How To Prevent Ear Infections In Babies? 

This is to answer the question asked by most mothers on how to prevent ear infections in babies. Ear infections are a source of discomfort for babies. The pain it may cause depends on the kind of ear infection and the sensations transmitted. Most ear infections are due to the introduction of germs to sensitive areas in the ear. Others may be due to underlying illnesses.

A hurt to the baby is often a hurt to the parent. Most parents and caregivers would do anything to protect their little one from harm. To that effect, this article will be looking at actionable ways to prevent ear infections in babies as well as approaches for effective management.


How To Prevent Ear Infections In Babies?

Here lies all you need to know on how to prevent, protect your little one ear infections, as well as home remedies to alleviate pain caused by ear infections.


Does Breast Milk Help With Ear Infections?

You may have heard people say that breast milk helps with ear infections. Well this is true. Although, they are some cultural beliefs that putting droplets of breast milk in the ear can help with ear infections. This is untrue and doing this can complicate the infection.

However, there are several ways that breast milk through breast feeding can help combat ear infections.

Breast milk contains natural antibodies that helps in preventing and treating ear infections. They fight off foreign agents that could lead to ear infections or diseases with ear infections as a symptom.

It also contains immunoglobulins which are crucial components of immunity. They help to strengthen the immune system and this enables the body to deal with ear infections. Inflammations are common in some ear infections. Breast milk contains anti-inflammatory properties that helps in alleviating these inflammations.

Another compound with antimicrobial properties present in breast milk is Lactoferrin. It is effective in fighting against ear infections that are of bacterial origin or due to bacterial growth.

Breast milk also supports a healthy gut microbiome. The gut microbiome plays vital roles in immunity and this helps to strength the immune system. Breast milk is also a source of balanced nutrition. It contains all the nutrients needed for proper health and strong immunity to fight off infections.

Moments of feeding or breast feeding are bonding moments which positively impacts the baby’s emotional well-being and reduce stress levels aiding recovery from infections.

Breast milk also contains probiotics. These probiotics support healthy gut and immune responses. It also helps to keep the baby hydrated and this promotes the maintenance of overall health and ability to fight infections.

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How Can I Protect My Child From an Ear Infection?

There several things you can do to protect your child from an ear infection. Maintaining proper hygiene goes a long way. This ensures that germs are not transmitted to delicate openings in the ear. Also, you must avoid inserting objects even cotton swabs in the ear canal.

Breastfeeding also helps to protect a child from an ear infection as it provides the body with what it needs to stay strong and fight infections. When feeding the baby, you can also position the baby properly with their head elevated to prevent fluids from entering the canal or tube.

Keeping the environment safe and free from irritants like cigarette smoke also helps. Immunizations are crucial as they help prevent illnesses like the influenza flu that can lead to ear infections.

When bottle feeding, the baby should be held in a comfortable position before being fed. Bottle propping should be avoided as it raises the chances of having the liquid drop into the ear.

Certain positions can also contribute to ear infections. For instance, most babies positions when they are sucking their pacifiers can raise incidences of ear infections. Offering alternatives to reduce these sucking motions may help.

Hand washing before touching the baby and ensuring others do the same will help manage the transmission of germs. During cold seasons, crowded areas should be avoided can illnesses contracted during these periods can lead to ear infections.

In addition, proper management of cold and allergies can help in preventing ear infections.


How Can I Prevent My Baby’s Ear Infection Naturally?

Natural ways of preventing ear infections in babies include:

Breast feeding

Breast feeding boosts immunity in babies and helps in wading off infections including ear infections.


The right positioning when feeding can reduce the occurrence of spills into the ear which could potentially lead to an infection.

Prompt Allergy Management

Some allergies result in ear infections. When allergies are spotted early and carefully managed, such progressions to ear infections can be arrested.


There are vaccines against some illnesses that can lead to the development of ear infections. Ensuring your baby is immunized against these illnesses will protect them from resulting ear infections.

Keep The Environment Free From Irritants

Certain irritants like cigarette smoke can trigger certain bodily reactions that could result in ear infections.

Clean Baby’s Hand and Toys Regularly

Chances of babies infecting themselves are quite high as they tend to play a lot and indulge in lots of activities. Stopping them along the line and urging them to wash their hands can help protect them from infecting themselves. Also, baby’s love their toys and play with them a lot. If their toys are dirty, chances of them infecting themselves are high. Cleaning the toys routinely will help reduce this.

Healthy Foods

If your baby has been introduced to solids, try to focus on offering them healthy complementary diets specifically fruits and vegetables.

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How Can I Treat My Babies’ Ear Infection At Home?

If you would like to treat your babies ear infection at home, here are some steps to follow.

See a Pediatrician Before Trying out Home Remedies

Home remedies are traditional healing alternatives to ailments that date back centuries. While they may be effective, not all of these remedies have been thoroughly researched to understand their side effects.

Once you realize that your baby has an ear infection and you wish to treat it at home, first seek the consultation of a pediatrician. With their expertise, they would be able to offer you a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan for your baby.

You can then have a discussion about the home remedies you wish to use. They would guide you on how to go about it without compromising your baby’s health.

Use Doctor Approved Pain Relievers

Ear infections most times cause pain and it can leave babies feeling cranky and fussy. Do not use unapproved pain reliefs for your baby. Offer them only the pain relievers prescribed by your doctor.

Warm Compress

Warm compress is a home remedy that helps to reduce the pain. You can make use of damp cloth or warm water in a bottle on the affected area. This can help manage the inflammation and reduce the pain.


When the baby is well hydrated, the body would be able to fight off these infections and return to normalcy swiftly.


Allowing your baby get the rest they need during this time can help manage the pain and the sensations felt.

Elevate The Head During Sleep

Raising the head during sleep helps reduce pressure on the ear and the resulting pain. This way babies are able to get better and sounder sleep free from unnecessary interruptions. When they are able to sleep well, the body will be able to maintain defenses against the infection.

Do Not Insert Objects Into the Ear

Some parents and caregivers feel that cleaning the ear regularly may help manage the infection. The ear is self cleansing and there is no need to put objects or cotton swabs in the ear. This will only worsen the infection, increase the chances of a reinfection or cause injury. So avoid putting objects in the ear either to clean it or for other reasons.

Clean The Ear With Damp Cloth But Do Not Insert It In The Canal

Depending on the kind of ear infection gotten, cleaning gently may help relieve pain and promote recovery. You can do this with a clean damp cloth and gently clean around the ear or site of the infection. In doing so, ensure to not insert the material in the canal as that would be of no benefit.

Use of Garlic Oil

Garlic oil is one of the agelong home remedies for managing ear infections in babies. It has natural antimicrobial properties that can promote healing. This can be applied in drops to the site of the infection. However, this should only be used after it has been approved by a doctor. During your consultation with your pediatrician, you can discuss your intentions to use this them.

Use Antibiotics Properly

Antibiotics are often prescribed by doctors as treatments for ear infections. Home remedies should only be used as complementary treatments and must be approved by the doctor. Where antibiotics are prescribed, ensure to stick to the medication and offer it to the baby religiously.

Schedule Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up appointments are necessary as you would need to have the ear that was infected checked to assess progress and success with treatment.


Conclusion on: How To Prevent Ear Infections In Babies? 

Ear infections occur due to exposure of the canal to germs or other illnesses. See a doctor when you notice signs of an ear infection and follow the treatment plan offered by your healthcare provider.