Candles During Pregnancy: Is Candles Lighting or Using them Safe During Pregnancy?

This is one of the questions pregnant women who love candles ask when pregnant. Is lightening candles during pregnancy safe? Pregnant women take extra care of themselves, that’s not new. This is because their immune system is susceptible to microbial attack which may result in complication or birth defects.

Aside from what they ingest, the air they breathe also needs to be watched. There are certain toxins and chemicals that should not be inhaled.

So, it’s okay if you ask questions concerning the use of candles during pregnancy. You are on the right track!

The use of candles during pregnancy isn’t bad except you make use of certain candles that emit bad chemicals capable of harming you and your baby. If you are a candle lover before pregnancy and want to continue enjoying your candles while carrying your baby, you can go ahead but you must do a few things:


What to Do If You Must Use Candles During Pregnancy

1. Avoid petroleum-based paraffin wax candles

Candles made from petroleum should never be found close to you let alone burning it. This is because they are toxic for you and your baby. They aren’t biodegradable and they release benzene, and toluene which are cable of disrupting your hormone and at worst, causing cancer.

It is even worse when it is mixed with non-natural fragrance. When it burns, it produces carcinogenic compounds. As a pregnant woman, ensure you purchase candles that are free of phthalate because it damages the liver, lungs, and even kidney when inhaled.

2. Go for candles made of Natural Wax.

This will save you a lot of trouble. If you must use candles throughout the pregnancy period, stick with candles that are made with natural wax. They are many out there, you can go for beeswax candles, soy wax, and even coconut wax. They are very good for pregnancy.

You can also go for wood wick candles which gives you that. You should also check, paper, and non-metallic wick candles. They are safer than other kinds.

3. Burn candles only when windows are open

Don’t burn candles with your windows closed. You should allow proper circulation of air to prevent suffocation, and if you are burning it while bubble bathing, ensure that an exhaust fan is working and your windows widely open. That way, you don’t get to inhale all the chemical the candle emit alone. Some will escape through the window.

4. Watch out for symptoms

Nausea and vomiting are not new to pregnant women but that doesn’t mean that you keep calm when it goes overboard. That might be your body telling you to stay away. If you feel unusual after inhaling fumes from the candle, gently off the candle and go get fresh air.  And if it happens frequently, I would advise you to sacrifice the use of candles during pregnancy till you deliver.

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How to Shop for Candles in Pregnancy

If you intend to shop for good candles you can use as a pregnant woman, you don’t just go into the market and grab the ones you feel are good. There are things you must do. They include:

1. Read the customer reviews

Before going to purchase candles for yourself, invest your time into reading that product’s review. When you do, you will get firsthand information on the product or brand that you intend to patronize.

If you go through their salesperson, of course, you know that they won’t tell you all you need to know. They might cajole you into buying because their primary aim is to sell.

2. Slow burners and self-trimming wicks

After reading the review, you then go to the market but here’s one of the things you should consider: candles with slow burners and self-trimming wicks. This is because they are safer than the faster ones.

The good thing with the self-trimming ones is that you will be in charge. You can always trim the wick limiting the amount of fume it will release into the air.

3. Read the ingredients

Here’s another thing you must take serious note of. Even though some brands don’t list all their ingredients on their product label, they list their active ingredient and some give detailed information.

When you get to the shopping mall, grab a candle and read the label carefully. When you do, you will get to know if it’s suitable for you or not. Remember, you should go for candles with natural ingredients only.


What Candles Are Safe When Pregnant?

There are lots of candle brands out there but not all produce candles suitable for pregnant women. Hence, you must do all you can to make your research before going to the mall.

Natural candles are superb for you and your growing bambino. They include:

1. Soy wax candles.

Candles made with soy wax are suitable for you. They are non-toxic both for you, your unborn baby, and even your older kids if you have any. It has a lower melting point compared to artificial candles and also helps in the fast release of essential oil.

But here’s the thing, not all brands that label their product as soy wax products actually mean what they say. Some do that to drive traffic to their product. To avoid falling victim, read the ingredient critically and observe the percentage of soy in their product. Some add very little soy while some are 100% soy-based.

2. Beeswax candles

It’s difficult to mention healthy candles without mentioning beeswax candles. This is because it is 100% natural and they are air purifiers. Other candles, artificial ones, pollute the air by emitting harmful chemicals while beeswax candles remove toxins and other impurities in the air.

You should go for beeswax candles during your pregnancy period and after delivery. It has zero side effects on you and your household.

3. Coconut wax candles.

Another kind or type of candle you should go for is a coconut wax candle. Just like others mentioned above, they are natural and pose no risk for you and your baby. It doesn’t emit smoke capable of ruining your day. They emit essential oils and awesome scents into the air as it burns.

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Are Wax Melts Safe During Pregnancy

They are safe as long as their ingredients are natural and not artificial. If the wax you intend to use is made with paraffin, I would advise you to dump it for the sake of your health and that of your baby.

They contain chemicals such as benzene and if you know what benzene is, you won’t want it near you and even your older children. You should not inhale such, always opt for wax like beeswax, and soy wax which is ideal for your condition.

FAQ On Candles During Pregnancy

Can Candles Cause a Birth Defect?

Research hasn’t clearly stated that the use of candles can result in birth defects. This is because the level of chemicals that causes damage is high and the possibility of one inhaling that level of chemical from a candle is low.

But, it is preferable to get rid of or avoid candles made with paraffin wax as they contain harmful compounds like benzene, and toluene capable of disrupting your hormone.

Is Yankee Candle Safe for Pregnancy?

They are not safe at all. Flee from using them for any reason. They are produced with petroleum-based paraffin wax as well as artificial fragrance. They release harmful substances into the air and they are very harmful to you and your baby. They are capable of tampering with your baby’s neurological development.

Their wicks are made from cotton, yes, but that isn’t all that is needed. Most times, their ingredients aren’t clear and so you can’t really use them. It’s best to go for 100% natural candles.


Is Peppermint Oil Safe While Pregnant?

Some aromatherapy experts suggest that the use of peppermint oil be avoided throughout the first trimester but no study has proved that peppermint oil isn’t cool for pregnant women.

Peppermint oil-scented candles help to reduce nausea and vomiting in pregnant women, hence, it is safe to say you can use them.


Are Bath And Body Works Candle Safe for Pregnancy?

Without mincing words, they aren’t safe for you. If they are your thing, you can wait until after delivery before using them. They are paraffin-made candles with artificial fragrances.

You should avoid using them because their ingredients aren’t something to toil with, especially in your condition. Plus, they aren’t as transparent with their ingredient as other natural candles. Avoid using them to save yourself from complications.


If candles are your thing; maybe you use them to soothe your nerves and keep your environment scented. That shouldn’t stop after conceiving. Pregnancy isn’t a jail sentence, you can still enjoy the things you love.

But when it comes to candles, you should go for the kind that won’t harm you and your baby. Your health and that of your baby should be your priority.

Go for natural-based candles that aren’t toxic in any way. There are lots of them to choose from. You can go for beeswax candles which are the best or coconut wax which not only burns slowly but also emits a nice fragrance.

Soy wax candles are also great, you won’t be wrong if you choose them. They burn neatly and you won’t have to worry about inhaling harmful substances since they are 100% plant-based.