15 Virtual Baby Shower Games to Play With Your Guest

The arrival of a baby is a new start and a joyful beginning, thus here is everything you need to know about virtual baby shower games and the entire virtual shower planning.

Baby shower practices started as a culture that celebrates women and their transition to motherhood. These days, it’s about the entire family, and not just the mother only.

Planning a baby shower can be tasking. The party can get boring if the day’s activity is not planned. This could leave the family feeling left out. In this article, you would learn all you need to know about planning virtual baby shower games as well as interesting activities to pick from and spice up the day.


How to Plan a Virtual Baby Shower

Lots of families now organize virtual baby showers instead of traditional ones. The flexibility of virtual showers has been the main reason for this. Also, Covid regulations around the world are big travel barrier. Friends and family who live far away would likely miss the celebration if parents go by the traditional style.

Virtual baby showers have it’s downsides too. The connection gap often surfaces at some point during the event. Many people recommend creating a program menu to guide the occasion. While this is important, there are other things to consider before drafting a menu.

1. Speak With The Parents

 Sometimes parents outsource the responsibility of planning the baby shower to an event planner. Where this is not the case, the parents should sit and have deep conversations about their expectations of the day. This ensures the satisfaction of both parents.

As an event planner, meet with each parent individually and then together. Understand each parent’s concerns. If the desires are conflicting, help them find a middle ground. From here, you would be clear about what they want for the party.

2. Fix the Date, Time, and Venue

The party may be virtual, but you still need a venue. Popular choices are Zoom, Google meet, Duo and Skype. There are other services focused mainly on hosting baby showers. Whichever platform you choose to go with, test it out before the day. Eliminate issues that could lead to a glitch or disruption of the event.

As for the date and time, the hosts should provide that.

3. Design The Invitation

There are many apps that can be used to design virtual cards. You can design this yourself after watching a couple of tutorial videos or hire a professional graphic designer. The important thing is having a beautiful card that clearly shows the date, time, link to the meeting as well as people to reach out to if need be.

4. Prepare The Host’s Room

Virtual baby showers do not require large spaces, but a small room in the host’s apartment can be decorated with balloons, toys, and pictures of babies. This helps set the feel of the party and closes possible gaps in connection.

Another way to improve the party’s appeal is using a colored background for the meeting. Zoom and other meeting apps have features that allow you to redesign the background of your meeting’s interface.

5. Create a Menu

The menu can be sent along with the invite a day to the event or on the day of the event. The menu prepares your guest’s mind for the occasion, especially when interesting events are included. The host should come up with programs for the menu.  Activities for the shower can include speeches from the host and guests, virtual baby shower games, comedy, poetry readings, and so on.

6. Virtual Baby Shower Games and Prizes

Games encourage your guests to actively participate in the shower’s event. When prizes are added, it awakens their competitive spirit and makes the function interesting.

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15 Virtual Baby Shower Games to Play With Your Guest

Baby shower games must match the temperaments of the host and sustain their interest. You don’t have to rack your brain to come up with a game. Below is a list of 15 baby shower games you can choose from and play virtually with the attending guests.

1. Taboo Word

The host or event planner comes up with a popular word that guests are likely to use. The rule is to avoid saying the word and whoever sticks to the rule wins. A timeframe can be set for how long this particular game would last.

2. Mime

Parents can think of words or phrases that relate to babies and baby care. Create a list, at least three, and pick someone from your guest to do the acting. The person tries to convey the word without speaking by using gestures and body movements while the audience tries to guess the word.

3. Who Could This Be?

In this game, the host reaches out to their guests and asks them to forward their baby pictures. It would be more fun if the hosts can dig up rare photos of their guests without them knowing. If this is impossible, the first approach is fine.

During the event, each baby photo is displayed and the audience must guess who it is. A certain number of points is allocated to whoever gets it right.

4. What Is In The Wrap?

Extended family members, friends, and well-wishers tend to send their gifts months before the baby’s delivery date. So, by now, you may have lots of gifts piled in some corner of your home. Pick out a few of them for the event.

One of the parents would hold out the gift then the audience tries to predict what is wrapped in the gift. The gift is then unwrapped to check its content. Whoever guesses right scores a point.

To make it easier for the audience, you can tell them who it’s from. This increases their chances of getting a correct guess. Remember, if everyone gets it wrong repeatedly, the game would be boring.

5. How Much Does It Cost?

Asides from having your audience guess what gift was received, you can ask them to guess the cost. Although, some people may be uncomfortable with this.

Alternatively, you can show them items you got for your baby and ask them to guess the price. This would test how current they are when it comes to baby shopping and it can be lots of fun.

6. What Rhyme/Song Is It?

Try to get instrumentals from old and current songs or rhymes. Play it during the event. Pick songs that were very popular and enjoyed by many. After playing the instrumental for a while, pause it and allow your guests to guess the name of the song as well as the singer.

7. Pick a Name

The process of selecting a baby’s name is a beautiful one for most parents. Many cannot wait to tell the world their baby’s name. However, in some cases, parents have trouble picking a name for their baby and may need input from others.

If the first scenario is you, write out the correct name on a piece of paper and fold it. Write out extra names and do the same. Use different colors and spread them on a table with a number attached to each piece. Ask your audience to pick the paper that contains the baby’s name.  Open the wraps afterward and announce the correct name.

For parents having trouble with picking a name, ask each guest to suggest a baby name. Give everyone a number. As each takes turns, tell them to suggest names that start with a particular later. Keep the game going. At some point, people would run out of names. The last man standing wins.

8. Little Baby and Mama

Get photos of little animals. Tell your guests to guess the name of the animal and the name of its mother. This game can be very exciting.

9. What’s the Baby’s Gender

As the last trimester draws to a close, it becomes easy to ascertain the baby’s gender. If you already know your baby’s gender, you can make it a game.

Inform your audience about your choice to check your baby’s gender. Ask them to guess what they think is the gender of your baby. The guess that matches the ultrasound result wins.

You can still play this game without knowing your baby’s gender. Your audience can write out the gender they suspect. After delivery, the winner is rewarded.

10. Who Would The Baby Look Like?

 No one knows what your baby would look like after birth but people like to guess. Leverage this and create a game out of it.

Design a rewarding prize and ask your audience to predict who they feel the baby would look like. Tell them to give their reasons too.

During the baby’s naming ceremony, the person with the correct guess would be awarded the package.

11. Predict The Due Date

The popular belief is babies are born exactly nine months after conception. But this is not always true. Many babies arrive our world from the third to fourth week of the ninth month. This can play out to be a game too.

Give your audience all the details about your baby. From the day you found out you were pregnant to the day the test reads, expected due date, baby’s movement style in the womb, and all.

Everyone gets to predict the day your baby would arrive in the world, then wait to decide whose prediction was right.

12. Fill The Story

Pregnancy is challenging, no doubt, but there are lots of light moments too. You or your partner can write out the story of the journey so far. Simply narrate what has happened since the first trimester. Then one of you gets to act each line out.

You could take lessons about mimes. Each line of the story would be narrated with lines, and your guests try to articulate what you are trying to say. Do this till the end of the story. Try to summarize the narrative so the story doesn’t last too long.

13. Which Box Is It?

Get three boxes and two baby items. Hide the items in any of the three boxes and shuffle them while your guests are watching. After shuffling it, ask them to select the box without an item. You could repeat this a couple of times before going to another game or activity.

14. Alternative Baby Foods

Games that test your guest’s knowledge about babies are mentally stimulating. Ask them questions about alternative baby foods and what age such alternatives would be appropriate.

You can also create a list of popular baby meals then ask them to guess the age such meals can be given to the baby.

15. Immunization Schedule

This game is similar to the above. You could start by asking each member to list three vaccines that must be administered to the baby. To make it more exciting, pair two members together. One person names a vaccine and the other tells the age the vaccine is given. If they are correct, a random person from the audience is selected to explain why the vaccine is given and the dosage. The baton can be passed repeatedly until someone explains it correctly then the pair can continue.


How Many Games Should You Play At A Virtual Shower?

The number of games that can be played at a virtual baby shower will greatly depend on how long the event will last. Traditional baby showers last a couple of hours, at most, four to five hours. Virtual baby showers tend to be shorter. So we would be looking at three to four hours maximum.

The other activities set for the day would also affect the time left for games. However, all the programs should be balanced so your guests don’t get bored.

The highest number of games that can be played at a regular baby shower is three. And these three games are most likely short games.

Anything that exceeds this may become too much. Games consume time and you have to be wary of your guest’s time. Many would have other things to attend to, so the short time you have should be spent well.

Ensure your guests enjoy the time you all spend together, and have a great time too.