20 Things New Moms Need For Themselves

Carrying a baby for good nine months and surviving the labor room isn’t an easy task. Every new mom deserves special attention both during pregnancy and after delivery, because the nine months journey takes a lot from their body system.

If you have a new mom around you, and you’re wondering what best to give to her. Probably, you don’t want to give her the regular gifts that others bring, but what she really needs to regain all that she has lost within the pregnancy period.

Below is a list of things new mom needs for themselves to fully recover:


20 Things New Moms Need For Themselves


1. Sound Sleep

During pregnancy, new moms find it very difficult to enjoy their sleep the way they really want. They either suffer from lower abdominal cramp which begins from the first month of pregnancy or body aches.

They only lye on their sides which is sometimes discomforting. Give her 1-2 hours away from her newborn’s disturbance to sleep.

Remind her to pump breast milk into the breast pump to avoid waking her up when the baby becomes hungry.

2. New Wears

Most new moms experience weight gain after delivery, and some weight loss, and this leaves them with no other choice than to buy new clothing as they can’t go back to their previous ones and can’t continue wearing maternity wear.

You can get them beautiful and comfortable wears that will look good on them and will also be easy for breastfeeding.

3. Good Food

This might sound weird but new moms need all the food they can get. Not just any food but healthy food. During pregnancy, most women lose their appetite for many kinds of food.

Most women take fruits while they struggle to eat solid food once in a day. Once they deliver, they regain their appetite and that is a good time to cook them a balanced diet. That will help them recover quickly.

4. Spa Treatment

Hormonal changes occur during pregnancy and this affects new moms in diverse ways. At the early stage of pregnancy, they experience skin irritation; most women get acne or eczema on their faces and around their neck region.

Some experience skin color change. Spa treatment can remedy their skin condition after birth.


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5. Postpartum Girdle

Of course, the protruded tummy needs to get back to shape and that can’t be achieved without the girdle. Most women don’t joke with their body structure, hence they do all they can to get back to shape once they deliver their baby. Postpartum girdles help to push their stomach back and regain their normal shape.

6. Postpartum Maternity Pad

After delivery, new moms still bleeds especially if they had tear during delivery. Maternity pads help to soak up the blood while allowing them to go with their normal lives.

It’s also advisable that they use these pads with loosed panties to avoid any post-birth complications. If you want to get the maternity pad, also get maternity panties.

7. Nursing Bra

This is different from the regular bra that women wear. Nursing bras help new moms during breastfeeding.

Most of them come with a detachable head that can easily be removed and replaced. Some come with zipping around the areola or the nipple region for easy breastfeeding.

With these kinds of bras, new moms won’t need to go half-naked before breastfeeding their newborn in the public.

8. Baby Wrap

This is essentially good for all new moms especially those without human assistance. They would love to use their hands for something else while carrying their baby around.

The baby wrap is the solution to this challenge. They are perfect for newborns because they are made with the baby’s relaxation in mind.

9. Lidocaine Spray

The job of Lidocaine spray is to give maximum postpartum pain relief and ease the pain women with perineal tears, hemorrhoids, or fissures experience while using the toilets.

Some hospitals might give you lidocaine spray but every hospital does. Get a new mom a lidocaine spray to help ease the pain she might be passing through. You can easily get it from a verified drug store.

10. Stool Softer

After birth constipation is experienced by most new moms. According to research, it might be a result of dehydration, reduced movement, or stress as these affect the activities of their bowels.

Although this isn’t a life-threatening issue as this situation can be resolved within a short period but to save new moms from experiencing further pains, a stool softener can help take care of the process.

11. Nipple Cream

Before birth, it’s advised to leave the body system to prepare the nipples for breastfeeding but after birth, most women experience sore and broken nipples and this is where nipple cream comes in.

It helps to keep the nipple moist to prevent skin damage as a result of consistent feeding of the newborn. When getting nipple cream for a new mom, ensure you get one without petroleum jelly and vitamin E.

Those made with shea butter, cocoa butter, or coconut oil are the best. They have no effect on babies like the former.

12. Breast Pad

After delivery, new moms experience a little drop of breast milk on their bras which sometimes, soaks their dress giving rise to a foul smell. Breast pads help to curb this issue.

It is placed inside the bra and it helps to absorb all the breast milk leakage. They are of two types; disposable and reusable. They are both good to use, and they are safe for every new mom.


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13. Nursing Pillows

Nursing pillows are new moms’ savior when it comes to back, neck, and shoulder pain relief. After delivery, you will be faced with breastfeeding your baby and if you’re into exclusive, you will be doing it often which might result in pains in the above-mentioned parts of the body.

A nursing pillow will help you reduce stress by pushing your baby to the right height and relieve your shoulder. It also helps well if you delivered through a cesarean section.

14. Wireless Headphones

Well, breastfeeding the newborn takes time especially if the baby eats a lot, and this doesn’t only happen during the day.

While breastfeeding their newborn, new moms can enjoy the moment by listening to their best songs or even watching their favorite soap operas without disturbing the baby.

15. A Big Water Bottle

There’s a need for new moms to remain hydrated. It helps to retain their body energy and fluid level lost during breastfeeding.

It’s best to get the water bottle tracker which will bring to your notice the quantity of water you’ve consumed for the day. That will help you to form the habit of taking lots of water.

16. Breast Pump

This is especially important for new moms who want to practice exclusive for their babies.

They will need to have their breast milk always ready for their baby even when they aren’t with them.

They do this by pumping their breast milk into a pump. If you are setting this as a gift, you can get either the electric pump, the manual pump, or the battery-operated pump. They are all good choices.

17. Hair Treatment

In as much as most pregnant women keep to their hair treatment schedule, not all women have that level of strength during pregnancy and this leaves their hair unattractive and untreated.

Scheduling a hair treatment for a newborn is a good way of welcoming her after the nine months journey. They really need it.

18. Nursing Bags

Before delivery, new moms walk around with petty purses with close to nothing in them but after bringing forth their babies, they drop these mini bags and embrace nursing bags because it’s big enough to contain babies’ food items such as milk, water, and other items like diapers, baby wipes, flasks, extra baby wears, e.t.c.

19. Lots of Love

Women naturally need lots of love especially from men that they love but women who survived the labor room need the love more from everyone around them.

They’ve carried and nurtured a little human for nine months all by themselves and went through pain to bring them forth, that isn’t an easy task.

20. Outing with the girls

They’ve probably missed hanging out with their girls. They’ve missed the girlie chats and would love to hook up with their girls after delivery.

Giving them the chance to do this while taking care of their newborn will be a priceless gift.


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Things New Moms Need for Themselves Before Birth

In as much as the spotlight is always on getting the items that the newborn will need such as a baby nursery, baby blanket, clothing, and all, it’s also very important the mother is put into consideration.

There are items that a pregnant woman needs for herself before delivery. They include:

1. Maternity Pads

It’s very much needed by new moms before birth because they bleed after delivery.

It’s cool to have maternity pads capable of soaking the blood that will come out. You might want to get as much as possible because the pad must be changed once it’s soaked.

2. Maternity Clothing

New moms will need a good number of comfortable wears before delivery. Tights wears are prohibited as they might hurt both the mother and the child.

A comfortable jogger, a free gown, and even lightweight long t-shirts will be very okay.

3. Lip Balm

Just as acne or pimples starts to pop out on new moms’ face, their lips will get chapped as well. Lip balms come in handy in this situation, it helps to dampen the lips to avoid further damage. You can get the sticky ones that last longer.

4. Other items might include hospital items for delivery. There’s a need to keep that handy even before the due date. It’s advised to get everything ready 3 weeks to the expected day of delivery.


Things New Moms Need for Themselves During Pregnancy


1. Prenatal Vitamins

This is first on the list because of its importance. It is recommended that pregnant women consume prenatal vitamins as they won’t get all the vitamins that they need just from food alone.

Vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, iron, and calcium are readily available in tablets. They can quickly buy from a verified drug store.

2. A Good Moisturizer

Since the stomach stretches as a result of pregnancy, there will be a presence of stretch marks here and there. Also, there will be rashes on the face and other parts of the body which might be itchy, hence the need for a good moisturizer.

A good moisturizer that is devoid of additives like retinoids, retinol, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid isn’t good for pregnant women. Natural and chemical-free ones are the best.

3. Good Bra

Breast milk production begins around the second trimester and that comes with breast enlargement. This means that there is a need for a good and supportive bra that will be soft and adjustable because the breast will continue to increase throughout pregnancy.

4. Loosed Underwear

During pregnancy, it’s forbidden to wear tight underwear. This is because it causes lower abdominal pain and will hurt the baby in the womb but loosed underwear will help both the baby and the mother move around comfortably.

Not just underwear but the entire clothing, pregnant women need every air and peace they can get, and wearing tight wear is out of it.

5. Body Pillow

One of the many headaches that pregnant women have is the inability to sleep comfortably. While they can’t sleep on their back, they only have the option of sleeping on their sides which can be frustrating at times.

The body pillow gives support to their hips, legs, and back helping them to sleep well.

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Things New Moms Need for Themselves After Birth

The list of things new moms need for themselves after birth is enormous ranging from sound sleep, and postpartum kits containing the necessary items such as pads, girdle, moisturizer, etc., to maximum attention, especially from the spouse.

Above all, new moms need and deserve house help or a babysitter who will help with taking care of the newborn and handling chores in the house.

This is especially important because a few months after birth is supposed to be for their recovery and not to go back to hard work. Their body system isn’t completely stable and might develop complications if they put lots of pressure on themselves. They need all the time, love, and attention that they can get.


What to Bring New Parents When Visiting

The list is endless.

Since they are new to the world of parenthood. A good book on parenting won’t be a bad idea. You can as well go with baby essentials such as a baby carrier, baby wares, wardrobe, and even bedtime stories for babies.

Beautifully designed matching t-shirts for parent and baby or a photo frame of parents and the newborn. That also will be cherished by the couple.


Gifts for New Moms After Birth

There are lots of gifts you can get for new moms when visiting them after delivery but then, you need to look carefully to notice the things that she is lacking to avoid getting her what she already has.

A good way of making sure this doesn’t happen is to ask her personally what she would love. That way, she will tell you what exactly she needs. But if you don’t want to go through that means, you go for items that she will need over and over again.

Below is the list of gifts to get new moms:

1. Flower Subscription

Women are emotional beings. They enjoy being reminded that they are loved often, even though they know it.

Sending her flowers on regular basis helps to send a love message and that helps her emotionally. But ensure she isn’t allergic to flowers before sending them to her.

2. Natural Nipple Cream

This might not sound enticing but hey, she needs it. The breastfeeding journey takes lots of months, and some years, and so she will be needing nipple cream to prevent and heal nipple injury that will surely occur. Get her one and see how much she will cherish it.

3. New Dress

Ahaa! This is very essential. Every new mom out there needs new dresses after childbirth. They might get some for themselves but you will never go wrong getting some for them too.

Buy a comfortable dress that will be easy on them during breastfeeding. You can as well buy matching pajamas for her and the baby. That rocks!

4. Stroller or Baby Carrier

As well as these are enticing gifts, you might want to verify from her if she needs it or have one already. No new mom will reject the gift of a stroller or a baby carrier because it gives them the ability to take care of the baby while using their hands for other things. Some moms call them “mom’s extra hands”.

5. Nursing Girdle

Women don’t joke with things like this especially those intentional about their body shape or figure. They will be over the moon if you gift them good girdles to help lush their stomach back to where they used to be before pregnancy.


Conclusion: Gifts for New Moms That Aren’t for the Baby

In all this, what matters is your sincerity and giving the gifts with love to both the new mom and the newborn. You can choose one or two from the list or even think of other unique things that she might need.

If you’ve been a close friend or relative, you will surely get a glimpse of what she might want. Some women love to be visited with spicy food once they give birth, and some will choose to be assisted over some tangible gifts.

So, sniff well into her personality, and you will get to see what she wants.