Coding Kits For Kids – 9 Best Coding Kits For Kids

Parents are often advised to raise children not for the current times only, but for the times in which they will become adults. Our world is being driven really fast by technology and introducing children to important aspects of technology like coding and coding kits for kids is a smart parenting move!

A good way to introduce children to coding is to get them coding kits. They would not just learn coding concepts but also come to appreciate things like problem-solving and nurture their creativity.

Coding kits for kids are engaging practical tools that help children learn programming languages like a playful adventure. These kits have super friendly interfaces and detailed guides that makes complex coding concepts enjoyable tasks.


What Is Coding Kits For Kids?

A coding kit for kids is an engaging and educational tool designed to expose children to programming in an even paced way. The kits could be hardware, software, or a combination of both and instruction materials that guide children on coding concepts.

Some coding kits come with a microcontroller that functions like a canvas enabling young learners to bring their creations to life. The software often has a user-friendly interface that allows kids to experience with ease through visual coding blocks and building blocks.

A good example of a coding kit is Scratch which allows children to gain an understanding of how coding works through a block based programming language where kids drag and drop code snippets.

These kits most times have various sensors, LEDs, and other electronic components that can be connected to the main device to make experimentation easier to carry out.

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Top 9 Coding Kits For Kids


1. LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3

LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 may have the appeal of a toy but it’s more than that. It exposes children to interesting educational experiences where LEGO bricks are combined with cutting edge robotics and coding.

By playing and manipulating the coding kit, kids gain an understanding of coding and can do simple tasks like build robots and other tangible projects with the aid of LEGO elements.

Though a fun tool, it was designed mainly for education. The programmable bricks, motors, sensors and other building elements help make the learning process fun. The software being visually intuitive also eliminates the learning curve that comes with similar softwares.

Also working with the LEGO sets requires collaboration and a problem solving approach. This makes the educational experience a wholesome one, fostering creativity and critical thinking while laying the bed for further exploits in technology.

2. Osmo – Coding Starter Kit

This kit is meant for iPads and it’s intended to teach children the basics or fundamentals of coding in a playful and interactive way. Its comprises of physical coding blocks and a connected gadget, an iPad which moves the terrain from a solely learning experience to more of an adventure.

The activities center on practical work giving kids the thrill that comes with working with their hands while trying out the different coding principles and the games or challenges available.

Osmo’s design gives room for a seamless transition from the real world to the digital while promoting creativity and problem solving.

Parents looking for kits that will nurture their kids cognitive skills will appreciate this choice. There’s a special kind of excitement and satisfaction kids get when they build things from their iPad. It’s a good way to get them to channel their energy to something more productive while still having fun.

3. Sphero

Sphere SPRK+ is one special coding kit that also does a great job blending learning and play. It offers an interactive platform where young learners can practically carry out simple tasks and grow their knowledge of programming simultaneously.

It makes use of a block based programming language that makes coding concepts easy to understand. It integrates STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) concepts into the learning experience even though the core is providing a background understanding of coding and robotics.

Durability is another appealing feature. It is also waterproof promoting the idea that learning does not have to be confined to the classroom. Kids can take this kit with them to literally anywhere.

In addition to acquiring knowledge on coding, children also get to finetune their problem solving abilities and develop more enthusiasm for technology.

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4. Kano Computer Kit

The Kano Computer Kit Touch has a special way of making technology knowledge fun and interesting. It is designed with it’s own touchscreen computer ensuring that children are engaging all through the learning process.

It comes with a detailed instruction enabling children to build functional projects while learning about the various components and mechanics of a computer.

Unlike the others, it comes with a diverse set of creative coding challenges and projects allowing children to try out the new things they learn. It also uses the block based coding language so experimenting with things like animations and games is easy.

This Kit is sure to not just nurture your child’s curiosity but teach them lasting skills that are relevant in the programming world.

5. littleBits Code Kit

This kit combines coding and electronics. It’s designed to cater to the learning needs of children ages 8 and older. It has both physical and digital components which makes the learning process more relatable.

Children can build things like circuits or other simple projects using the color coded modular bits as a way of gaining a direct understanding of these concepts.

The projects this kits supports aligns with the STEM curricula making room for the development of team work skills as well as critical thinking. There are numerous activities children can try out with this kit ranging from playing games to designing basic systems and more complex works.

It’s a safe way for children to learn and grow as they occupy their minds with these technical concepts and it’s real world applications.

6. Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

The Raspberry Pi Starter Kit is a wonderful beginner-to-coding-kit. It comes with a credit-card-sized computer adding to the allure of the kit. It allows young learners especially children to build their own systems and test their limits in the programming world.

It has a very simplistic design and comes with pre-loaded software as well as other programming capabilities. With Raspberry Pi, kids can build their logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities while gaining a thorough understanding of how these concepts function.

The possibilities are limitless with Raspberry Pi, kids can craft games, develop projects of their own and try out different hardware. It is a good catalyst for nurturing lifelong curiousity and innovation.

7. Thames and Kosmos Kit

The Thames and Kosmos Kids First Coding and Robotics kit is designed to meet the learning needs of children aged four and above. Parents who wish to sow technology seeds to foster understanding as kids grow will find this choice amazing especially for their four year olds.

The focus is the fundamental principles of coding and robotics and learning is done via premade adventures with the aid of a friendly mouse named Colby. The kit has several colorful and large-sized pieces that can be joined together easily to build simple models.

Coding commands are represented by easy to understand pictograms that toddlers can find easy to relate to. There’s a learning curve with this kit and it caters to growing skill level as the child’s skill base advances.

8. Piper Computer Kit

The Piper Computer Kit is ideal for kids with a curiousity for coding related issues. This kit enables young learners to build their own computers physically and projects transcend screen based interactions. By assembling the components, kids get to develop a clear understanding of how computers function.

The main part is how Minecraft is added to the equation. Piper’s coding challenges have Minecraft themes making the learning process feel like a game. This makes the learning environment more relaxed while emphasizing practical skill acquisition.

This kit is is likely to become a wonderful play companion for your child. And kids love to play a lot so this is a smart way of ensuring their play time is also productive without causing burnout.

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9. Cubroid Coding Block Kit

Cubroid Coding Block Kit comes with colorful and intuitive building blocks that allows kids to learn coding concepts practically while engaging their minds with the logic of the process.

Cubroid brilliantly mixes learning, creativity and fun making way for kids to build their own robots and birth their imagination.

It’s easy to connect the coding blocks to one another bringing about a visual representation of how coding works and ingraining in their minds the underlying principles of the process.

By practicing, children get to build their confidence and reasoning abilities while also gaining a sense of accomplishment as they build new things.


When it comes to coding kits for kids, there are lots of kits available with competitive offerings. The list above was carefully curated to streamline the decision making process for you. The most important thing is to ensure that your child’s peculiar needs are prioritized and the kit you get them aligns with their learning and play styles.