Can You Have Wheatgrass When Pregnant – Is It Harmful to Drink Wheatgrass During Pregnancy?

If you are asking this question, it means that you are pregnant, and want to know if you can have wheatgrass when pregnant. I would love to say a big congratulations to you. Babies are cute to have, you know? But extra care is to be taken to ensure they come out from the womb alive and healthy. I’m that is the reason you are being careful of what to consume.

You are on the right track. Because a minor mistake on your part might endanger your cute soon-to-be baby. Of course, he’s still a fetus but by your ninth month, you would have your full-term baby in your hands.

Back to the main topic! Can You Have Wheatgrass When Pregnant?

A lot is going on about wheatgrass and I would love you to read on to get all the information you need on this subject.


What Is Wheatgrass?

Just to ensure you are sure of what you mean by wheatgrass, let’s go over what wheatgrass is.

Wheatgrass is the grass that shoots out from wheat grains. This grass in question is considered a superfood because of its many benefit. It is a good source of iron, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamins A, C, and E.

It also contains amino acids the body function with. The grass is prepared as a smoothie most times and some people add it to their salads, sauces, and soups. The truth is wheatgrass fits into many kinds of food. It all depends on you to choose how you want it but when it comes to making juice out of it, consider hiding the flavour which isn’t so good.

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Can You Have Wheatgrass When Pregnant?

Now, let’s get to the real question.

Wheatgrass has a lot of benefits that you would need throughout your pregnancy period, but it has its negative effect too. This negative effect is capable of ruining your chance of seeing your baby after nine months.

But there’s some good news. If you’ve been a regular fan of wheatgrass juice before conception, you are likely not going to be harmed by wheatgrass after conception. This means that you can continue your wheatgrass consumption, but in small quantities. You should also see your doctor for advice on whether or not to take it.

If you haven’t been taking wheatgrass before taking in, ensure you avoid it as taking it might endanger your life and that of your unborn baby.


What Will Happen If I Take Wheatgrass When Pregnant

It’s best to stick with your doctor’s advice to avoid unnecessary complications during pregnancy and child delivery. Let’s find out what will happen if you take wheatgrass during pregnancy.

Here is a list of complications you might be having if you take wheatgrass against your doctor’s advice:

1. Infection

You will be exposing yourself to infection if you take wheatgrass when pregnant especially if you’ve not been taking it before conceiving. This is because it is harvested alongside the soil and there’s a probability that the soil houses harmful bacteria and fungi such as mold.

These microbes don’t get destroyed even after juice or salad making and so, when they make their way into your system which is fragile and unable to fight at this time, they initiate infection that might affect your baby even after birth.

2. Nutrient imbalance

Here’s another one. Wheatgrass can cause one to purge. You can say it is a stomach-cleansing agent. After consumption, you will possibly visit the toilet multiple times more than usual. And as you excrete, an essential nutrient also gets flushed down the toilet leading to an imbalance of nutrients in your system. Amongst the nutrient that could be lost is mineral and vitamins, and without these nutrients in your body, your baby’s growth will be affected.

3. Miscarriage

Remember, wheatgrass is a cleansing agent. When you consume it as a pregnant woman, you might lose your baby. According to research, women who begin to take wheatgrass juice after conceiving suffer this a lot.

4. Increased Nausea

Pregnant women’s special characteristic especially in their first trimester is vomiting and nausea. I’m sure you are experiencing or experienced this. The occurrence of these characteristics will increase so much if you consume wheatgrass leading to dehydration and constant tiredness.

Do all you can to stay away from wheatgrass if your doctors advise you to do so. But if you are allowed to take it, you should because it has lots of health benefits that will help both you and your baby.

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Benefits Of Wheatgrass During Pregnancy

1. Wheatgrass helps with Hemoglobin Production

Pregnant women often have a low level of hemoglobin during their pregnancy period. Not just that, they also need extra iron to beat anemia. This is the reason iron is incorporated into their supplement.

Here’s the thing, wheatgrass help to spike up the level of hemoglobin production in your body if you consume it in the right quantity.

2. Wheatgrass works against acidity

Your acidity level might increase during pregnancy although it will be reduced after your first trimester. But some women experience this throughout their pregnancy period and this leads to consistent heartburn. Wheatgrass is alkaline and so when you consume it, it balances your acidity level.

3. Wheatgrass helps to regulate bowel movement.

When pregnant, bowel movement becomes an issue due to the increased level of progesterone in your system. Iron and vitamin supplements also play a role in this.

A cup of wheatgrass juice will help to get rid of constipation due to slow bowel movement and help your food digest properly.

4. It helps your blood circulate properly

When you consume wheatgrass in the right quantity, it will get an increased rate of hemoglobin. As a result, your blood takes up a good amount of oxygen which will help it circulate well.

5. It helps your skin to glow

There are several ways to consume wheatgrass and one of the many ways is applying it on the skin. The effect is impeccable. It will help broaden the blood vessel leading to clearer skin.

Also, it is antioxidants that solve the challenge that free radicals bring, causing your skin to glow despite the activities of hormones.

6. Wheatgrass reduces the chances of hypertension

Amongst the complication some women develop during pregnancy, hypertension is one of the most famous. Not all pregnant women develop this, though most of them do, and this is as a result of their growing baby. Wheatgrass helps the blood circulate and that reduces the chances of developing hypertension.

7. It reduces cholesterol

If you want to reduce cholesterol drastically, incorporate wheatgrass into your meal. It works whether you are pregnant or not. Regardless of how you prepare it, it does the same magic.


How do You Eat Wheatgrass?

You can prepare wheatgrass in many ways. You can consume it in liquid or solid forms. To be specific, try preparing your wheatgrass in the following ways:

1. Smoothies

You can enjoy your wheatgrass as a smoothie. Just blend it alongside other ingredients and you will love it. This is better than blending just it. You can even prepare your smoothie and add a few teaspoons of powdered wheatgrass.

2. Salad

Add wheatgrass to your salad and you will enjoy every bit of it. You won’t even notice it and still have the full dose of benefit it carries. You can decide to eat the salad mixed with good salad cream or enjoy it with your favorite food.

3. Juice

This is one of the popular ways of consuming wheatgrass. The juicing process is pretty easy. Wash it thoroughly to get rid of the dirt and germ and blend it in good condition. You can add other fruits or vegetables to get rid of the flavour which isn’t too good.

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FAQ About Can You Have Wheatgrass When Pregnant


Is Eating Wheatgrass Safe During Pregnancy?

Firstly, wheatgrass has lots of benefits, but when it comes to pregnant women, caution must be taken. This is because it comes with lots of bacteria and even fungi, and if care isn’t taken, it might lead to infection.

Secondly, it must be taken in a small proportion to avoid complications as too much of it in the system of a pregnant woman isn’t good at all.

Thirdly, while it might be safe for women who take it before pregnancy, it isn’t safe for those that weren’t eating it before pregnancy. Their chances of getting harmed are higher.


Wheatgrass is gold both for pregnant and non pregnant individuals. You can easily consume wheatgrass in any style of your choice. You can blend it alongside other fruit and enjoy it under cool weather.

You need all the vitamins that wheatgrass posses for the growth of your baby and also the acidity reduction. But remember, you are only allowed to eat it if your doctor says so. If not, you must resist the urge to eat it.

There are other fruits that have close to the same ability that wheatgrass possesses. You can go for them and save yourself from possible complications as a result of wheatgrass consumption.