Spanish Apps for Kids – What is the Best App for Kids to Learn Spanish

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the US and the official language of 21 countries, and so a lot of parents want to know Spanish apps for kids to learn Spanish language. Kids learning Spanish not only enriches them culturally but also enhances cognitive skills and brain development. They will find it easy to communicate when they travel to areas like Latin America and Spain where Spanish is widely spoken. It also gives them academic advantages.

Are there apps where kids can learn Spanish? Of course, there are plenty of fun and engaging Spanish apps for kids to learn Spanish. They make use of games and quizzes in teaching this language. Let’s look at the top 12 Spanish app for kids that made it to the list.


Top 12 Spanish Apps For Kids

1. Duolingo For Kids

Duolingo for kids is an interactive language learning app designed for children. It teaches the language through games and other fun activities giving children an engaging experience. In addition to several other languages, it offers tailored Spanish lessons that suit the vocabulary and pronunciation of learners through games and challenges.

It has an intuitive design that makes navigation easy for young users. The curriculum covers essential language skills and offers a well-rounded understanding of Spanish. The myriad of exercises, games and voice recognition feature helps to enhance both the writing and speaking proficiency of kids.

Regular updates are made to the app and fresh content is continuously added to keep children interested.

2. Canticos World

Canticos World is a bilingual learning app that helps kids learn Spanish via interactive and educational content. It was developed by Encantos Media Studios and features a range of animated nursery rhymes and games making learning of the language more of play.

Each rhyme comes with vibrant visuals and makes vocabulary retention easier. The app combines cultural elements and exposes children to diverse traditions and customs. The app also has a friendly interface so kids can use the app with little to no guidance.

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3. LingoKids

The third in our list of Spanish Apps for Kids is LingoKids, it polishes kids’ proficiency in Spanish with interactive and engaging activities. It caters to the learning needs of children between the ages of 2 and 8. Its lessons are tailored to the child’s age and language level and its play based approach makes learning fun.

There are plenty of games, songs and videos that kids can play and learn from. The app makes use of a curriculum developed by language experts so it’s not just fun and games but well calculated strategic activities. The education provided is comprehensive and tailored for the age groups.

The app’s content covers vocabulary, phonics, and grammar lessons, making it a very valuable educational tool. There are also features that allow parents to track their child’s progress through the app and access detailed reports.

4. Pocoyo PlaySet

Pocoyo PlaySet offers an immersive and vibrant learning experience for kids looking to develop and polish their Spanish speaking skills. It features beautiful characters like Pocoyo and other interactive activities.

It was developed by Zinkia Entertainment and caters to preschoolers. It offers a fine blend of educational games and entertaining content.

Children can engage with Pocoyo and his friends in several kinds of scenarios and promote their language skills through puzzles, games, and storytelling sessions all of which are presented in Spanish.

The app has a special focus on foundational concepts like numbers, colors, and simple vocabulary ensuring the learning journey is comprehensive.

The interface is simple with plenty of colorful visuals that will captivate young learners. The playset is a fine resource for early language development in a manner that kids can relate to.

5. Monki Home

Monki Home was developed by Monkimun. It is an app for preschoolers. It has a cool interface with interactive games and a range of subjects aimed at developing kids’ cognitive skills.

It is built with a curriculum that aligns with early childhood development principles and as such, its content is tailored for optimal learning.

Language is taught with a focus on basic concepts like numbers, colours, and shapes. With Monki Home, learning is a wonderful adventure for preschoolers.

6. Homer

Homer: Kids Learn To Read App is an educational tool built for the cultivation of early literacy skills in children. It focuses on Spanish speaking learners and takes an adaptive path to learning offering personalized content based on the child’s progress. It comes with a comprehensive Spanish library and interactive stories that foster language comprehension through engaging narratives.

It also has phonics-based activities that promote reading and pronunciation proficiency. The different characters create a culturally rich learning experience. And the lessons are imbedded strategically in the activities as the curriculum was created by literacy experts.

7. Sago Mini World

Sago Mini World is another Spanish educational app that caters to toddlers and teaches Spanish through interactive play and creative works. The app was developed by Sago Mini, a famous children’s app developer.

It playfully introduces kids to the Spanish language in ways that are memorable and easy to understand. The intuitive interface as well as its graphics captures users and immerses their minds in the activities in ways that promote cognitive skills.

Sago Mini World offers plenty of games, puzzles, and imaginary scenarios that ensure the learning experience is holistic. It can be adapted and tailored to individual progress making room for personalized challenges.

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8. PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games offers a slightly different approach to learning. Children get to surf through a rich collection of educational games and videos on the app.

The app makes learning entertaining, featuring lovely characters from PBS shows. The wide range of activities are aimed at enhancing children’s vocabulary, comprehension, and language skills.

All of the games align with educational standards giving the game a structured learning path. Parents get more control with this app as they can regulate the content following the child-friendly content guidelines while adapting the challenges to suit their progress stage.

It also has cultural elements exposing children to different Spanish contexts while cultivating a love for exploration and curiosity.

9. KidloLand

KidloLand offers a comprehensive suite of educational content for children. With this app, the learning experience is nothing short of dynamic. It is popular for its engaging nursery rhymes and seamless integration with Spanish language elements. Most importantly, this concepts are relayed through games and activities.

This learning approach stimulates early cognitive development and the visuals and catchy tunes further enhance language retention. Unlike traditional vocabulary lessons, this app fuses cultural aspects of Spanish with the lessons making a cool introduction to Spanish traditions and customs.

Easy navigation for kids is guaranteed as the interface is children friendly. The regular updates for the content also sustains children’s interest in the activities.

10. BabyTV Espanol

BabyTV Espanol was designed to teach toddlers Spanish. It offers animated stories, engaging songs, and interactive games which makes it suitable for young Spanish language learners.

The content on the app are carefully curated ensuring they are age-appropriate and tailored to the needs of the targets. The visuals are lively with fun characters that draw children’s attention.

Parents can have their minds at rest knowing that their children would not be exposed to inappropriate ads thanks to the app’s ad-free nature. The content is also in line with developmental milestones further aiding cognitive and linguistic skill enhancement.

There’s a consistent batch of fresh content to keep it relevant and maintain the excitement.

11. Peekaboo Kids

Peekaboo kids offers a mesmerizing interface and personalized educational content. It was built for early learners and uses games and puzzles to retain children’s attention and facilitate language learning.

It promotes hands-on practice with an intuitive interface and colorful, clear to read visuals. Spanish vocabulary is introduced through themed activities in a way that learning is comprehensive.

The system is also very adaptable adjusting the difficulty levels of the challenges based on the child’s progress. It also has audio cues and pronunciation guides that aid proper language enunciation. The puzzles and memory games in addition to teaching languages skills also nurtures cognitive abilities.

12. Bob the Train

Bob the Train caters to a wider age range. It was developed to be both educational and entertaining. The app comes with animated videos, songs, and interactive activities to keep kids interested in learning the Spanish language.

Bob is the cheerful train character that guides children on a journey of independent exploration of the Spanish language. It has a focus on concepts like numbers, colors and Spanish vocabulary.

Bob the Train has plenty of catchy tunes making the learning experience enjoyable and creating a positive correlation with the language being learnt.

The wide library of content ranging from sing-along songs to games and more makes it a highly entertaining tool hence its efficacy for introducing Spanish to young learners.


Learning Spanish is a rewarding venture. While the traditional language learning approaches are more common, Spanish apps for kids are also helpful. They address both verbal and written proficiency of the language and the combination of play and language lessons makes it a suitable option for kids.

The different apps available have different strengths and slightly different learning approaches. Assess the strengths of your child and choose an app that’s most compatible with their needs.