What Does Thai Milk Tea Taste Like?

This article on what does Thai milk tea taste like bridges the gap, and will provide useful information on all you need to know about Thai milk tea drink while answering your question about Thai milk tea taste.

Thai milk tea is becoming a popular beverage of choice across Europe and America. The Asian drink is quite delicious and possesses some elements that have made it so loved. Despite its increasing popularity, Thai tea is still fair strange to many. Even some of those who are familiar with the drink do not know the precautions associated with it. Are you ready to find out all of this information as we have provided them all in this article? Let us get started, shall we?


What Does Thai Milk Tea Taste Like?

This has got to be the first question on your mind if you have never tasted this tea. When it comes to exotic and assorted teas, everyone expects it to be delicious and have a good aroma.

If this is your expectation with Thai tea, I am glad to tell you that you won’t be disappointed. The drink is actually very delicious and has a unique aftertaste that distinguishes it from others. It has a blend of floral, sweetness, and spices like star anise and cardamom.

To be honest, it is a special drink that relates differently to different persons. So, to better describe the taste of this delicious beverage, it is best to try it out for yourself.

However, before you do, you should be sure to know the ingredients used in making the tea. Also, you should be sure that it is safe to take the tea in your present condition. You can find answers to all these concerns as you read along. So, do not miss a beat.

Some chefs and restaurants add spices and syrups to their Thai tea. This gives it an interesting taste, and it is more refreshing when you take this tea cold, or over ice.


What is Thai Milk Tea?

Now you know how it tastes, but what really is Thai milk tea? What type of beverage is it, and how is it different from other drinks?

Thai drink, as it is popularly called, is a delicious Asian drink that is made from tea and spices. As you already know – or should, Asians love tea, and this drink has a strong tradition. Through the spices, you are able to appreciate the rich culture of the Thai people.

At the top of the tea, condensed or evaporated milk is usually added. This gives the tea a uniquely rich, creamy flavor, which sets it apart from other teas. This drink is popular in Asia and becoming popular across Europe and America. It can be served hot or cold over ice – where it is referred to as Thai Iced Tea.

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What Is Thai Milk Tea Made of?

Thai milk tea is made up of a tea base made from Ceylon tea, with a combination of milk and sugar. Spices and syrups are also added to improve the taste.

When choosing your milk, it is best to make use of condensed or evaporated milk. This type of milk is able to create a special cloudy effect on top of the teacup. Also, you should make use of special spices like crushed tamarind seeds, cardamom, and star anise.


Thai Milk Tea Taste – What Does It Really Taste Like?

The first experience you will get if you are taking Thai drink for the first time is sweetness. Except you are someone who doesn’t take a lot of sugar and has restricted the addition of sugar and milk.

Also, the drink is very creamy due to the presence of condensed or evaporated milk. You also enjoy a good aftertaste from the spices or syrup added to the drink. In all, trust me when I say that Thai milk tea is a delicious drink that is bound to leave a lasting impression.


Why Is Thai Milk Tea Orange?

The first thing you will notice about Thai milk tea is the color. It has a unique orange color which distinguishes it from other teas. In fact, many people around the world refer to it as orange tea.

But why does it have an orange color? Well, let us find out! If you are one of the many people who guess that the color comes from the tea base, then you are wrong! The color actually comes from food coloring used in the Thai tea mixes to give it a unique color.

Ceylon tea – which is the tea base used in making Thai tea, is usually deeply brewed and not orange in color. Sometimes, depending on the tea brew and other ingredients added, the drink can have a light brown color.


Why Is Thai Milk Tea Green?

There is always confusion when it comes to classifying Thai milk tea. Some people believe it should be classified as black tea, why others believe it is green tea.

Thai milk tea is actually a mixture of black tea and other ingredients. Its main ingredient – Ceylon tea, is naturally a type of black tea with a unique taste. In taste, and perhaps advantages, it is more of green tea, more than black tea.

Also, after it is brewed, it has a color that places it between deep green and black. Lastly, Thai green tea is often mistaken for the base tea used for making Thai drink.

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Can You Drink Thai Milk Tea Hot?

Thai milk tea is usually served cold over ice – and this is how many persons prefer it. But yes, the tea can be served hot. So, if you are someone who wants hot tea, you can enjoy your Thai drink hot.

When served hot, the drink can be served in two ways. It can be served as the regular Thai milk drink or a darker variety. The darker variety of the tea is usually prepared with little or no sugar and milk. Well, as it is with drinks and foods, the choice is always yours to make.


Difference Between Thai Milk Tea VS Milk Tea

Again, Thai tea is often mistaken for milk tea and vice versa. As you already know, or must have guessed, the main ingredients used in making both drinks are tea and milk. So, they tend to have a lot in common.

On the one hand, milk tea can be made from any type of tea, and once you add milk, it becomes milk tea. While on the other hand, Thai tea is made specifically from Ceylon tea or an already processed Thai tea mix.

So, in a situation where you can have different types of milk teas, there is only one type of Thai milk-tea. In essence, regardless of the preparation process and additional ingredients used in making the tea, the major difference between both drinks is the presence of Ceylon tea.


Does Thai Milk Tea Have Caffeine?

When it concerns tea, one of the greatest concerns people have is the level of caffeine content. We all know that teas contain caffeine, but the level of caffeine we are consuming is very important.

The caffeine content in a cup of Thai milk tea depends on the variety of tea used. On average, a cup of Thai milk tea will contain between 14 to 61 mg of caffeine, depending on the tea variant.

In making Thai milk tea, you are required to brew the tea for a long time. The longer you brew your tea, the higher the concentration of caffeine in it. Another thing that also determines the amount of caffeine in the tea is the milk content.

There is the presence of caffeine in milk. So, the more milk you add to your drink, the higher the caffeine content in the tea. However, there are now some black teas in the market which have been decaffeinated. If you are avoiding caffeine, you can use this variant of tea and continue to enjoy your special Thai milk tea.


How to Make Thai Milk Tea

Making a cup of Thai tea is different from your regular cup of tea. However, it is something you can do in the comfort of your kitchen without any issues. In this section, we will discuss how you can make a cup of cold Thai milk drink and how you can make a hot Thai milk tea. So, choose which is best according to your preference.

How to Prepare Cold Thai Milk Tea

Whether you are making a cup of cold Thai milk drink or a hot cup, the first thing to do is to boil some water. Boil some water? Yes, you read it right! Boil some water. Then you should put the Thai tea mix into the hot water. This is also the best time for you to add your sugar and stir properly (if you want some sugar in your drink.) The hot water also helps to dissolve the sugar perfectly.

Cover the tea mixture to brew and cool down for about 15 minutes. You should note that the longer you leave the tea to brew in the water, the stronger the solution will be.

You can drain the tea after 15 minutes and use it as your tea base for your Thai drink. Remember to refrigerate the tea and make sure the mi[ consumed within seven days. When serving, pour the cold tea over ice cubes and add condensed or evaporated milk to taste.

How to Prepare Hot Thai Milk Tea

To make a hot cup of Thai tea, you should boil your water first. Then add your Thai tea mix or Ceylon tea to the hot water. Add your sugar and cover for a few minutes for it to brew.

Since you want your tea hot, you should take it while it is hot before it cools down. Always add your milk to the base of the cup before pouring the hot tea and sugar mixture. There you have it; your delicious cup of hot Thai milk tea is ready.


Thai Milk Tea Recipe

In this section, we will highlight the ingredients and discuss the step-by-step process involved in making your delicious Thai drink. Let us get to it, shall we?


  • 1/2 Cup of Thai Tea
  • 6 Cups of Water
  • 1/3 Cup White Sugar
  • Condensed or Evaporated Milk (According to taste)

Step By Step Instructions

  • Boil the water in a kettle or pot
  • When the water comes to a boiling point, take it off the stove and add the Thai tea mix. You should always remember to use the correct ratio of ½ cup of Thai tea mix to every 6 cups of water.
  • Add the granulated sugar while the water is still hot to dissolve it perfectly. You should note that the Thai tea mix is sweet on its own. Also, you would be adding some evaporated or condensed milk later. So, do not add too much sugar. Your ratio should be 1/3 cup of finely granulated sugar to six cups of water.
  • Cover the mixture in the kettle or pot to brew.
  • Put some ice in a glass, and then pour the Thai tea over it.
  • Pour in some of the condensed or evaporated milk to taste, and stir.
  • Your delicious cup of Thai drink is ready to be served.


Frequently Asked Questions – What Does Thai Milk Tea Taste Like?

Question 1: Is Thai Milk Tea Sweet?

Yes, Thai drink is sweet. Apart from the presence of milk and sugar in the drink – which forms two out of the three main ingredients, Thai tea is sweet. So, after a first taste, the impression is sweetness.


Question 2: What Is Thai Green Milk Tea Made Of?

Thai green tea is gaining so much popularity across Europe and Asia. It is made from natural green tea, but it is mixed with jasmine and Thai Cha Yen. The added spices from Asia origin make it Thai green milk tea after preparation. It is green in color, unlike Thai tea, which is orange in color.


Question 3: Can I Drink Thai Milk Tea While Breastfeeding?

During the breastfeeding phase, anything the mother eats is passed unto the child. So, it is always advisable for nursing mothers to avoid teas, including Thai tea. This is because the caffeine contained in the tea can prevent the babies from sleeping. It can also reduce the production and flow of breast milk in the nursing mother.


Question 4: Can I Drink Thai Milk Tea During Pregnancy?

You can drink Thai tea during pregnancy, but you must ensure that you take it in moderation. This is because tea contains caffeine. The average daily recommendation of caffeine is 200mg – you should have this in mind when taking tea or other beverages.