How Does Snoogle Pillow Help With Back Pain While Pregnant – Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

In this article, we are going to answer the question how does snoogle pillow help with back pain while pregnant, while providing other relevant information about snoogle pregnancy pillow.

Back pain isn’t a new thing to pregnant women. About 99% of them suffer back pain, especially in their third trimester.

This is due to their spine and ligaments getting flexible to accommodate the little human growing inside their womb.

Due to back pain, they experience difficulty sleeping and also find it difficult to do certain things themselves.

Snoogle pillow comes in handy for this reason. Pregnant women find comfort in it because it helps to relieve their back pain to a great extent.

Also, since the left side of the body is the recommended position for sleeping, snoogle pillows help to make pregnant women heed this instruction as well as reduce body pain.


How Does Snoogle Pillow Help With Back Pain While Pregnant

Before we answer this question, it is important for us to define what Snoogle pillow is so even the first time moms who may be hearing this for the first time we get to understand more better what Snoogle pregnancy pillow is. So what is a snoogle pillow?


What Is a Snoogle Pillow?

The snoogle pillow is a pillow specifically manufactured for pregnant women. Its feature is designed to support their body throughout pregnancy. It supports their neck, hip, back, and of course, protruded stomach.

It comes in different shapes or curves; there are U and C-shaped snoogle pillows. It also has different textures, sizes, and colours.

Let us get to the question how does Snoogle pillow help with back pain while pregnant, and do justice to it with explanation.

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How Does Snoogle Pillow Help With Back Pain?

Snoogle pillow is an aid for pregnant, especially those in their third trimester. It helps to relieve the back and provides extra support which helps the muscle to relax well.

When the muscle relaxes, it reduces the possibility of back aches or pains they experience while sleeping and even after.


Is a U-Shaped OR C- Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Better?

Both shapes are great but it depends on your preference or need. The C-shaped pillows will be ideal if you are after portability and compatibility.

It is ideal for side sleeping which is the major way of sleeping for pregnant women in their third trimester.

U-shaped pillows support the entire body and give the comfort that is required.


How to Use Snoogle Pillow

Snoogle pillow is quite easy to use. You can use it anyhow you want and can position it anyhow that suits you. The first step is unboxing the snoogle pillow. After unboxing, follow these steps:

1. Back to back

For back to back position, first, curl the pillow behind your back. Rest your head at one end and fold the curved end between your knees.

Ensure you practice this style on a comfortable cushion that encourages neutral positioning.

2. Belly support

To support your stomach while sleeping, hold the pillow to yourself. Rest your head on one end, and tuck the other end between your legs.

When done properly, you can sleep not having issues with your growing tummy.

3. Seated support

If you want to make use of a snoogle pillow while sitting, it’s very possible. Just get your pillow, and place it on your back. Bring some part across your lap to enable you to rest your hand well.

This position helps with back pain while sitting. It also helps the spine.

4. Cushioned support

Carefully sit on the hollow end of the snoogle pillow to help with your hips and back. Curl the pillow behind you and bring it forward across your lap to helping with your arms.

This style gives support to the shoulder and the arm.

5. Elevated support

This is very easy to do. Curl the snoogle pillow into a ball shape and place it under your head and shoulders. This is best practiced on a bed.

6. Upper body support

Roll the pillow into a ball shape and lie on it. It will help to lift and give your upper body support.

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What Causes Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Back pain during pregnancy is one of the many things that crop up as a result of a combination of factors such as hormones, activities they get involved with, etc.

To make you understand better, below is the list of factors that contribute to the back pain predominant in pregnant women:

1. Hormonal factor

When women become pregnant, lots of things about them begin to change as a result of their hormones. This includes the back pain they frequently complain about, especially during the final lap of pregnancy.

To adjust the growing fetus, hormone increases and softens the collagen which causes the ligaments including the ones that surround the pelvic girdle to get loosed. This process brings pain to the pelvis and the back.

2. Circulatory factor

Once the fetus begins to grow in size, pressure is placed on the vena cava, especially while lying down. This increases fluid retention which leads to venous congestion and hypoxia in the pelvic region as well as the sound.

3. External activities

Pregnant women aren’t supposed to bend down frequently as they used to before conception. It can lead to back pain. The weight of the fetus is already telling on the pelvic girdle and the back. An extra bending or lifting of heavy stuff could lead to back pain.


What Week Should You Start Sleeping With a Pregnancy Pillow?

No rule state that you should begin to use snoogle pillow only during the first trimester or in the third. It’s your body and only you know when you need to use it to ease yourself of the discomfort that comes with pregnancy.

Most women start using the snoogle pillow during their second trimester when their bellies expand. This is because due to the expansion, they experience pain around their waist region and need to soothe the pain at all costs.

You don’t have to halt your snoogle pillow usage till then because of this. You can purchase and begin to use it even during your first trimester. The choice is yours.

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Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain

If you are yet to purchase a snoogle pillow for yourself and you are already experiencing back pain. This list will help you make a great choice.

Below is the list of pregnancy pillow brands that you can purchase and save yourself the discomfort that comes with inadequate sleep.

1. The PharMeDoc C-shaped pregnancy pillow

This snoogle pillow is made with a 100% Organic cotton cover. It has a 6-star rating on Amazon because of the comfort it gives.

Since the cover is made of pure cotton, you won’t have an issue sleeping with it during the heat period.

2. For your little one maternity pillow

This brand has maintained quality since its inception and they sell at a good price. It is manufactured to support the whole body including the back, spine, and muscles. The cover is very soft and is anti-allergic as well.

3. Leachco Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow

This is designed to make your sleep enjoyable. It is versatile; it can be used in many positions. It relieves back pain so well. Lots of users testify to this fact. You won’t regret buying this brand.

4. Bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

If you are in love with luxury and relaxation, this brand is the one for you. This pregnancy pillow supports your pelvis, stomach, lower back, and ankle.

5. Kally Sleep Body Pillow

This pillow is great to use for all stages of pregnancy. It is designed to support your growing belly, back, and legs. The kally sleep body pillow is made with washable jersey material.

6. Yana 360 Degrees Body Pillow

This snoogle pillow is U-shaped and is designed to support every area of your body. The material used in manufacturing this pillow is 100% organic cotton and it is washable as well.

7. Frida Mom Adjustable Keep-Cool Pregnancy Pillow

Here’s another all-purpose snoogle pillow. It doesn’t just support the back relieving pregnant women of their back pain, it also supports the belly and legs to help you sleep comfortably.

Let me go down a little on the feature of this snooogle pillow. It has a micro-bead filling that helps you to find the best position and also it is washable.

8. Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Snoogle total body pillow supports all parts of the body; the belly, back, hips, knees, and legs. The good thing is that it can be positioned in many ways just how you like it.

It is made of good material that you won’t have issues with. The length is okay as well as the sizes. It can be used by pregnant women and nonpregnant women that experience body pain after sleeping.  You won’t regret this choice.

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Can I Use a Pregnancy Pillow If I am Not Pregnant?

Yes, you can.

The fact that they call it a pregnancy pillow doesn’t mean that it must be used by pregnant women alone. The C-shaped pillow will come in handy if you are a chronic side sleeper. It will help you avoid the back pain that comes with it.

If you are a back sleeper, the U-shaped pillow will be superb for you. No law forbids you from getting one for yourself if you are not pregnant. Locate the vendors and get a good one for yourself or order online from online stores such as Amazon.

Conclusion On How Does Snoogle Pillow Help With Back Pain

Snoogle pillow is one of the many ways to relieve back pain both amongst pregnant women and those that aren’t pregnant, especially the side sleepers.

Instead of enduring the pain and causing more harm to your structure, you should go get one for yourself and enjoy your sleep as every other person does. The list of brands above is great and you can decide to go for any one of them.