House Rules For Teenagers – Effective House Rules For Teens

Despite the eye-rolling and verbal protests from your teen, setting house rules for teenagers is of great importance. Your teenage children may want to live life as they please and it’s usually not the best for them.

Establishing house rules for teenagers can be challenging for both parents and teenagers but it is a necessary step in keeping your household in order and checkmating the activities of your teenagers.

If you’ve been searching for effective house rules to keep your teens in check, then you are at the right place. We have made the search easier for you by bringing important house rules that should be enforced for every teen.

House Rules For Teenagers

Let us look at some of the effective house rules you can set in your house for your teen children. They will help you shape them and get the best out of your teens.

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Five Effective House Rules For Teens to start with

1. Curfew

This is a regulation that would require your teen to stay at home within specified hours, especially at night. A curfew would not only help your child to maintain a healthy sleep pattern, but it also promotes discipline and helps in keeping them safe as we all know that a lot of bad stuff tends to happen at night.

2. Limit time spent on electronic gadgets

It is important to teach your teens healthy habits, hence spending minimal time on gadgets should be encouraged. Spending much time on electronic gadgets may lead to various physical and mental health issues. You should encourage your child to take the time to spend more with family members and also engage in creative activities.

3. Everyone has a role to play

This is a very important rule. Every member of the family should have a chore assigned to them. As a parent, you should set a good example by dutifully carrying out your duties. Engaging your teens in house chores will teach them to help out as family members and take care of their own living space.

To make this rule effective, you should let your teen know that:

  • Assigned chores must be done without excuse except if they’re not at home or they are sick.
  • Chores must be completed before they’re allowed to play with the phone, watch television or go out to visit a friend.
  • Assigned chores must be completed at the set time.
  • Trust should not be taken for granted

Being trustworthy is an important virtue that you must imbibe in your teen. It might seem not to relate to the concept of house rules but it greatly relates to responsibility and honesty.

You should make it a rule for your teen that trust should never be taken for granted and that honesty is the watchword. Make it clear to them that lying is unacceptable and that their word of promise matters to friends and family.

4. Their company of friends

Our friends have over 50% influence on us and that isn’t up for argument. The people we spend quality time with rub off on us and most times we’re ignorant of it.

If you do not want your child to become wayward, you must set rules on the kind of friends they can keep. Encourage them to bring their friends home while you take the time to access them and determine if they’re a good influence on your teen. Also, make rules on the amount of time that your teen can spend with friends.

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5. The golden rule of respect

Set house rules that mandate your teenagers never to disrespect you or your spouse, their siblings as well as other elderly and young people whether rich or poor.

Never allow the use of curse words or inappropriate words in and outside the home, and do not allow yelling but show them appropriate ways of communication.

6. Personal Hygiene

From childhood days, you should teach your teenagers the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness. Make rules that incorporate cleanliness as a daily routine.

Some personal hygiene rules could include: asking them to make their bed when they wake up in the morning, asking them to clean their rooms, bathroom, and toilet, and telling them to always put their dirty clothes into a provided basket and not all over the room.


Importance of House Rules for 18-year-olds

No matter the age of a child, parenting is never an easy job. As your children grow older, their lifestyles and routine may change.

It might become difficult to parent them in the same manner as you do your younger teenager.

At this age, they may begin to feel that they’re all grown up and can behave in whatever manner they choose to. They may feel like they’ve become full adults and can handle themselves. You must step in by making rules for them and reminding them that they are still your children and have a lot of growing up to do.

Some of the importance of setting house rules for children of 18 years and above include:

1. It structures the environment

Having certain rules in the house promotes peace and a safe environment. Setting some rules for the entire family and especially your 18-year-old will promote an environment that’s comforting for all family members.

2. It restrains rebellion

The teenage years could be the most rebellious stage for any person in their lifetime. This doesn’t mean that you have to bear their bad attitude just because they’re going through this phase. This is why rules are very important.

Your 18 years old teen will have to abide by the rules and at times when their rebellion is getting out of control, the rules will contain them.

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3. Life lessons

House rules have the potential of becoming life lessons for your teenagers. The rules you set can aid in shaping their personality for the future.

For instance, having them follow the set rules religiously can teach them mental skills like patience, which will be very beneficial to them. Also, having rules to question their actions would teach them how to handle responsibilities and how to be accountable.


List of House Rules for 18-year-old

Now that we’ve stated some of the importance of these rules, let’s now take a look at some of the rules you could make for them.

1. Make them work to earn

The very first thing you should do for your 18-year-old is to put them to work, as this is the age when they’re turning into adults and should be able to stand on their feet. The reason for encouraging them to start working should not just be about the money but also about the important lessons that comes with it.

Ensure that they don’t do work that will hinder their school performance. You can teach them how to balance things up and if you notice they can’t handle it, have them quit and find something else.

2. Make them contribute

You should teach your teenager the importance of responsibility by making them contribute financially. They could assist in buying groceries and other little items. This will make them even appreciate your efforts as parents, become family-oriented, and value every penny they make.

3. Make them inform you when going out

At 18 years, your child might see no reason to inform you whenever he’s about to leave the house. This is because they believe that at 18, they are old enough to take certain decisions without the knowledge of their parents.

Don’t freak out when your precious daughter that usually shares everything with you begin to behave this way; it happens but it isn’t acceptable.

Make them inform you ahead of time, where they are going, with who, and when. While at it, ensure you don’t do it authoritatively. Make them see reasons why they must tell where they are going and who they are hanging out with.

4. No shouting or raising of the voice

Make it clear to your teen that no matter the situation, there should be no raising of voice in the house. Rather, they should calmly and politely state their grievances. Let them know that their anger will not be tolerated as an excuse to yell at anyone.

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5. Make them do house chores

Before 18, you were your child’s guardian and you did most of the work. However, they’re now grown and you have to set the rules on how things will work in the house in terms of chores.

For instance, You should ensure that your child:

Regularly cleans their room

Does their laundry on their own.

Helps in carrying out kitchen activities.

Goes to buy groceries and other essentials when needed.

Conclusion On House Rules for Teenagers

The house rules that state the roles and responsibilities should include parents and siblings. This will prevent anyone from feeling set apart from others. You must participate in this process as this will encourage cooperation and communication.

You should also establish rules that are non-negotiable, such as curfew, chores, cell phones at dinner, etc.

Coming up with the rules for teens might be the simple part but enforcing them could prove challenging. However, when you clearly outline the expectations and set the limits, with time, your teen will understand, cooperate, and even appreciate the life lessons that comes with it.