Can I Drink Lipton Tea While Pregnant – Is It Safe?

The period of pregnancy is a difficult one and every mother can testify to it. Your lifestyle, diet, and activities have to be adjusted to soothe you and your baby. As a result, most tea lovers often ask “Can I drink Lipton tea while pregnant?” as they want to know if Lipton tea is safe for drinking during pregnancy. Many people have said tea, in general, can harm the baby and mother. But, how true is this?


Can I Drink Lipton Tea While Pregnant – Is It Safe?

If you are worried with the question “Can you drink Lipton tea while pregnant?” This article will be discussing Lipton tea and all there is to know. It would help you decide if you should be taking tea off your menu or drinking as much as you please during pregnancy.


What is Lipton Tea?

Lipton tea is a special kind of tea made from herbs. It was developed by British Thomas Lipton and it is a combination of several plants grown in different continents. This product has been in the market for over a century and it is quite famous. Many of us grew up in homes where parents and other adults drank this tea as part of their daily routine. It belongs to Unilever and is partly owned by Pepsi.


What is Lipton Tea Made of?

You may have heard people complain about the plain taste of Lipton. That is mostly because Lipton is derived from black tea. Meaning, it’s an oxidized form hence the difference in nutrients and by default taste.

It also contains flavonoids, polyphenols, and a host of other supporting ingredients. Now let’s get to answer the question if you can drink Lipton Tea while pregnant.


Can I Drink Lipton Tea While Pregnant?

Lipton tea can serve as a great substitute for coffee. Pregnant women are exempted from this blanket rule reason being that it’s a delicate phase and they are now eating for two. Any slight mistake can put the mother and baby’s health in jeopardy.

Lipton tea just like the majority of black teas contains caffeine to keep you awake. This substance has no serious effect on the mother but it does on the baby. Caffeine is a foreign substance that all babies have trouble digesting. It clogs the baby’s bloodstream and causes it discomfort.

In line with this, mothers are advised to regulate the quantity of Lipton tea consumed daily. Studies have shown that a cup of Lipton tea contains about 50mg on average. For the baby’s safety, only one cup should be taken as consuming as high as 200mg becomes unsafe for the baby.

Moderation is key. So long as the mother sticks to drinking within the stipulated limits, consuming Lipton tea is safe. This can as well be discussed with your gynecologist. If this would be a problem for you and your baby, they would let you know.

There is also the possibility of having the tea contaminated. Pregnant women must take extra caution to ensure they eat healthy foods. Many resort to taking homemade meals at all times and this is a healthy choice. You can find a way to confirm the quality of the tea and if heavy metals or impurities are present. Also, you may want to start preparing your tea at home as this eliminates the chances of it being contaminated.

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Health Benefits of Having Lipton Tea During Pregnancy?

Just like taking Lipton tea has side effects, it has benefits too. When taken moderately, the mother and baby can enjoy the benefits it comes with.


1. Improved Immunity

The essential ingredients in Lipton tea have been linked to an improved immune system. The chances of coming down sick due to viral and bacterial infections are very high at this point. A cup of Lipton tea contains a reasonable amount of vitamin C and when taken daily will help your body stand strong against these infections.

2. Anti-inflammatory Properties

The anti-inflammatory properties in Lipton offer you protection against inflammatory diseases and affiliated health concerns. Many women complain about joints and body pains as well as aches. Drinking this tea daily will help in reducing the pain or eliminating it.

As the pregnancy progresses into the last trimester, the mother’s feet are likely to become weak as there is a lot of weight on her bones. The constituents of this tea will serve as a boost and also reduce the effect of friction on the bones during movements and strenuous activities or exercises.

3. Rich Source Of Antioxidants

The popular source of antioxidants is fruits and vegetables. However, Lipton tea is a good source but very few people know this. It contains flavonoids just like fruits and vegetables. This does not mean Lipton tea can take the place of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Consistent consumption reduces the risk of getting heart diseases and other cardiovascular conditions. It neutralises the free radicals present in the body and fights against depression.

4. Maintains Cardiovascular Health

Lipton tea has the power to make your heart happy and avert possible cardiovascular diseases. Its flavonoid component enriches the heart and muscles around it.

5. Weight Check

Many people have achieved their weight loss goals with the aid of Lipton tea. Managing your weight during pregnancy is quite hard. Drinking a healthy dose of tea daily will save you from adding unnecessary weight or being obese.

6. Memory Boost

Some women battle with memory loss and poor retention during pregnancy. The stress and fatigue that comes with the first and second trimester can be very difficult to handle. Research has shown that Lipton tea made from green and black leaves inhibits the actions of certain enzymes in the brain. This action is associated with higher retention and improved memory.

Drinking one to two cups of tea per day can improve your cognitive and retentive abilities.

7. Cognitive Abilities

In a study carried out on the link between cognitive abilities and Lipton tea, it was discovered that cognitive abilities affected the brain structure and reasoning pattern. This was confirmed in a research done between 2015 and 2018.

This is good for you and your baby. The links in the region of the brain become more organized and effective for daily tasks. In the long run, thinking capabilities are enhanced making the individual a better decision-maker.

8. Blood Sugar Check

A lot of people argue that Lipton tea does not have any correlation with blood sugar but this is not completely true. All kinds of tea contain polyphenols which are antioxidants. This serves primarily as an antioxidant but by extension regulates your blood’s sugar level.

9. Maintains Oral Health

Lipton tea helps you keep your oral cavity in good condition. It reduces the bacterial load present in the mouth and neutralizes the acids that cause tooth decay. The polyphenols present stop or prevent any possible gum inflammation. There is a link between it and bad breath too. Drinking it daily decreases the amount of Sulphur compounds in your mouth giving you a fresher and nicer breath.

10. Lowers Risk Of a Heart Attack

We have discussed how Lipton tea maintains Cardiovascular health earlier. Part of the functions it performs is lowering the risk of getting a heart attack. Experts suspect polyphenols to be the property responsible for this. It relaxes and widens the blood vessels creating a balance where there is more dilation than constriction. This lowers blood pressure, decreases the possibility of developing stroke and other diseases like atherosclerosis and obesity. Constant consumption also increases the concentration of good cholesterol in your body.

11. Keeps You Warm

Drinking warm tea helps in raising your body temperature especially during the very cold winter periods. Waking up in the morning can become a really big hassle as the cold can leave you weak and tired. A cup of Lipton tea would energize you for the day.

Some mothers have confirmed that Lipton tea helped them manage nausea and other morning sickness troubles. Although this is subjective, other women can give this a try.

12. Aids Bowel Movement

Constipation is a common problem most pregnant women experience. This may be as a result of lifestyle or diet changes but it’s quite unpleasant and difficult to deal with. It is advisable to see your doctor to report this if it persists for very long, and does not reduce even with tea consumption.

The herbs Lipton tea is made from possess properties that allow it to function as a laxative. It helps in softening your stool making it easier to let it out.

13. Relaxation

Lipton tea helps you relax when you are having trouble shaking off stress. The aroma relaxes the nerves and the ingredients it contains relieves stress. It also helps with other related problems like anxiety, mood swings and irritability.

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Is Lipton Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Tea is considered to be harmless in general. This is not the case with a pregnant woman because what is considered harmless for the adult mother could be life-threatening for the baby.

Most herbal and branded teas tend to be unsafe for pregnant women. This is due to the level of caffeine present in it. Caffeine helps the mother stay awake and wins the fight with drowsiness every single time. This same substance could clog your baby’s path and suffocate them.

Babies, as fragile as they are cannot digest caffeine. Their digestive system is still too immature for this so it becomes a burden for their growing body as it knows not what to do with it. It could stress their body systems and make them sleep longer than usual.

Caffeine can be very dangerous for your baby’s health. Surveys and years of research have confirmed that caffeine increases the chances of a pregnancy ending in a miscarriage, pre-term birth, low weight birth, or other birth defects. Teas with a high caffeine concentration should be avoided diligently till the baby is no longer dependent on the mother.

Low caffeine teas can serve as substitutes but should only be taken sparingly. Lipton black tea has a higher concentration of caffeine compared with Lipton green tea and matcha tea. Pregnant women who are already used to the taste of Lipton tea should patronize the ones with a lower caffeine concentration.

So in summary, Lipton tea is safe for drinking during pregnancy but should only be consumed in very little quantity. You should take note of whatever changes you feel during this period. If your baby is past three months, you may experience less kicking as the caffeine induces sleep hence the baby would be sleeping for a longer period than usual. The most important thing is to discuss your meal choices with your doctor and nutritionist. Healthier alternatives to complement the tea consumption might be prescribed.


Can Lipton Tea Terminate Early Pregnancy

There are tales of women taking tea in large quantities in combination with carbonated drinks as a way of inducing abortion. This has proven to be effective but it is a very unhealthy way of carrying out an abortion. It could end up claiming the mother’s life.

Teas that can lead to abortion have high caffeine concentrations. Since caffeine is a dangerous substance, it moves into the baby’s bloodstream and starts to cause difficulty. It leads to eventual death.

Lipton tea can be unsafe and lead to potential harm if it is taken in large quantities. The Lipton label in question also determines how dangerous taking it is. So long as a large amount of caffeine is consumed, you can expect a miscarriage, loss of weight, preterm birth, or even stillbirths.

This tea can cause problems at any stage of the pregnancy. And it can terminate an early pregnancy. Some teenagers carry out this practice but should desist from it. The moment the right quantity is taken, it disturbs the baby in the womb. After several discomforting moments, the baby dies and the remains melt out.


Conclusion: Can I Drink Lipton Tea While Pregnant – Is It Safe or Harmful?

Lipton tea is both harmless and harmful. The deciding factor is the quantity consumed. It can be harmless if very little is taken daily but harmful if consumed in excess. The general rule is pregnant women can take one cup daily as the milligrams of caffeine in one cup is manageable. Pregnant women should be wary of taking too much and consult a doctor whenever they sense something wrong.