How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need for Baby?

Burp cloths are some of the most important pieces of clothing items you need for the day-to-day care of your baby. They are somewhat an essential piece of fabric needed for daily care for your baby – after their actual clothes of cause.

As times continue to change, many parents and caregivers are gradually substituting burp cloths with other pieces of fabric. This should not be the case with you because burp cloths are specially crafted for certain purposes.

In addition to that, they come in very handy and are always on your grandma’s must-have list for your baby’s care. This article gives you clear tips on the importance of burp cloths and clear instructions on how to use them effectively.


How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need for Baby?

As a general rule, you will need to have between 8 to 14 burp cloths for your baby. With this number, there is very little possibility that you have issues with running out of burp cloths during the day or night time.

Under normal circumstances, a newborn baby will feed between eight to twelve times daily. If you are like me, you will want to have a clean burp cloth for every feed. This does not only promote hygiene, it prevents any chances of your baby getting an infection through a dirty burp cloth.

Also, as you are already aware – or should be, a burp cloth is also used to wipe baby spit-ups. So, it is important that you change the burp cloth you use to clean their mouths to a clean one at intervals. A number between eight to fourteen burp cloths is what you need to aim for daily.


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What is a Burp Cloth?

Burp cloths are often mistaken for other pieces of fabric. But it is different and has their own peculiarities cum importance. They are specially designed pieces of clothing that are used for cleaning up a baby. You need to always clean up your baby after they spit up during a feed or when they burp.

When choosing a burp cloth for your baby, ensure that it is delicate and soft, so it doesn’t cause any form of irritation on the baby’s skin. Also, you need to make sure your burp cloths are clean at all times. I personally recommend that you heat them up in a warmer after washing to kill any germs that missed the wash. This is important because the burp goes in and around the baby’s mouth.


What Are Burp Cloths Used for?

I have noticed that different mothers usually have different types and pieces of fabric around them. They use these pieces of clothing fabrics to wipe their baby during feeds. But you need to know that if you are not using a burp cloth to wipe your baby’s spit, then you are using the wrong item.

A burp cloth is a specially made and crafted piece of fabric designed to clean up your baby feeding or after a burp. So, use the right item for the right use, and this is even more important when dealing with a baby.


Do I Really Need Burp Cloths – How Many Do I Need?

Yes, you really need burp cloths for your baby! It is somewhat impossible to know the exact number of spit-ups that your baby will have in a day. So, it is best to work with a range of about eight to fourteen clean burps daily.

When you are able to maintain a number within this range, you are sure to get yourself covered when it comes to having a clean burp cloth for your baby every time.

As I emphasized earlier, it is important to have a clean burb cloth available for use. This will reduce the chances of contaminating your baby – which is possible if you use a previously used burp cloth to wipe your baby’s mouth or nostrils.


How to Use Burp Cloths

Using a burp cloth is very easy and convenient for both the baby and the mother because it has been specially designed for that purpose.

The burb cloth can be used in different ways. As a parent or caregiver, you can spread the burp cloth over your shoulder to cover your upper body before burping your baby. When this is done, the burp cloth is able to absorb all the spit-ups from the baby.

Secondly, you can also use the burp cloth to wipe the face, mouth, and nose of your baby during feeding. This helps to clear out the excess feed coming out of your baby’s mouth or nose.

Learning to know how to use a burp cloth correctly is advisable. You should also have a clean piece handy at all times. Not only does it go a long way in helping you maintain tidiness, but it also helps to promote good hygiene – essential for you and the baby.


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What to Look Out For When Buying Burp Cloths

Many mothers and caregivers do not know what to look out for when buying burp cloths for their babies. If you fall into this category, you have no more cause for concern because we have highlighted all you need to know in this session.

Apart from the type of fabric, we need to be conscious of other pointers when buying burp cloths. These are some of the questions you should consider when buying baby burps. Especially for the first time.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Burp Cloths

1. Are the Baby Burp Cloths Friendly to the Skin?

The burp cloths will be in your baby’s mouth and around his or her face at all times. So, it needs to be skin-friendly and delicate. You do not want a piece of fabric that will be hash on your baby’s delicate skin or cause skin irritation.

2. What Type of Fabric Was Used to Make the Burp?

You need to be concerned about the material used to create the burp cloths. This will save you the stress of purchasing a bad one. These days, there are so many artificial fabrics and materials on the market, and most of them are not good for your baby.

You need to ensure that the fabrics used for your baby burp are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. This will save you a lot of panic and cost in the treatment of skin irritations and allergies.

3. The Absorbent Nature of the Fabric

Since the burp cloths are primarily used to clean and wipe, you must choose a fabric that is absorbent. Trust me when I say that a burp cloth that is not able to absorb is worthless and will cause even more mess on the baby and around the home.

So, ensure that you choose only burp cloths made out of fabrics that can easily absorb moisture and hold it up.

4. The Brand of the Baby Burp Cloths

It is important that you note that when I refer to the brand of burp cloths, I do not mean you should consider the more expensive ones. I always tell parents and caregivers that the most expensive items are not often the best.

When you are looking out for a brand, try to go with trusted brands. Look out for brands that uphold high values, standards, and quality. The health and comfort of your baby are at stake here.

5. How Does the Fabric Respond to Washes?

One thing that is closely associated with burp cloths is laundry. If used, you will need to wash your burp cloths daily – sometimes more than once.

So, you need to confirm how the fabric material responds to multiple washing process to determine its durability and safety for use.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Question 1: Are Baby Burp Cloths Necessary?

Answer: Yes, baby burp cloths are very important and should be with you at all times. As a nursing mother or caregiver, you should have burp cloths around you to wipe your baby’s spit ups and clean their nose after they sneeze.

Question 2: How Long Do Babies Need burp Cloths?

Answer: A baby would need baby burp cloths for about six to nine months of age. These are the times when the parent or caregiver needs to be very conscious of the baby’s spit-ups and clogged nostrils.

Within this period, you should ensure that you have several clean baby burp cloths handy at all times.

Question 3: How Often Should You Change Burp Cloths?

Answer: You need to take this into careful consideration. Under no circumstances should you reuse your baby burp cloths. Ensure that you discontinue use and wash your baby’s burp cloths after each use.

Make sure not to keep a used burp cloth for too long. In order not to risk the growth of bacteria which is dangerous to the health of your baby. After you wipe your baby’s vomit or spit-ups, wash the burp cloths as quickly as possible. This doesn’t only make it available for another use. It also keeps it clean and hygienic.

Question 4: Do You Need Burp Cloths if You Have Bibs?

Answer: I get asked this question all the time. The answer is yes! A burp cloth is different from a bib. You can use a burp cloth as a bib, but not vice versa. So, you need both.