Interesting Facts About July Born Babies And People Born in July (July Born Babies)

The understanding of some untold interesting facts about July born babies can be a joy to the parents, and even to those people born in July month. We are going to reveal a lot interesting things you do not know about the July babies! July born babies have a lot of advantages over others, and that is what we will be exposing in this post.

July is a special month, and July birthdays don’t clash with major holidays like Christmas or Diwali. People born in this month are born during summer, and they have lots of sunshine to give them vitamin D in their first few months.

This makes them grow healthier and even taller. Below are other interesting facts about July born babies.


Interesting Facts About July Born Babies

July born babies have some distinctive qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. This makes them special in their own ways and so liked by many people.

1. They are optimistic

July born babies are optimistic. They can be extremely positive in every situation, they focus on the bright side of life and they are liked by all.

They have a good sense of humor especially when they are with their friends and acquaintances. You cannot resist laughing on a joke cracked by a July born baby. Sarcasm is in their blood, and they are impressively witty.

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2. They cherish their loved ones

Family means everything to a July born baby. They are extremely sensitive when it comes to matters of the heart. Real life feelings and situation means a lot to them, and also makes a lot of difference to them.

Although on regular basis, July born babies live very casually without much tantrums and hassles.

3. They are very charming

July born babies have a charming and interesting personality. They find joy and beauty in the small things of life. They are composed and sensitive, and they also have a good taste in food and music.

4. They have good self-control

Even studies reveal that by the age of 18 moths, July born babies have more effortful control than their peers born in winter months. Even though they are sensitive and emotional, they can control themselves.

If your little baby born in July gets angry or upset, you won’t see him or her shouting at someone. They will just control their anger or emotions and keep to themselves.

July born babies have better emotional and behavioral regulation skills.

5. They have a good heart

July born babies are generous. Among their many good qualities like being calm and composed, and optimistic, they are also generous.

They are also sympathetic and will try to help other people in any way possible.

6. They have strong work ethic

July born babies are determined and independent, and they rarely seek help from people. They are highly organized and they like doing things on their own. They have exceptional management skills which makes them good managers or good team leaders.

July born inspire others to do well and they have an ethical approach to work. Your little one is going to be a hard worker and he/she will seek out every opportunity to achieve what they want.

You don’t have to worry about July born babies because they do well in life.

7. They are very emotional

July born babies are a little unstable when it comes to emotions. They can be upset and easily get emotional. They have a continuous fear of being hurt and they are naturally defensive.

They take a long time to get over hurt when someone hurts their feelings. During this time, they love to keep to themselves and even find comfort at home.

8. Most of them are left-handed

This is an untold facts about July born babies! Like we said above, July born babies have traits that make them stand out. They are more likely to be left-handed, and they also have an amazing sense of style.

Their works and result reflect confidence and elegance that they don’t have to work hard to get noticed.

9. They are very focused

July born babies focus on people and things that matter to them. They focus on their family life, and work very hard towards their dreams. They do not like small and nonsensical talks, meaningless dramas, and petty dramas.

These things are a big turn off to them.

Your little one is going to be a focused person and family person when they grow up.

10. Their birth stone is Ruby

The birth stone for July born babies is Ruby and they adopt the trait of this stone. Rubies are precious stones that are extremely strong. On the hardness scale, rubies register an almost perfect score.

Ruby is also regarded as a courageous stone and it is believed to confer energy, courage, success, wealth, love, and heightened awareness.

This means your little one will be resilient and strong willed. A strong willed child can be very challenging but this positive trait will serve them well in adulthood.

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Other Untold Things About People Born In July Month

1. They have lower risk for psychotic disorders

People born in July have low risks of schizophrenia, hallucination, paranoia, or delusions because of the high exposure to sun light in their birth month and while in the womb. People born in January are more likely to face these than any other month.

But July babies are more prone to asthma. They have high risks of suffering asthma than the general population.

2. They tend to be tall people

While some scholars blame the high sunlight they were exposed to in the womb, others are skeptical about this but the fact remains that July born babies are mostly tall.

Studies reveal that babies born in June and July are the heaviest, and they also grow up to be the tallest adults.

3. They have a good memory

Babies born in July hardly forget things, they can remember every little detail that has happened in the past including the slightest of things. They have a very sharp brain.

Your July born baby will never forget your birthdays, anniversary, and special days.

4. July born babies are very candid, honest, sympathetic, and sincere

People born in July are plain and candid. They do not lie as they are direct and honest individuals, they are frank, very straightforward, and they give sound advice.

July babies also know how to sympathize with people who are hurting. They are concerned about the welfare of people around them and they will go to any length to make people and their friends feel their best.

July born babies are open book. They make sure people know that they care and that they will be there for them,

5. They are practical and logical

They love to use their logic when doing things. July born babies are actionable and thoughtful people. They must think thoroughly about their resolve and they always work on making their dreams a reality.

6. They get hurt easily

July babies are so emotional, thus, they get hurt easily, they are very sensitive, and they feel hurt easily even when they are not supposed to. July borns flare up over little issues and they feel very bad when things don’t work out well or go as they plan.

7. They ask lots of questions

Get ready, your little one is going to bombard you with lots of questions. July born babies are very inquisitive. They are known for looking for questions to ask others.

It may be annoying at times, but they are not acting it, it is inborn.

They want to gain more knowledge by asking questions.

8. They can be unpredictable and temperamental

July babies get annoyed pretty easily, they are unpredictable when angry and they can be very temperamental. When you provoke them, they can become hostile. As a parent of a July born baby, you should be able to understand this trait and help them handle this well.

9. They are friendly and approachable

July born people will always welcome you with a smile. They are friendly and always eager to add more unique people to their friend list. They love making friends.

And because they are very much approachable, no one will have a hard time talking to them.

10. They are very moody

July borns can be anti-social and moody. They can decide to be alone sometimes and during such times, little things can piss them off. This happens rarely and when it does, you should understand that it won’t last long.

11. They forgive but do not forget

July borns do not have a problem with forgiveness, they forgive easily; the only issue is that they do not forget any wrong done to them.

They can remember bad things people do to them even after a long while. This is why you should be extremely careful when dealing with people born in July because they are easily hurt and tend to remember it all their lives.

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After reading this, we are sure you will be see the need to make a friend born in July, Lol. Well, if you are expecting a baby in July, you already have some hints on the awesome character of your baby.

You will definitely find some of these characters in your baby and you don’t have to worry about your child because July born babies do just fine in life.

We hope you enjoy this post. If you know any other interesting facts about July born babies, please let us know in the comment section.