Second Baby Gift Ideas – Baby Gift Ideas for Second Baby

Getting a gift for a second baby or having second baby gift ideas is quite a task because most parents already have most of the baby items that you might want to get for them and this leaves you thinking about what to do.

While the best option is to ask them directly what they need or would love to have, you can choose to bypass this option and go through another route which is playing a detective.

You do this by asking about their well-being and listening keenly to their response to know what exactly they need at that time. If this is difficult, you can choose to get something very random; a gift that doesn’t really relate to babies but is needed in a home. That always works!

But if you really want to get a baby item, here is a list of items you might want to go with. This list includes some of the things that are must-haves for every newborn.


Second Baby Gift Ideas

They include items that parents cannot do without. They are:

1. A double stroller

The first in our list of second baby gift ideas is double stroller. I know what might be going through your mind now. The second time mom might have one already but I bet it isn’t a double stroller. Every second-time mom will value a double stroller because it helps them achieve two goals at the same time.

The double stroller is built to accommodate the second baby and the toddler and that’s a relief for second-time moms as they won’t need to push the stroller with one hand while holding the first baby with the other hand, that’s stressful you know.

2. Baby clothing

No matter the quantity of cloth a parent bought for their first child, there will always be a need for more when the second baby arrives. It’s never too much as babies change wears more times in a day than adults.

But you might want to ask the baby’s gender before shopping to avoid mistakes or if you don’t want to go through that stress, you can go for unisex wear such as baby suits.

3. Diapers

This is another essential item that can’t be overlooked. Babies change diapers multiple times a day and those that don’t use cloth diapers, spend a lot on diapers. Getting a diaper gift for the baby will be cherished by both parents.

Since the baby is newly born, it’s advised that you go with the smallest size of diapers, and if it’s months after delivery, you can ask the parent for the size to buy.

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4. Baby toiletries

This is a must-have as well. Obviously, the parents will get a set of toiletries for the baby but these items aren’t inexhaustible. This means that you still have the chance of getting a set of baby toiletries.

The set should include a baby body wash of soap tablets, baby powder, baby oil, baby body and hair cream, and baby perfume.

5. Baby and toddler play mat

One of the second baby gift ideas in our list is baby and toddler play mat. Right now, they no longer have just a child but two children and there are definitely going to be playtimes for the toddler and the baby. The baby and toddler play mat will serve that purpose.

Although, there won’t be the need for it immediately after delivery but from 3 months and above, the need for it will arise. And so, there’s no harm in gifting it to them. They will appreciate it more if it’s customized.

6. Baby and toddler matching outfit

No parent will say no to this gift. The job that comes with having a second child who will be a sibling to the first child is overwhelming, and most parents will want the children to be bonded by love. Gifting them a matching outfit will mean helping them to bond as siblings and they will appreciate that.

7. Customized blanket

Most parents might want to use the old blanket but it isn’t wrong gifting them a new and fresh customized blanket for the second baby. It will help them enjoy the feeling more. You can get a beautiful and trending baby blanket and get it customized. It will be appreciated.

8. Babysitting help

This is among the best if not the very best gift you can give to a second-time mom. Everything increases in the home once the second child arrives; the level of chores and financial demands are inclusive.

Moms will need an extra hand who will babysit the toddler and take care of chores while they take care of the newborn. Moms that work from home will cherish someone who will also take care of the baby while they work to earn more for the family.

9. Gift card

This works well if you don’t want to risk getting them what they already have in large quantities. They don’t receive gifts from just one person and so there’s a possibility that the gifts you have in mind have been made very much available for them. To make the task simple, you can go for gift cards. You can customize it as well to make it look unique.

10. Baby wipes

Apart from baby diapers, baby wipes is another item on the list that second-time mom won’t mind having in a very large quantity because of how often it is used. If you want to go with this, ensure you get quality ones from verified brands as some companies manufacture theirs with ingredients that might be harmful to the newborn’s skin.

11. Baby Carrier 

Aha! It’s called mommy extra hands. Most moms buy this for the first child but there’s a possibility that the old one will grow so weak to accommodate the newborn and so, she will cherish a newer and stronger one. It’s advised you buy an adjustable one that can be increased as the baby grow bigger.

12. Credit alert

No one says no to this. It’s very much acceptable to everyone. Since you really want to get them what they need and you’re not sure what exactly to buy. At the same time, you don’t want to get them a gift card, sending them money is a nice try. With the money, they might get the exact thing that they need which will bring your desire of getting them what they need into reality.

13. Baby diaper rash cream

Babies wear a diaper all the time and this brings rashes on their buttocks and other thigh areas. Gifting them a diaper rash cream is very acceptable as it will help to keep the baby’s skin in good condition. Try getting a very good one from a verified company and that will reduce the risk of having fake products.

14. Baby formulae

Well, this is also a very good gift, especially for mothers who don’t want to practice exclusive breastfeeding for their baby but on the other hand, you must ensure you are quite close with the parent to get this gift for their baby as most parents don’t fancy receiving consumables as gifts from mere acquaintances. You must inquire from the parent the name of the formulae they intend to feed their baby before buying.

15. Fresh towels

Everyone will gladly receive this as a gift. Every new baby deserves to be wrapped with new towels, second babies inclusive. It will be more enticing if you get a set of towels of different colors. If the baby is a girl, you can mix it with flower-designed towels. That always makes sense.

16. Meal delivery service

This is a superb option but mind you, if you aren’t in a very close relationship with the baby’s parent, please don’t go with this. It might not be really appreciated. This is a gift option for a close relative, friend, or close colleague. Second-time moms love this option a lot as they usually lack the time to carry out kitchen duties, especially when the baby newly arrived.

17. Family photoshoot

There’s an addition to the family and this means that every photo frame in the house must be changed and the new ones that will feature the newest baby will be installed. Paying for a family photo shoot will be much appreciated! It will also help them have a fun-filled family outing.

18. Parenting books

This is definitely one second baby gift ideas you can go for. Yeah, this isn’t their first time being a parent and so they must have been experienced with parenting. That might be your belief when you saw this gift option but it isn’t true. Probably, they already know a few tips on parenting but the possibility of them knowing how to help their children to cultivate sibling love is very tiny. If you get them a book that discusses that, they will value it even more than some of the gifts on the list.

19. Baby monitor

Don’t freak out. They also need it for this second baby. Most second-time moms seldom buy a new baby monitor because they feel the first one will do the job but they later find out that there’s also a need to monitor the toddler as well. Get a baby monitor for them, it will be very much appreciated.

20. Baby hangers

This might sound funny but it’s true. Many second-time moms always forget to get extra baby hangers for the new baby. It always skips their memory and they are going to get pretty happy when they receive the gift from you.


Other Baby Gift Ideas for Second Baby

21. Diaper changing pad

The good side of this diaper changing pad is that it helps to prevent fluid-like diaper rash cream from staining clothes and even the blanket. Parents usually buy it during the first birth but it’s possible that it might not be good and hygienic enough for the newborn skin. It’s super safe to buy another for them.

22. White noise machine

This is very important especially now that there’s a toddler in the house who is capable of making lots of noise preventing the newborn from having uninterrupted sleep during the day. This machine helps to ensure that the newborn enjoys sleep both in the morning and night despite the noise in the environment. It’s an excellent gift to give a second-time mom.

23. Baby pacifier

Among the many things that cannot be reused, pacifiers top the list. No sane mom will risk the life of her newborn by reusing pacifiers. This is because there’s a possibility that the old pacifiers are contaminated and sanitizing with hot water and other things might not do the job well. Get a quality and well-kept pacifier, they will love it.

24. Baby bottles/nipples

These also can not be reused. No matter the number of baby bottles and nipples the couple bought for the first child, they will still buy another set for the second baby to prevent infection. You can get a nice set of baby bottles and nipples.

25. A set of a baby comb

A fanciful set of baby comb makes a good gift as the old ones that the parent might have will not be very suitable. If this looks too cheap to you, you can add some other baby items to make it up, but giving just a cool set of quality baby combs isn’t a bad idea.

26. A tote bag

This will be of help to the mom. Gifting her a tote bag that will be big enough to carry the baby bottle, baby diaper, and other essentials will make her extremely happy. Get a quality one with an adjustable hand.

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27. Baby boots

This isn’t a bad idea, it makes it in our list second baby gift ideas. Getting a baby boot for the newborn is a good thing especially if the baby is a different gender from the first one. If this is the case, there’s a need for a total change as the older sibling boots may not be reused.

28. Baby bibs

Bibs are always in use and help moms a lot of time. There might be some already used bibs but the  addition won’t hurt. If she’s a girl, ensure the bibs come in multiple pink colors, most moms love to identify their babies via colors.
If you’ve been having a hard time deciding on what to buy for a second child, the list above will help you make a good and wise decision. Whatsoever one you choose, ensure you get good quality and most importantly, give it with love.