Top 15 Technology Projects For Kids

Are you looking for technology Projects to engage your kids in? You’re in the right place. This article will be looking at what a technology project is, how to create a technology project as well as top 15 technology projects for kids that you can choose from.


What Is an Example of a Technology Projects for Kids?

A technology project is one that makes use of technology or technological tools to create enjoyable experiences for kids. These projects often become avenues for kids to learn about important concepts like engineering, finance, business, and more.


How Do You Create a Tech Project?

Going the DIY route can also be a great way to get technology projects for your kids but you must beware that this requires structure and creativity.

Start by knowing or identifying the goals or objectives and the skills you wish for your children to learn. Pick a platform to go with. Design tailored activities that align with your learning goals.

Be sure to provide instructions and clear guidance on how to navigate chosen problems. Offer your kids the needed support as they approach problem solving in these areas.

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Top 15 Technology Projects For Kids

Now let’s look at the carefully selected top 15 technology projects for kids.

1. Makedo Toolkit

The Makedo toolkit involves the use of cardboards to build imaginative, inspiring, and creative play activities for kids. It gives kids the tools they need to build castles, houses, robots and more.

It also fosters innovative thinking in children as they learn new concepts in an eco-friendly environment. This builds their confidence too as they get to see how they can make extraordinary things out of ordinary materials.

As a parent, this is an easy way to teach them the value of recycling as they create happy, long-lasting experiences.


2. Edison Robots

Edison robots are affordable and they can teach your kids valuable lessons about robotics and programming. These robots are compact tools with versatility ensuring your kids’ coding experiences are not just educative but fun and engaging.

It can help lay the foundation for a path in robotics as they get to explore and experiment in the tech world. Consider this option if you wants your kids to get hands on, practical knowledge of robotics.


3. Osmo – Genius Starter Kit

This kit combines physical and digital activity in a balanced way helping to enhance math and critical thinking skills in children.

It bridges the gap between real events and virtual reality making it a fun way of learning for children. There is a range of activities that the kit comes with so you can schedule activities or pick the best ones out with your children.


4. Robo Wunderkind

Robo Wunderkind is designed to introduce young people to the world of robotics. Its activities involve the building and coding of robots.

It comes as a modular kit, equipped with different sensors and actuators encouraging hands on exploration of coding and engineering concepts.

This project or activity is great for kids and it lays the groundwork for a path in any STEM field of interest. It makes learning interactive and stimulates curiosity in kids.

It is a wonderful way to empower your kids and help them see that the complex world of robotics can be enjoyable.


5. KIBO Robot Kit

The KIBO Robot kit is also designed to teach young children coding but takes a unique approach. It comes as a screen-free kits made with wooden blocks.

This is a good option for parents looking for no screen technology projects for their kids. KIBO teaches the principles of coding and the logic involved in a very playful way.

It also merges physical and digital tools and offers a very accessible option of learning for kids. The play centered design and interactive interface makes it a great tool for early childhood education and a good technology project for kids.


6. Makey Makey

Makey makey takes everyday objects and makes interactive touchpads out of them making it a good tool for exploring concepts like basic circuitry. It brings technology and creativity side by side and fosters innovation in children by using readily available objects to create wonder.

Though it focuses on electronics, children can still host many skills with this tool. It’s user friendly design gives it an acceptability edge among children.


7. Ozobot Classroom Kit

Ozobot’s classroom has a line of robots that are designed to respond to color-coded programming. In classrooms, this tool serves as an alternative to teaching coding. The way the programs are designed also promotes teamwork and problem-solving.

This kit prepares children for the problems of the digital age and offers hand on approach to learning. It’s interactive and programmable features allows children to learn coding in a convenient and group focused environment.

In addition to lessons on coding, the kit teaches coding skills and promotes critical thinking which is a much needed skill in today’s technology driven world.


8. Raspberry Pi Projects

Raspberry Pi is the perfect option for exposure to tech. It is small and affordable allowing kids to build gadgets, learn languages like Python and experiment with hardware.

It also fosters creativity as the platform provides room for practice where kids can make their ideas real and build tangible projects. Projects that kids can build with this range from gaming consoles to home automation systems.

Raspberry Pi teaches kids about areas like coding, electronics and more while preparing them for the future.


9. littleBits

This is a modular electronics kit that transforms learning about things like circuits that are often considered boring into interactive, fun experiences.

With these components, kids can easily build and design different electronic projects, and experiment things practically.

It is a versatile kit that promotes creativity and logical thinking enabling children to explore the basics of electronics with simplicity.

With this kit, kids can work on projects like creating light sensitive alarms or a music playing gadget.


10. Sphero SPRK+

Sphero SPRK+ is a programmable robotic ball that allows kids to play and have fun while coding. This can help build important soft skills like critical thinking and problem solving.

It is a transparent shell that walks kids through the inner workings of a robot offering insights on how robotics and programming work together.

This robotic ball is a good tool for introducing kids to robotics and coding and they can learn in an interactive environment and invest their energy in profitable projects.


11. Cubetto

Cubetto is a screenless coding toy. It serves as an introduction to basic programming and the use of programming language for children.

This toy is a wooden robot that is designed to guarantee a playful experience for kids. With this robot, kids can learn about coding through spatial reasoning and problem solving.

Cubetto will make coding look like an adventure for your kids. It’s screen free design is important for parents who are trying to minimize their children’s screen time while still ensuring they are learning.

It is a great option for preschoolers and kindergarteners.


12. Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits is an electronic kit made for kids and it comes with over 100 electronic projects that kids can explore.

This tool teaches circuits, motors, and sensors in a fun way. The components are easy to put together and kids can design things like doorbells, light controlled fans or even a radio.

It is a good way to lay foundation for future learning in STEM fields. Snap Circuits offers a structured learning environment for experimentation. It will be a great choice for kids who are already showing interests in engineering.


13. Piper Computer Kit


With the Piper Computer Kit, your kids can build their own computer and learn to code through creative challenges and projects. The components available allow kids to work on a variety of projects and all they have to do is assemble hardwares.

It introduces kids to coding while offering basic understanding of how computer works. The Kit’s Minecraft integration gives it a playful view and offers kids a clear picture of the results of their coding works.

This kit fosters creation and problem solving and prepares kids for areas in technology and innovation.


14. Google CS First

Google CS First is a program that opens kids to coding through themed projects. It enables them to create things like animations, games and interactive stories.

It has a user friendly interface and offers step by step tutorials on a variety of coding concepts. The programs touches on a range of topics like storytelling, game design, as well as coding.

This program focuses on teaching the value of creativity and collaboration while exposing kids to coding and computer science.


15. CodeCombat

CodeCombat is another learning platform that turns coding into an engaging activity, more like a game. It teaches kids valuable programming languages like Python and JavaScript in a fantasy based world.

CodeCombat offers a dynamic and interactive learning environment, making it possible for kids to apply coding concepts in real time. It also teaches important soft skills like problem solving and perseverance.

The engaging storyline and interesting challenges makes this program a valuable too for the cultivation of coding skills.


There you go. The different technology projects for kids that you can pick from to offer your children, quality play experiences. If you are finding it hard deciding the projects to go with, feel free to try out the different technology projects listed before making your choice.