Can Babies Feel Cold Water in The Womb?

There are a lot of myths surrounding whether or not pregnant mothers should take cold water. Amidst the various myths surrounding pregnancy and cold water, many wonder, “Can babies feel cold water in the womb?” Let’s separate fact from fiction and explore the scientific truth behind this intriguing question.

Some believe that pregnant women should not take cold water as it can affect their babies in some ways. They feel that the cold water can make the baby feel cold, have a runny nose, or even pneumonia. Some people also think that drinking cold water can be used to make the baby move if it feels like the baby is being inactive.

Others believe that if you want your baby to be bigger, then you should take cold water. While taking cold water can lower the body temperature of the mother which the baby may feel, it has no harmful effect on the baby.


Can Babies Feel Cold Water in The Womb?

Welcome to our informative exploration on a fascinating aspect of prenatal development: Can babies feel cold water in the womb? This question has intrigued parents and experts alike, prompting us to delve into the scientific evidence and insights.

In this article, we’ll uncover the intricate wonders of fetal perception and discuss whether sensations, like feeling cold water, are experienced by babies in utero.


Does Cold Water Affect the Baby in the Womb?

What pregnant mothers eat or drink is usually passed to their babies in the digested form. Therefore, mothers are often careful not to take anything that can affect their baby’s growth in the womb. It is normal for a pregnant woman to crave cold water, especially during hot weather. This helps to cool their body temperature.

When they take cold water, the lowered body temperature can reach the belly where the baby is. This can make the baby sense this ‘unusual’ temperature and move a little. This is because the womb surrounding usually has a warm temperature which the baby is accustomed to.

The movement of the baby is not that of feeling hurt, it is only responding to temperature changes. So, this is contrary to the belief that the baby may feel cold if the mother drinks cold water. It is, however, advisable that the pregnant mother should not take too cold water to avoid being nauseated and reduce the chances of inflammation.

On whether babies can have asthma or pneumonia because their mothers drink cold water, is not scientifically proven. However, expectant mothers are advised to stay hydrated as much as possible to aid their baby’s development. Should you then have a chilled glass of water? By all means. It is good for you and the baby.

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Craving Cold Water During Pregnancy – Boy or Girl?

Much more than drinking water at room temperature, you may find yourself craving cold water. This is completely normal. It helps to regulate your body temperature especially during hot weather. So, a glass of water from the fridge for a pregnant woman? Absolutely fine!

Is it true that this can be a pointer to whether the baby you are carrying is a boy or girl? This is just like the belief that craving salty snacks is a hint to know you are carrying a boy child.

But, does craving cold water pass for a ‘scan’ to detect the sex of your baby? No, this is only a myth. Cravings can indicate nutrients that your body needs, just as low iron levels can cause want to chew ice. However, they do not predict gender. So, the fact that you crave cold water only means that you need some cooling.

Taking cold water can help reduce heat and make you feel more comfortable, which can extend to the baby also. If you need to correctly determine the sex of your baby, you should go to the hospital for an ultrasound. This is usually done around 18 to 21 weeks and the genitals are used in identifying the sex.

Apart from this, trying to guess if it is a boy or girl through an old wives tale like craving cold water can be incorrect. So, drink that cold water when you feel like it, but it does not mean you are surely expecting a boy or girl.

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What Water Temperature should be Avoided During Pregnancy?

First, taking a lot of water during pregnancy is good for you and the baby. It is recommended that a pregnant woman should take six to eight glasses of water a day. It has several benefits like increasing your energy, keeping you cool, promoting blood circulation, lubricating your joints, and many more.

This makes drinking water very essential, and you do not have to get thirsty before doing so. You can simply go around with a bottle of water to stay hydrated the whole day.

While drinking a lot of water can make you feel like peeing every time, it is healthy for you. It makes your urine clear, which is a sign of good health. This is because water helps to process toxins and flush them away from the body.

But since taking a lot of water is good, what water temperature should be avoided during pregnancy? This is one question most pregnant women want answered. They just want to keep the baby safe and that is thoughtful. While a cool glass of water is good to quench that thirst, you should avoid a really cold (ice-cold) one.

Also, while having a hot, steaming cup of tea in cold weather can be quite warming, it should be avoided. This is because both ice-cold water and hot water can be a shock to the body system. Some women might even get stomach pain from those two extreme water temperatures. You sure do not want to add to the body reactions that come with pregnancy. So, you should go for a more suitable option.


What Water Temperature is Good During Pregnancy?

Since you will need to take a lot of water, what water temperature is good during pregnancy? We understand the temptation to want to grab an iced bottle of water and just gulp it down.

What is that feeling when you sip a hot coffee in cold weather? Amazing, right? While all of this sound perfect, can you delay till you deliver? You can always have as much ice and steamy tea when you are all by yourself. But for the sake of yourself and the little angel, stick to warm or cool water for now.

Instead of taking iced water, why not leave it to dissolve and increase in temperature a little bit? This can save you from having to feel more nauseated than you can be due to the pregnancy. Likewise, can you resist that hot, steaming cup of coffee for now and go for something warm?

All of this is not to deny you of enjoying yourself, but you are only making healthy decisions for yourself and the baby. After the pregnancy, you can feel very well and enjoy them as you want.

Apart from avoiding very hot and very cold water, another thing you should stay away from is soda drinks. This is not only for pregnant mothers and should be avoided even before and after the pregnancy. Instead, take fruit juices, fruits that are rich in water to keep you hydrated.

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Why do Babies Move When you Drink Cold Water?

Most pregnant women cherish the times their babies kick or move. This can be quite interesting and they are special mother-child moments. Babies’ movement can begin from five months and is a sign that the baby is okay in there.

Sometimes when some mothers want to see their babies kick more or they feel it is not kicking as much as they should, they drink cold water. They believe the cold water stimulates the baby’s movement. While this may seem to work, the truth is that drinking cold water has no direct effect on the baby’s movement.

What happens usually, is that the intake of cold water lowers the internal temperature of the mother’s body. So, when the belly is cold, the baby tends to move away from it. But this may not happen every time and is not a sure way of making the baby move. Mothers should therefore be careful about taking too cold water in a bid to make the baby move.

Sometimes when kick counts are needed by medical professionals, they can recommend taking sugary foods to stimulate the baby. That said, whenever you, the expecting mother feel like your baby is too still in there, what you should do is contact your doctor. Avoid random efforts and banking on old wives’ tales just to make your baby move. This will ensure that the baby is safe and that you are doing the right thing.

Some other signs of good health and growth in your baby include the foetal heartbeat as tested by your doctor, and your weight gain.


Conclusion on: Can Babies Feel Cold Water in The Womb?

There is no harm in taking a glass of cold water during pregnancy and it does not affect your baby in any way. Just ensure that it is not extremely cold or iced. Likewise, take warm tea or coffee instead of a very hot one. This will help reduce the shock you and your baby are exposed to.

In a case where you are advised by a gynae to take cold or ice-cold water for some tests, then do not hesitate. Only be sure that you are following the right medical instruction. Also remember, craving cold water does detect the sex of your baby in any way.