What Does Alligator Meat Taste Like? – All You Need to Know

What does Alligator meat taste like? Let’s find out about and more about Alligator in this article. Alligator meat is becoming a popular delicacy in many parts of the world. If you have not tasted it before, then this may sound weird to you. But in all sincerity, there is nothing about alligator meat that is out of the ordinary.

It is considered as an exotic meat in many areas. But in reality, it is readily available and doesn’t cost as much as some others that fall into the same class.

In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about the alligator, if it is safe for consumption, and what it tastes like. You know what I always say – let’s get started, shall we?


What Does Alligator Taste Like – All You Need to Know

Every type of meat has a unique taste. Also, it is important to ask all the possible questions and consult a health professional before you eat anything new.

But for people who have grown up eating this type of meat, there is usually less cause for concern. You may be wondering what alligator meat actually tastes like. Well, many say it has the same taste as chicken but has the flavour of fish.

Interestingly, one of the unique and great things about alligator meat is that the taste depends on the part of the alligator you are eating. How it was prepared also goes a long way in affecting the taste of the meat.

Ensure that you read this article to the end so that you are able to know all about the different tastes of each part of an alligator.


What is Alligator Meat?

From its name, it is easy to guess that alligator meat is meat that is derived from alligators. It is very popular in Asia, South America, and Africa – people have been enjoying this tasty delicacy for many years.

It is a non-traditional source of protein and is often referred to as the “chicken of the swamp” – sounds interesting, right? People who have tried alligator meat for the first time have attested to its unique and delicious taste.

The meat from alligators are also very nutritious and serves as an excellent choice for people who crave something different in their diet. It is becoming really popular in many parts of the world and is available in supermarkets and grocery shops. Feel free to give it a try if you want to – trust me when I say you would really enjoy it.

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What Does Alligator Taste Like?

When you taste alligator meat, the first thing that comes to your mind is chicken. So, if you are someone who likes chicken, you will love alligator meat. Also, if you are someone like me – who feels overly tired of eating chicken, alligator meat will be a good option for you.

It is also very fleshy, so you have a lot of meat from an alligator. As we mentioned earlier, the smell is more like that of cooked fish, but you would still be able to perceive some poultry-like smell.

Indeed, it is special meat, especially when you talk about the taste. This is because the different parts of the alligator have different tastes. So, two people can be eating alligator meat and experiencing different tastes. Or you can eat two different pieces of meat from an alligator, and they will taste differently because they are from different parts.

The meat from an alligator is classified into three major parts which are – the ribs, the tail, and the body. The legs of the alligator are classified under the body. Lastly, we also mentioned that the mode of preparation is an important factor when we talk about the taste of an alligator. It can be cooked, grilled, or fried.


Does Alligator Meat Taste Good?

Yes, alligator meat tastes really good. Now, just so you know – I am not saying this because I read or heard people saying it is good. I have actually eaten alligator meat many times, and I must tell you that it tastes really good.

I make sure to buy it whenever I see it at the supermarket, and it is always a wonderful experience after I prepare it to taste. Whichever way you choose to prepare your alligator meat, trust me – you will enjoy it.


What Does Alligator Gar Taste Like?

Many persons often mistake Alligator Gar for Alligator meat, especially in the supermarket. If you are buying from a farmer’s market, of course, they would tell you the difference.

Alligator gar is totally different from alligator meat. Alligator gar is actually a fish and in no way in the same class as an alligator. But why is it called alligator gar, and what does it taste like? Let us find out.

What is Alligator Gar?

An alligator gar is a ray-finned euryhaline fish that belongs to the bowfin in the infraclass Holostei. A fish? Yes, the alligator gar is a fish- interesting, isn’t it?

It is the largest specie of fishes that belong to the gar family and is one of the biggest fishes in North American freshwater. According to archeologists, the alligator gar has been in existence as far back as 100 million years ago.

Why is it called alligator gar? Well, according to historians, the fish was name alligator gar because of its resemblance to the American alligator. They have fairly broad snouts and long, razor-sharp teeth like the American alligator. Also, just like some alligators, the alligator gar can grow to as long as 10 feet – which is about 3.0 meters in length.

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How Does Alligator Gar Taste?

Do not be deceived. Just because we said that the alligator gar is a fish doesn’t mean it tastes like your regular fish. Actually, it doesn’t. When it comes to texture and taste, the alligator gar is nothing like a fish.

The texture is like that of a chicken. When the flesh of an alligator gar is placed beside chicken meat, you can hardly differentiate them. In taste, it is more like a lobster. The flesh is white and has a mild taste like lobster. In fact, many people refer to it as a ‘freshwater lobster’.

However, you have to be very careful when eating an alligator gar because even though it is edible, the eggs are not. The eggs of an alligator gar contain a type of protein toxin called ichthyotoxin. Ichthyotoxin is very toxic to humans and is poisonous – so, under no circumstances should you consume the eggs of an alligator gar.


What Does Fried Alligator Taste Like?

When fried, alligator meat tastes a lot like chicken but with the texture of port. It is actually a lot like chicken when fried – especially the tail part. The tail section is what is usually sold in supermarkets because of its fleshy nature.

The alligator meat is white, so when fried, it naturally takes the colour and looks of fried chicken. Although it has a unique taste comparable to no other, the closest meat that compares to alligator meat is chicken.


What Does Grilled Alligator Taste Like?

When grilled, alligator meats taste a lot like quail, but it maintains their good fishy flavour. Many people who love grilled meat and have the facility to prepare a grill do not prepare it in any other way.

Trust me when I tell you that there is no going back once you eat grilled alligator meat. The body and legs of the alligator have more muscles – unlike the tail, and meat from this area is often darker.

When this part is grilled, it is more like pork shoulder than chicken or quail – especially in terms of texture. However, people prefer to fry alligator tail crispy brown and serve with a spicy sauce or ketchup.


What Does Alligator Tail Taste Like?

The meat from the alligator tail is called tenderloin. This is the most tender meat that can be found in the body of an alligator. It can best be compared to veal due to its soft and tender nature.

In taste, this is part of an alligator that tastes more like chicken. Apart from the fact that it is white, it is tender and tastes just like chicken. It is often served in luxurious restaurants as steaks and fillets, with spicy sauce. It can also be grilled and fried just like chicken to have a different taste variation.


Does Alligator Taste Like Chicken?

Yes, alligator tastes a lot like chicken, especially the chicken. Although, everyone who has tasted alligator meat admits that the meat is unique. They say that the closest meat that compares to alligator meat is chicken.


Does Alligator Meat Taste Like Crocodile?

To date, many people mistake an alligator for a crocodile – and vice versa. But you cannot blame them because, indeed, both animals have a strong resemblance.

The meat from a crocodile and that of an alligator look alike in some ways and have almost the same flavour – which is similar to chicken. However, you should know that crocodiles live mostly in salt water, while alligators live in swamps. So, the texture and tastes of both animals are slightly different. A crocodile tastes more like fish than an alligator – which is often stronger and has more muscles in them.