How to Get Desitin Diaper Cream Out Of Clothes

It’s exciting to care for a child, know how to remove stains from their clothes including how to get Desitin diaper cream out of clothes of your baby. The joy attached to carrying your baby is overwhelming. But doting on your child and carrying him often comes with lots of stains especially if he has diaper rashes which are usually treated with diaper cream containing zinc oxide such as Desitin.

Getting stained by diaper cream from your baby’s buttocks isn’t something you can avoid, it will surely happen. You should rather focus on getting to know how to remove these stains from their clothes or your clothes.

But before we show you how to get desitin diaper cream out of clothes, you should know what Desitin diaper is,- what it’s all about; its uses, the side effect, and precautions you must heed, to get the best out of the product.


What Is Desitin?

Desitin is an ointment that contains zinc oxide. It gives immediate relief to irritated skin including diaper rashes and can be used by both adults and children. Desitin diaper cream is among the many diaper creams that stick firmly on clothes.


Uses Of Desitin

Desitin diaper cream is a medication to dry, rough, scaly, itching skin. It gets rid of irritation on the skin which includes diaper rashes and skin burns due to radiation. It operates by posing as a barrier between the skin and moisture which is the major irritant. It also protects the skin against the enzymes and microbes in feces and urine.

When studied clinically, it was observed that Desitin diaper cream (Maximum Strength Original Paste) brings obvious relief within 12 hours of use.


How to Use Desitin Diaper Cream

Applying the Desitin diaper cream is relatively easy, but there are a few things you must put into consideration when doing that. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to apply Desitin diaper cream to get effective results within hours.

Step 1: Wash your baby’s skin with clean warm water.

When babies defecate or urinate on a diaper, the residue of the feces will stick to their delicate skin. The first step is to remove those traces of feces with baby wipes. Then wash thoroughly and gently with warm water to ensure you get rid of them totally.

Step 2: Leave skin to air dry completely

After washing their buttocks, allow the washed area to air dry totally.  To know if this has been achieved, pat your baby’s skin with your dried palm. If you feel that it’s wet in any way, still allow it for a few minutes.

This is because, any moisture trapped on your baby’s skin will give rise to skin irritation and if your baby already has diaper rashes, it worsens the situation.

Step 3: Apply the Desitin Diaper cream

After you let the washed area dry completely, take a little portion of Desitin and gently rub it on your baby’s buttocks.  You should also run it gently on the affected area if your baby already has diaper rashes. There are specialized places where you should take note of:

• Between your baby’s butt cheeks.

• Around the anus area.

• For girls, you should apply on the external parts of the vagina and avoid getting into the inner part.

• It’s safe to apply the cream on the scrotum and the penis for boys. But you must avoid applying the cream on the urethral opening from where urine comes out.

Step 4: Replace with a new diaper and ensure it’s not tightened.

You wouldn’t want to cause further irritation on your baby’s skin by tightening the edges of the diaper. After applying the Desitin cream on your baby, wear him a new diaper that hasn’t been contaminated. And loosen the edge very well.

Always get diapers that match your baby’s skin size to avoid the tight edges. If your baby already has diaper rashes, change the diaper at intervals to help the treatment.

Step 5. Wash your hands and that of your baby.

Every mother or caregiver understands the role hygiene play in the lives of babies. Since their immune system isn’t so strong to battle certain pathogens, it’s important that you get their surroundings clean and that includes your body.

Wash your hands with soap and warm water after changing your baby’s diaper to get rid of possible microbes. If you don’t, you might be transferring pathogens from the baby’s feces into his food or water which might result in several health issues like diarrhea.

Do the same with your baby because they often chew their hands. This activity will help your baby remain healthy and strong.


Side Effects Of Desitin Diaper Cream

The side effect of Desitin Diaper cream include rashes, itching or swelling, and hives. These cases don’t occur often. Ensure you consult your doctor if you encounter any of these whiles using the Desitin diaper cream on your baby.


It is advised that you report to a qualified Pediatrician before using the product on your baby’s skin. If your baby has had an allergy to fluconazole, zinc oxide, or petroleum, ensure you report to your doctor.

If you’re new to the product, ensure you get quality information on the product because it may contain some other inactive ingredients that your baby might be allergic to. Get to know every ingredient before using it on your child.


Does Desitin Diaper Cream Stain Clothe

Yes, it does!

Desitin diaper cream which contains zinc oxide is one of the many agents of stains on bay clothes and that of the parents especially the mother. Its oily characteristic makes it easy to magnet on clothing but don’t fret, there’s a remedy.

The stain is removable if you follow the steps below accurately.


How to Remove Desitin Diaper Cream Stain Out Of Baby Clothes

Since Desitin contains oil, you should remove the excess from your clothes first using clean tissue or another clean clothing that you won’t mind getting stained. Avoid rubbing it as it will help to spread to other areas on the clothing.

After removing the excess, you should decide on what you want to use to get rid of the stain. It can be detergent, baking soda, degreaser, alcohol, shout spray, or Goo Gone.

If you’re going with detergent, make sure you choose one that can remove oil. Here are the few steps you need to take to make the stain removal happen:


How To Get Desitin Diaper Cream Out Of Clothes

1. Detergent

a. Place a sufficient amount of the detergent on the stained area and allow it to penetrate the fabric for some minutes. If the detergent is in powder form, apply it to the stained area and add a few drops or a little quantity of water depending on the size of the stain.

b. After allowing the detergent to permeate well into the fabric, add drops or enough hot water in the affected area and scrub effectively with a scrubbing brush or toothbrush. If the fabric is a soft one, use your hands or a sponge with sharp teeth to scrub it.

c. Soak the fabric in hot water for 2 hours after washing. Ensure that the water covers the stained area.

d. Remove the fabric from water and wash thoroughly. If you’re using a machine, use the cycle with the longest pre-wash option.

e. Rinse appropriately and spread it where it will have direct contact with sunlight.


If you’re going with the baking soda option, these steps will help you get a good result.

2. Baking Soda

a. Remove the excess Desitin diaper cream from the fabric using a clean paper towel or a knife. You must be careful not to apply pressure to avoid further spreading.

b. Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on the stained area, cover it and allow for 24 hours.

c. With your vacuum cleaner, suck up the baking soda. After that, damp the stained area with alcohol. Cover again with baking soda and leave for 3 hours.

d. Wash off the baking soda and check to see if the stain has been removed. If you still see traces of the ointment, repeat the process.


3. Degreasers.

The steps below are for the usage of a degreaser to remove Desitin diaper cream from fabrics. The first step you need to take is choosing a degreaser that does not have a strong odor that might prevent you from ever wearing the clothes.

Although there are solutions to that as well, such as the use of Dr. Bronner which helps to balance the strong odor from some degreasers, it’s still advisable to go for those with a mild smell.

Here are the steps:

a. Carefully remove excess Desitin diaper cream from the fabric. Do that gently to avoid spreading the stains to other areas.

b. Apply the degreaser to get rid of the remaining Desitin diaper cream from the fabric by carefully rubbing it in the stained area.

c. After applying, leave it to sit for about 5-10 minutes. This will enable the degreaser to permeate into the stain.

d. Rinse the stained area with cold water and wash thoroughly. Stick to washing with cold water as hot water will make the degreaser penetrate further into the fabric and that’s not a good one.


4. Alcohol or White Vinegar

This one is the easiest and effective ways of getting Desitin diaper cream off the fabric.

The steps are:

a. Remove the excess diaper cream off the fabric gently without rubbing.

b. Spray the alcohol on the stained area. Run the fabric under cold running water.

c. Wash the fabric as directed by the manufacturer and allow it to air dry.


The process of using vinegar is also simple and doable but a bit different from the process of alcohol.

a. Begin with rubbing dish soap on the stained area after removing the excess. Rub gently your thumb or a toothbrush.

b. Soak the fabric in a solution of 50/50 white vinegar and cold water and allow for 30 minutes.

c. Remove and wash thoroughly.


5. Goo Gone

This is another effective way of getting rid of Desitin diaper cream off clothes.

This is how to use goo gone:

a. Cover the stained area with a little amount of Goo gone after removing excess of the Desitin diaper cream.

b. Rub the Goo Gone carefully into the fabric.

c. Wash it off under running hot water. After that, wash the clothing appropriately.

d. Spread and allow to dry well.


6. Shout Spray

Removing Desitin diaper cream off clothes using shout spray isn’t as rampant as other methods. Not many people have used this but the few that tried testified to its effectiveness.

You can as well try using it to remove the stain from your cloth but ensure that you get rid of excess diaper cream first before any other activity.


FAQs On: How To Get Desitin Diaper Cream Out Of Clothes


Does Desitin stain clothes?

Yes, it does!

Desitin diaper cream contains zinc oxide as its active ingredient and its oily nature makes it a staining agent. It stains not just clothes but rugs and carpet as well. So, apply caution when handling the product.


Does Desitin wash out?

Desitin diaper cream stain is removable using several tools. Alcohol, baking soda, white vinegar, and degreasers are capable of removing the stains off clothes if the steps are followed accordingly.


Can You Use Goo Gone On Clothing?

Yes, you can!

As a matter of fact, Goo Gone is an effective Desitin diaper cream stain remover but there are a few precautions that you must heed.

Using Goo Gone on Silk, Leather, Suede, and Rubber clothing material is a No-No. It’s even stated clearly by the manufacturer.

Also, ensure that the window is open before making use of Goo Gone. To be safer, carry out this activity outside to avoid inhalation hazards.

Don’t apply Goo Gone on the clothing you’re putting on, ensure you remove the clothe before applying it in the stained area.

Goo Gone isn’t edible, it can cause permanent lung damage when swallowed. It can also irritate the eyes and skin when it comes in contact with them. There are cases of asthma as well and so, you must keep it far away from your baby’s reach.


How to Get Diaper Rash Cream Out Of Clothe (Summary)

Getting a diaper rash cream out of clothing isn’t as difficult as many people think it is. All you need is the right stain remover and the job will be done in a few minutes.

You can choose from the many stain removers, ranging from baking soda, Goo Gone, alcohol and white vinegar, degreasers, etc.

When working with alcohol which is relatively the easiest method, do the following:

Get rid of excess diaper cream on the clothing.

Spray alcohol on the stained area and allow for a few minutes.

Run the clothing under cold running water, and wash and dry the clothing.



Having the right information helps one to do the right things and get maximum results. With the information here, you will have every of your Desitin diaper cream-stained clothes free from stains.

Most importantly, you must be careful when applying Desitin diaper cream on your baby to avoid staining every part of your home. Make use of a gauze pad, or undershirt when doing that to shield your clothes from getting stained.