How to Promote Positive Teenage Behavior – 20 Ways to Encourage Good Behavior

As parents, we can have a hard time promoting positive teenage behavior (and as well as inculcating good behavioral values in our kids). This happens since we want to do our best to set the right example and forget to focus on an essential aspect. Teenagers are sensitive human beings, and all they need is mindset growth. Indeed, teenage years are challenging. But with the following tips on how to promote positive teenage behavior, you can make this journey easier. Read below, the different ways you can employ to encourage good behavior in teenagers.

How to Promote Positive Teenage Behavior – 20 Ways to Encourage Good Behavior


1. Acknowledge your kid’s effort openly.

The first thing you need to do is verbally acknowledge your kid’s effort. Revealing the things you are proud of can make it easier for him or her to follow positive patterns in life. When teenagers receive positive feedback, they feel encouraged to do more.


2. Use positive body language.

It isn’t enough to acknowledge the effort. The way you do it can make a huge difference in the long term. Experts say you should always follow the pattern of positive body language. This can refer to a smile, high-five, or a pat on the back. It is worth mentioning that some kids don’t like to be touched. Instead, they can react better to a thumbs up. No matter your teenager’s personality, you should focus on positive reinforcement.


3. Invite a growth mindset in your home.

Did you know that most teenagers get stuck in a fixed mindset? Well, they tend to cling to a specific idea regarding who they are or what they can accomplish. So, another useful way to promote positive teenager behavior is to invite them to learn about a growth mindset. Take the time to discuss about the brain and how it changes. Remind them that their abilities aren’t fixed or inflexible. There is always room for improvement, especially if you concentrate on good habits.

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4. Acknowledge your kid’s feelings with empathy. 

A common mistake among parents is not being understanding enough. This can make room for a lot of anger and bad behavior. Luckily, you can avoid this by concentrating on acknowledging your child’s feelings with empathy. This merely means you’ll have to reassure them you know they face a struggle. But at the same time, you know this will pass, and they will get through it.


5. Transform yourself into a role model.

If you want to promote positive teenage behavior, you should start by focusing on yourself. This means that your kid needs a powerful role model so that he learns which behavior is best. We encourage you to be an example of honesty and respect. If you want your kid to treat others right, you should be his example.


6. Create rules for your family and ensure everyone follows them.

Another thing you should know about positive teenage behavior is that it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work out a way to communicate and share insights about what is acceptable and what isn’t. So, creating family rules about behavior is an excellent way to get everyone on board. Our advice is to keep the rules positive. A teenager will definitely reject negative approaches.


7. Follow your rules and promises.

It isn’t enough to make your teenager follow some rules. You’ll have to follow the same rules and ward off empty threats. The power of personal example is more beneficial than you think! For example, making empty threats will teach your teenager that you don’t mean what you say. Experts say that children, no matter their age, need consistency. But teenagers need it the most!


8. Avoid conflicts.

Well, we are humans, and we sometimes tend to start conflicts without noticing them. Maybe it is something that deeply bothers us. Or perhaps it is something we know we are right. Choosing your battles when arguing with your kid is vital for encouraging and promoting positive teenage behavior. Less negative behavior and feedback is the best approach. So, next time you feel conflictual because of your teenager’s behavior, you should take a deep breath and avoid starting a conflict.


9. Don’t minimize your teenager’s problems.

Even though it might seem like something small or childish, a teenager’s problem is horrifying for him. Hence, it is best to take your kid seriously and listen to his needs. Every child has feelings, opinions, and hardships. And these are all part of growing up! It would be best if you listened to his needs even though you might not agree with the situation.


10. Offer your teenager some responsibility.

An important aspect of promoting positive behavior in teenagers is giving them responsibility. This is one of the major challenges of adolescence. So, you should support your kid and encourage him to become responsible. You can allow him to help around the house or simply to make decisions of his own.


11. Think about difficult conversations before you talk with your teenager.

Before you jump into a challenging discussion, you should think thoroughly. Teenagers are more sensitive than you think. This means that your voice and tone should be kind enough to make them listen. You can avoid conflict by choosing a place where you have some privacy.


12. Spend time together.

A common myth says that teenagers enjoy their time apart from the family. But the truth is, this is another way of telling you they need your attention. Hence, a powerful way to encourage good behavior (a strong and healthy one for that matter) is by spending time together and offering support when needed. The secret is to keep everything balanced.


13. Understand that we all make mistakes, including your teenager.

Parents aim to think about their kids as perfect beings. The reality is that they, too, have flaws. Learning how to live with mistakes can help you reinforce positive behavior. Also, taking responsibility for mistakes is an excellent way to lead by example.


14. Stay connected.

Nowadays, it is hard to understand and follow your teenager around. They constantly discover new ways to reach out to their friends. But we encourage you to do the same! Showing interest in your kid’s passions and staying connected is a sure way to promote positive behavior.


15. Don’t overlook the importance of privacy.

Each teenager loves his privacy. They crave a space of their own where grownups won’t disturb. So, if you want to promote positive teenage behavior, you should respect his need for privacy. Ask for permission to enter his room. And, of course, avoid checking his phone.


16. Create family rituals.

Sometimes your teenager can feel like he doesn’t belong anywhere. Fortunately, you can create some small and comforting family rituals to follow. These will offer a deep sense of stability and keep everyone in touch.


17. Focus on realistic goals.

Well, the truth is that your teenager will get in trouble even you don’t want to. It is an essential step that will help him through adulthood. Hence, the best tip you can get is to concentrate on realistic goals. Remember yourself that your child, too, will make mistakes and break the rules from now and then.


18. Search for the funny things in any situation.

Laughing can do wonders in any situation. If things get harsh, conflictual, or tense, you should aim to diffuse the situation with a laugh. It will help everyone relax and get started on a challenging discussion.


19. Help your teenagers gain new skills.

Adolescence is a challenging time. And this is the perfect moment for promoting positive behavior. Helping your kid gain new and lacking skills will help him physically, academically, socially, and emotionally. It has long-term effects!


20. Encourage self-compassion.

Adulthood comes with several roadblocks. And the best ally we all have to succeed is self-compassion. Learning this trait from an early age can do wonders for your kid! Use mindfulness and activities that create positive mantras. Talk with your teenager openly and show them that being understanding to yourself is more beneficial than it looks.


Conclusion On Ways to Encourage Good Behavior In Teenagers


The bottom line

There are multitude of ways to encourage and promote positive teenage behavior. And you should know that not all strategies work. Each kid is different, has his own personality and needs. So, testing to see which approaches work best can help you. One or more of the tips listed above will most likely help you discover a common ground for your family and your teenager. Just remember that encouraging diversity in activities and interests while promoting self-compassion is vital for your kid’s behavior. Your kids should learn from an early age that helping others and asking for help isn’t something they should be ashamed of.

Share your thought with us on how to promote positive teenage behavior!


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