Take advantage of the Easter celebration theme and write your announcement on one of the egg replicas in your Easter bunny basket.

Everyone looks at the eggs! Imagine the surprises on their faces when they see the message on one of the eggs. Congratulations are in order!

9. Use a Branded Tee-Shirt

Can you go wrong with a branded tee-shirt when making an announcement? The answer is No! Consider making a few custom shirts for yourself – or you could add your family and close friends to the mix.

So, consider this lovely Easter pregnancy announcement idea and step out in grand style – or share photos of your branded family and friends – in grand style.

10. What are the Eggs for?

Make use of all your Easter eggs and play a ‘find the egg’ game. Write the news on one of the eggs and make your friends and visitors read the message on each egg they find.

You should leave clues that will lead to where the ultimate egg is – the egg with the all-important message of your pregnancy announcement. Try to record this special moment on video, because it will be one video you will want to go back to – even after a long time.

11. Make a Baby Gift Basket

Pick out a set of special family members like your parents or In-laws to gift a special Easter-themed gift basket. This basket will contain a special item that relates to a pregnancy or a baby.

I can already imagine the look of surprise on their faces when they see the baby item and decode what you just told them. The thought of it is bringing tears to my eyes.

12. Create a Little Confusion

I understand that you may not have liked mathematics in school. But this is not the time to shy away from a little mathematics – in fact, let’s call it arithmetic.

Play with the due date a little by promoting a date that represents the due date of the baby; the code should be made up of the due month and year. For example, a code printed on your shirt or a social media status reading ‘06.2022 is the CODE’ or ‘3+3.2000+22 is MY CODE’ will leave people asking questions.

Imagine the impression and anticipation you will create after you decode the news to them. Also, it is going to make you look smart! Lol!

13. The Egg-cited Siblings

Who loves a baby more than their siblings? If this isn’t your first pregnancy, then it is perfect for you to involve them when making the announcement. After you have shared the ‘Mommy is pregnant’ moment with them, it is now time to share it with the world.

Take a photo or record a short video with your older kid – or kids making the announcement – alongside some large eggs or a basket of smaller Easter eggs. Why the eggs? It is Easter darling – don’t ever forget that! The idea of an Easter Pregnancy announcement is the Easter theme itself!

14. Someone is Going to Be a Big Brother (or Sister)

This Easter pregnancy announcement idea can be executed with the involvement of an older sibling. You could create a branded shirt or letter board with the information ‘I am going to be a Big Brother (or Sister).

Allow your child to wear the shirt around for a day or few days, and see the reaction on the faces of everyone when they see it. What a way to communicate your pregnancy announcement – especially during Easter.

15. The Egg Hunt Champion!

So, he hunted down your eggs and got you pregnant, didn’t he? Do not be scared of ratting him out! Lol! Brand a shirt for your husband with the words – ‘Egg Hunt Champion’.

One of the popular games in Easter is the ‘Egg Hunt’, and there is a little play on words there because many people will ask questions about the particular egg he hunted down. You little snitch! Lol!



We are positive that there were a couple of Easter pregnancy announcement ideas that will keep you pondering in the next few days. Well, my advice for people in situations such as this, is to take a deep breath and analyze the situation.

Look around you and consider the items (and people) at your disposal – this will guide your decision process and enable you to pull off one of the most unique Easter pregnancy announcements of all time.

Please share with us the idea – or ideas you find most astonishing, in the comments session below.



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