How To Satisfy Your Husband After Giving Birth

One major problem facing new parents is sex and intimacy, but don’t worry, we will tell you how to satisfy your husband after giving birth.

What most lovers who are yet to get married don’t know is that birth and parenthood will change the kind of sex they have, and even how often they have it. Thus, read this article to the end for everything you need to know about women and sex after child birth, as to know how to satisfy your man after you have given birth to a child.


How To Satisfy Your Husband After Giving Birth – All You Need to Know

Women loose interest in sex for 1 to 3 months after birth, and for some women, it is longer, and this is normal.

After birth, many factors affect a woman’s willingness to have sex with her husband, some of them are:

  • Less time, as she is now busy attending to the baby
  • Tiredness (the body is trying to recover from the 9 months’ ordeal and labor process)
  • Changes in hormone levels after birth can affect sex drive
  • Worries about contraception can also affect a woman’s appetite for sex

If the sex between you and your partner has reduced after childbirth, don’t worry, it’s not a problem, and it is normal for women to go through this phase after childbirth.

With time, (as a man), your woman will overcome it and everything will come back to normal. However, this can cause strain in some marriages. This is why we are letting you know it’s normal and that you should be patient.

We will also give you tips to help you sexually satisfy your husband after birth.


What Can I Do Sexually After Having A Baby?

After giving birth, you will feel like never having sex again but this feeling is temporal. Your body will heal and your sexual urge will return within 1 to 3 months, but it is longer for some women.

Also, medical practitioners advise new moms to wait for 4 to 6 weeks before having penetrative sex after giving birth. But instead of starving your spouse and being worried of him getting it elsewhere, you can try these tips that are outlined below to satisfy your husband after giving birth.

However, note that most of the tips outlined in this article will only benefit your partner. Keep reading to the end!


Reasons Why She Doesn’t Want Sex After A Baby

Below are some of the reasons why women may not want sex after having a baby:

1. Breastfeeding

It is normal for breastfeeding moms to have less interest in sex when they are breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding can cause vagina dryness and this can affect sexual urge in women. A way to go about this is to use a lubricant. Breastfeeding women also notice that their breast leak milk during sex, this can be discomforting to some.

You can try breastfeeding your baby or expressing before engaging in sex.

Also, some women notice sensual and sexual feelings when breastfeeding their babies. This is caused by hormonal changes, especially the high release of oxytocin which is involved in the release of milk and also sexual arousal.

This also is completely normal and not something to be scared of.

2. Time factor

New parents, especially moms are adjusting to a new family member. This means less sleep, endless changing of diaper, and a change in your regular routine.

3. Hormonal changes

Post-delivery hormonal changes may affect a woman’s sex life after giving birth. It makes the tissues of the vagina thinner and more sensitive. So your vagina, uterus, and cervix have to return to normal size.

Breastfeeding can also lower libido. When breastfeeding, the levels of estrogen drops to pre-pregnancy levels, and estrogen is the hormone responsible for lubricating the vagina. Low levels can cause vagina dryness.

Dry tissues can cause irritation and bleeding during sex and this can increase your risks of infection.

4. Healing time

A woman’s body will need time to heal after delivery, especially if she had a difficult birth or stiches. New moms will feel pain and discomfort during sex but it improves over time.

A way around this obstacle is to make use of estrogen creams or lubricants, they help in making sex more comfortable. Anxiety and muscle spasms can also cause discomfort during sex.

Another factor (under healing) why some new moms and their partners don’t find sex satisfying is because the muscles of the vagina are too loosed. This happens because they are stretched during birth.

But the muscles will gain tone again but you can hasten this healing process by engaging in pelvic floor exercises.

Women who undergo episiotomy (a surgical cut to make the vaginal canal wide) or perineal tear will have to wait longer because starting sex too soon can put you at risks of complications like uterine infection and postpartum hemorrhage.

Also, remember that a cesarean delivery can affect vaginal sensation. You will have to heal properly before resuming sex to avoid complications to the incision site.


How Soon Can You Have An Orgasm After Giving Birth

You can have an orgasm after having a new baby but the first time or the first few times, you may not.

The reason behind this, is that your body has changed so much and you need to know yourself again. It will take time to adjust, so be patient with the process. Don’t pressure yourself into orgasm, instead, enjoy the feeling of your new post-pregnancy body.


How To Satisfy My Husband After Giving birth

1. Give him a sensual massage

Giving your husband a sensual massage is both incredibly romantic and sensual. Even if you are still feeling a bit sore post pregnancy and birth and you don’t want to be touched, you can still give pleasure to your man by massaging him.

Grab a light massage oil, add a sultry scent, light some candles and invite your man into the bedroom for some relaxing fun. He will get excited and derive sexual pleasure from such acts.

2. Put your hands down his pants

If you can’t still have penetrative sex with your man and it is beginning to affect the relationship, you can fall back on this foreplay. A lot of couples forget about foreplay but this really helps in giving sexual satisfaction.

So get busy with your hands and surprise your man often by putting your hands straight down into his pants.

He will be turned on when you do this, and he will be glad that you want to pleasure him.

3. Bath together

You can have a bubble bath together with your partner and nothing sexual can happen. Bathing together deepens the intimate connection between couples.

You may be busy with breastfeeding and changing diapers, but if you can spare some times to do this, regardless of the time of the day, you will be satisfying your husband.

Bathing together will even make the both of you relaxed and deepen the intimate bond that you share.

So, run a bubble bath and get soapy with your love.

4. Give him head

A blow job is a perfect way to satisfy your husband after giving birth and he will definitely appreciate this kind act.

Oral sex is amazing and almost everyone enjoys it. So, if you can’t have penetrative sex with your husband yet, you can use your mouth to emulate the sensation of having sex for him.

It will be an incredible feeling for him since he hasn’t been inside you for a long time. To make this extra sexy for him, add a touch of surprise. Take him by surprise or wake him up in the morning by giving him head.

5. Kiss him passionately

Don’t overlook kissing and think that it is just a precursor to sex, it is more than that. Passionate kissing gets couples hot and aroused. Passionately kiss your husband very often.

So, when next you kiss your husband goodnight, deepen the kiss, gently push your tongue into his, and you can even grasp his face in your hands.

This kind of passionate kiss will make your husband feel satisfied and if he is begging for more, you can add number 2 or 4 mentioned above.

6. Watch erotica film or read erotica together

This is another great way for couples to bond on an intimate level when they can’t have sex. This will help you satisfy your husband after giving birth.

Get a selection of erotic online if you can’t pop to the bookstore. Both of you can watch together at night or you can read the erotica book to each other. There are also selection of erotic podcasts and even audiobooks that you can listen to instead of reading or watching.

7. Spend time together

You and your partner have to forget about your parent duties sometimes and just deliberately spend time together. Just take an hour and revisit the things you loved before you had the baby.

It could be one hour in the afternoon or in the night, just shed the parental titles and obligations and spend that whole time together.

You can even plan a different kind of date that you are not used to. This can stimulate your senses and that of your partner. This sounds sexy and it is one of the easiest ways to satisfy your husband after giving birth.

You can hire the service of a baby sitter or have a relation or trusted friend come watch your baby for you while you go out and have fun with your partner.

8. Talk dirty about your future plans

Even though you are not having sex right now, you can make your man satisfied by talking dirty to him. This will get him ready and excited for what is to come when your body has healed and you are ready to make love to him.

Talking dirty to him will get him excited and longing for your first sexual encounter after giving birth.

9. Try new sex positions

Changing sex positions from what you are used to can increase your sexual urge. Communicate your feelings to your partner and ask to try out new styles. Generally, women do well on top during post-partum months because with this position, they can control the speed and the depth of the penetration.

You have to try out sex positions with your spouse to find out the one that is more comfortable and best for you. Some sex positions that are good for post-partum women are given below:

  • Reverse cow girl: This position is good for new moms who are trying out sex for the first time after birth. Start on top. This is a great way to have clitoral access if you are comfortable straddling away from your partner on your knees. You can also control the depth and rhythm.
  • Frisky flip: If you are not comfortable staying on top, you can try flipping over and you lay flat on your stomach. This rear and low-energy entry position will make you relax into penetration without your husband going too deep or too hard, especially if you are going side by side.
  • Lazy sex: If you like spooning but you want to shake it up, try this position. Lay in an L-shape position with your husband, with you on your back and he on his side. This position gives room for minimal exertion and gives the both of you access to your clitoris.
  • Lip service: A.K.A. oral sex. This is another good option and you can lean back or lean on the headboard and you have nothing to worry about penetration.
  • Missionary: this tried and true position is a popular choice for new moms because it has extremely face-to-face positioning and clitoral rubbing that can help in normal penetration depth and even aid in orgasm.

Well, regardless of the position you choose, resuming sex gradually when you are ready is a great way to satisfy your husband and re-kindle the flame of love. It is even important to your sexual health and happiness as well as his. But remember to go at your pace.



We hope this article has answered your question: how to satisfy your husband after giving birth. The tips given in this post will keep the bond between you and your husband stronger.

If you have any other tips you would love to share with us and our readers, please let us know.