How to put On Ring Sling & Use Ring Sling for Newborn

This post is going to explain how to put on ring sling and how to use ring sling to carry newborn. Usually, nursing a child isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of energy both mental and physical to raise a child. It also has a way of making one seem less productive, especially for career women.

Thanks to some modern inventions that make the work less burdensome. One of these inventions is the use of ring slings to carry babies. Ring slings free the hands for other important work while maintaining closeness with the baby.

In this article, we have provided basic information you need on how to put on a ring sling for your newborn and toddler. Also, you would get to learn how you can breastfeed your baby in a ring sling without hurting him or yourself.

But before that, you have to know what a ring sling is and the role it plays.


What Is a Ring Sling?

A ring sling is an adjustable piece of cloth sewn at the shoulder with sets of rings for convenience’s sake. It is similar to baby wrap and comes in lots of colours. Ring slings, just like baby wraps help you to keep your baby very close to you while you go about your business hands-free.

Apart from helping you become productive, baby slings help you to develop a bond with your baby; communication and skin-to-skin contact help in genuine mother-child bonding, and ring slings make that possible.

It is the best for mothers with back aches. Instead of carrying their babies on their backs, ring slings give them a better option of relieving the back and making use of the shoulder instead.

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What Age is a Ring Sling for?

Ring slings are for babies and toddlers. You can carry your newborn in a ring sling and there won’t be any issues so long as you fix the sling properly.

One good thing about the ring sling is that it helps to hold a baby’s neck, unlike the baby carrier which allows babies neck to fall off from time to time.

If well-fixed, it can also be used to carry toddlers but that depends on the weight of your toddler and your ability to endure.


How Safe Are Ring Slings?

A ring sling is safe to use, and it benefits both mother and child. If you follow the safety guidelines, you won’t encounter any challenges.

But if not well fixed, a ring sling can pose a threat to your baby. It can cause suffocation, especially among newborns.

If the sling isn’t fixed according to instructions, it might press against your baby’s nose and mouth making it difficult for him to breathe in air, leading to suffocation.


How to Put on Ring Sling & Use it for Newborn

Putting on a ring sling is quite easy. But with newborns, you must be careful as they can easily suffocate if the sling is not well fixed.

1. Prepare the Ring Sling

This is the first step.

To do this properly, choose the hip that you want to carry your baby. Once the decision has been made, place the ring on the opposite shoulder and spread the sling on your back. Hold the remainder of the sling with your other hand.

After that, take the rails and spread the sling. Also, ensure that the sling isn’t twisted at any point. Fold the sling enough to hold it with your hand and pass the remaining through the rings. Separate the rings afterward.

Pass the remaining part of the sling over the upper ring and under the ring at the bottom and spread it well on the rings. Place the rings on your shoulder

2. Place your Baby Into the Sling

Now is the time to place your baby into the prepared ring sling. First, place your baby on the shoulder without a ring and carefully slide him into the sling.

The lower rail of the sling must be under your baby’s bottom and the upper rail must be in the same line as the lap of his ear. Ensure that the rail covers your baby’s bottom and back well enough.

Ensure the sling is well spread on your shoulder and the ring placed under your collarbone.

At this point, you are good to go but for safety purposes, look through the TICKS rule for baby-wearing to ensure you did the right thing.

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TICKS Rule for Baby Wearing (Of Ring Sling)States that:

Tight – Sling should be tight across the baby’s back.

In view at all times – Your baby’s face which includes the nose and mouth must be seen easily.

Close enough to kiss – Your baby must be accessible to you. He must be high enough to receive a kiss from you.

Keep chin off chest – Your baby’s chin must be kept upright to enable easy breathing.

Avoid the bag-style slings where your baby goes deep into the sling. He can easily suffocate there without you noticing. Ensure your baby’s nose is out.


Other Ways of Wearing a Ring Sling

There other ways of wearing a ring sling, and they include;

The Ring Slide Cradle Method

This method isn’t safe for first-time mothers who are new to sling usage. It is often used by mothers who have become experts in ring sling wearing and are capable of paying great attention to their babies in that position.

To fix the sling in the cradle method, follow this process keenly.

1. Place your ring slide over your head and with an arm through the loop. Ensure that the rings are below the shoulder which is opposite to the arm you pass through the loop.

2. Spread the sling properly on your shoulder. After that, hold your baby on the arm you passed through the loop.

3. Open the sling with the free hand and gently slide your baby’s bottom into the pouch. Cross his feet, lower his body and pull up the rail.

4. Tighten the rail and the remaining part of the sling to secure your baby and ensure you pay great attention to your baby through his stay in that position.

5. Don’t allow your baby’s chin to press on his chest. That can be very dangerous. Also, ensure that he breathes easily.

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The ring sling back carry method

This method isn’t suitable for newborns because they are yet to learn how to hold their necks and head. Before making use of this method, ensure that your baby is big enough to sit and crawl.

To back carry your baby using a ring sling, follow this procedure:

Place your head and an arm through the loop in the sling. After that, place the rings slightly below the shoulder opposite the arm you passed through the loop.

Pull the ring sling around your body till they move behind the shoulder they started on. Ensure that they are on the back of your body beneath your shoulder.

Put your baby in the ring sling and separate his legs. His legs should be on each side of your body. Spread the sling below his bottom and spread it up to his armpit level.

Keep one hand on your baby and pull the ring sling around to enable the ring to relax at the center of your chest while your baby moves to the back.

Ensure the tail is tightened well enough to keep the baby safe and pay great attention to your baby to notice when anything goes wrong.


How to Use a Ring Sling for Breastfeeding

Ring slings are great for breastfeeding. You can freely breastfeed your baby while inside the sling. All you need to do is to bring out your nipple and carefully loosen the rings to let the baby get to the breast area.

When this is done, you can guide the baby’s mouth to the nipple area and feed him well. After feeding, take your breast inside, arrange your dress, tighten the sling, and the baby will automatically move to the original position.

The downside of breastfeeding your baby while in the ring sling is that you will be restricted to feeding him from one side. If he feeds more than once from one breast, the other might become engorged and that will cause you a lot of pain.

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What Side do You Wear a Ring Sling?

You can wear a baby ring sling on any side. It depends on your preference. Most people prefer the right side of the hip because the left side is the natural place they carry their baby even without a sling.

They place the sling on the right side while the baby will be on the left side.

You have to make that choice yourself.


Preparing ring slings might seem difficult from a distance but it’s pretty easy if you pay good attention and follow the procedure accurately. Ring slings are good and will help you tremendously as a mother; you would get to keep your baby in your sight while doing other important stuff.

The use of ring slings for babies is encouraged but you must ensure you follow the TICKS rule guideline for baby wearing to avoid hazards, especially for newborns.