Can I Have Tapioca Pearls While Pregnant?

Many women love tapioca in their teas, but the question is can you have tapioca pearls while pregnant? During pregnancy, your cravings naturally increase, and you will see yourself wanting more fluids – especially teas and drinks.

If you are someone who has tasted or seen tapioca pearls before, you would crave it. But as you know, every pregnant woman must consider her safety and that of her unborn child before trying out anything new.

In this article, we will discuss everything about tapioca pearls. We will also address all your concerns regarding safety. Be sure to take your time to read this article to the end because it is packed with so much information. Let’s get started, shall we?


Can I Have Tapioca Pearls While Pregnant?

If you are a pregnant woman asking this question, then the straight-forward answer to your question is “YES”. But then, there are certain thing we would like to look into as regards consuming Tapioca pearls during pregnancy.

So keep reading to the end of this article..

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Is Tapioca Good During Early Pregnancy?

To go straight to the point, the answer is yes! Tapioca pearls (also known as pudding) are generally safe and suitable during early pregnancy.

However, you should know that tapioca pearls on its own are tasteless, and thus, sellers often add lots of sugar and coloring to them. The major causes of concern usually lie in added sugar and syrup.
But, on their own, tapioca pearls are good during early pregnancy but should be taken in moderation due to the calorie and added sugar.


Is It Safe to Eat Tapioca Pearls

When properly processed, tapioca pearls are safe and affordable. It is readily available in many parts of the world, and it’s a huge source of carbohydrates.

However, if you are someone who is heavily dependent on cassava products for your dietary needs, there are some disadvantages. The most important, being that it may lead to a deficiency in protein and other important nutrients. Tapioca pearls contribute nothing in terms of proteins and vitamins.

Also, a major concern lies in the preparation. When not properly processed, tapioca pearls can be harmful to you or the unborn baby. This is because of the Linamarin compound contained in cassava products. If not properly processed, the tapioca pearls can lead to cyanide poisoning after consumption.

Lastly, because it contains a large number of carbohydrates, it is not advisable for people with diabetics and other related conditions or allergies.


Is It Safe To Drink Tapioca Pearl Drinks While Pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to drink tapioca drinks while pregnant. Your only concern should be the way it was processed and how it was packaged.

So, it is advisable that you buy your tapioca pearls from well-recognized supermarkets and vendors rather than from local sellers. Many people who process tapioca pearls do not pay attention to the cyanide content.

As we mentioned early, tapioca is made from cassava – which is a principal source of cyanide. But when properly processed, only the safe parts of the plants suitable for consumption are used.  You have nothing to worry about; it is common for plants to have poisonous and edible parts. This is why proper processing is key to consumption.

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What are the Health Benefits of Tapioca Pearls?

Despite being a cassava product, tapioca pearls have numerous health benefits. They do not contain grains or gluten, so it is perfect for people who have gluten-related medical issues.

Also, medical experts advise pregnant women and breastfeeding moms to use it as an alternative to corn-based products. If you want the best results, you can mix the tapioca pearls with coconut and almond for a more balanced diet.

As a result of its high concentration of resistant starch, tapioca pearls help to prevent inflammation and the growth of bacteria in the gut. In addition, tapioca pearls are a source of energy and improve metabolism.

It is also a good source of weight gain because it is high in calories. The good thing is that it contains no cholesterol, which means it will help you gain weight healthily.

Tapioca pearls also provide calcium and iron, which help to keep body muscles and teeth strong. It also has a low concentration of sodium which prevents the risks of getting high blood pressure and other heart diseases.


What Is Tapioca Made of?

Tapioca is a staple food in many countries across the globe. It is made out of starch that is extracted from the roots of the cassava plant.

However, according to reports, cassava is a native crop of South America, and it grows in majorly tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Apart from making teas and drinks, tapioca pearls can be used in many other ways. We will address them as we go further in the article.


What Other Ways Can You Use Tapioca Pearls?

You may have wondered to yourself if tapioca pearls have any other use, other than as chewable for teas and drinks. The answer is yes, there are many other ways you can use tapioca pearls, and we have listed a few below.

4 Ways You Can Use Tapioca Pearls

1. Topical Pearls Can Be Used as Baking Recipe

Surprised? Well, don’t be. I have been using tapioca pearls with almond flour to make the most delicious grain-free bread and snacks.

It would be best if you tried this out. Treat your family to a breakfast or dinner they will never forget. Make homemade flatbread using tapioca pearls, and do not forget to add your best toppings. You will thank me later!

2. You Can Use It as a Thickening Agent

When making your favourite soups and sauces, you should consider using tapioca pearls as a thickening agent. Not only does it have a great thickening power, but it also gives the meal a unique flavour and feel in the mouth.

More so, it is perfect as a thickening agent for the way it combines and blends perfectly with all types of soups and sauces.

3. Topical Pearls are Good Binding Agents

If you want the best bread and snacks, you should replace your current binding agent with tapioca pearls. Not only are they natural, but they are also perfect when used as a binding agent and help to improve the texture of your dough.

You can achieve the best results with tapioca pearls because they help to trap the moisture in the dough and prevent sogginess. You can also use it in the preparation of your snacks, like burgers and even pizza.

4. It Can Be Used for Puddings

You will never use anything else if you try tapioca pearls for your puddings, desserts, and snacks. Take a time out this weekend and try making a pudding with tapioca pearls. Again, you will thank me later.

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How Can You Store Tapioca Pearls?

How you store your tapioca pearls go a long way in preserving the flavor and keeping it fresh for use. But, as you already know, they can be used for many other purposes other than just making teas and drinks.

So, feel free to buy them in large quantities, but make sure you store them in the appropriate ways. Below we have highlighted the best ways to store your tapioca pearls. Check them out.

  • If your tapioca pearls are already cooked, they can be stored at room temperature for 2 to 4 hours.
  • Cooked tapioca pearls can be stored in a refrigerator for as long as 36 hours. However, it would be best if you put them in a bowl of syrup before refrigeration.
  • If you have packed uncooked tapioca pearls, you can keep them in your kitchen or refrigerator for months without the risk of them going bad.
  • In a situation where you have leftovers of uncooked tapioca pearls, remove the excess air from the plastic bag before storage. Or transfer them into an air-tight container before storage.
  • Use your cooked tapioca after a few hours, and ensure to use your leftover uncooked tapioca after a couple of days.


Colored Tapioca Pearls – How to Make It

Naturally, tapioca pearls come in white. But you must have noticed that there are a variety of colorful tapioca pearls on display in stores and supermarkets.

So, you may be wondering how you can color tapioca pearls on your own. So, whether you are planning a party and you want the tapioca pearls to be the theme color. Or you just want a unique color. We have got you covered.

Making your topical pearls to come out in a particular color is as easy as it can get. All you need to do is boil the topical pearls in a pan and add food coloring.

Once you notice that all the pearls are colored to your taste, sieve them out and allow them to cool down before adding them to your drinks. There you have it – colored tapioca pearls.


Conclusion: Can I Have Tapioca Pearls While Pregnant?

Yes, you can have tapioca pearls while pregnant. It makes your drinks and teas more enjoyable, and you can use it for other recipes.

However, you should take it in moderation because of the sugar and syrup content. Also, you should ensure that you do not have traces or a history of diabetics. This is because tapioca pearls are very high in carbohydrates, and low in other nutrients and vitamins.