3 Wheel Vs 4 Wheel Strollers – Which Should You Choose?

The argument on the best option between 3 wheel vs 4 wheel strollers did not start today. Do not be too hard on yourself if you are caught in the web of confusion too, it is perfectly normal.

Both the 3 wheel and 4 wheel inline skate strollers have their own peculiarities and mothers and caregivers need to carefully study the pro and cons before making a choice of the stroller to purchase.

Babies love strollers and it helps to take a lot of burden from mothers and caregivers, giving them the much needed time off to go for a walk or engage in other outdoor activities without stress.

In this article, we have explained all you need to know about strollers and highlighted the pros and cons of the 3 wheel and 4 wheel strollers. This will ease your decision process in choosing a stroller for your baby.


What is a Stroller?

A stroller is basically a foldable chair on wheels; also known as a pushchair, it is used to push a baby or transport a baby around, especially for leisure walks.

There are two main types of strollers and they are the 3 wheel strollers also known as the tri-skates and the popular 4 wheel strollers.

It will interest you to know that 3 wheel strollers are a new innovation, and were only introduced a few years ago. This is one reason why the 4 wheel stroller is still the most popular option among mothers and caregivers.

Like every other innovation, the 3 wheel stroller is an upgrade on the 4 wheel stroller, but the catch is that it comes with a higher level of technicality. When mastered, the 3 wheel stroller can offer a lot more and ease the difficulty in mobility and management.


Difference Between a 3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Strollers

Despite the fact that mothers and caregivers are more versatile with the 4 wheel strollers, the 3 wheel strollers are posing a stiff competition as the stroller of choice.

One major point that has influenced the decision of mothers and caregivers is that the 3 wheel strollers have been proven to offer more comfort and ease as compared to the regular 4 wheel strollers.

Below are the major differences between a 3 wheel stroller and a 4 wheel stroller.

1. The Number of Skates

One major difference between the 3 wheel stroller and the 4 wheel stroller is the number of slates or tires. As you would have guessed – and rightly so, the three wheel stroller has three wheel, while the 4 wheel strollers have four wheel.

This has got to be the most distinctive factor between both strollers.

2. Speed of the Stroller

The speed between the two strollers is also a major difference between them. The 3 wheel stroller is a lot faster than the 4 wheel stroller.

Experts say that this is because the 4 wheel stroller has an extra wheel which increases friction and slows it down.

3. The versatility of the Stroller

The 3 wheel strollers are often more versatile in design compared to the strollers with 4 wheels. They sometimes have more compartments and are built to be higher in design.

Versatility is one of the major points of note for mothers and caregivers when shopping for a stroller.

4. Size of the Stroller

Strollers with 3 wheel are usually bigger in size than a 4 wheel stroller. So, when you see a big stroller from a distance, chances are that it is a 3 wheeler.

The size is one of the major distinctions between the 3 wheel and 4 wheel strollers.


Pros and Cons of a 3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Strollers

Apart from making the best choice that suits you, it is best to consider the pros and cons of an item before purchase.

An in-depth idea of the pros and cons will go a long way in not only ensuring the safety of your baby, help you maximize the stroller and help you maintain it to last longer.

Without further ado, let us go to the pros and cons of the 3 wheel strollers and 4 wheel strollers.

Pros of 3 Wheel Strollers

3 wheel strollers are becoming the strollers of choice among modern-day mothers and caregivers. This is because of their advantages over the traditional 4 wheel strollers.

The pros of 3 wheel strollers include:

1. They Offer Improved Stability

One of the greatest advantages of the 3 wheel stroller as against the 4 wheel strollers is the rate of stability. The 3 wheel strollers are designed in a way that the two wheels are larger than the wheel at the front, this provides increased stability.

Unlike in the case of the 4 wheel strollers where all four wheels are of equal sizes and shapes, the design of the 3 wheel strollers offers increased balance which helps to improve stability.

2. They are Easy to Control

Mothers and caregivers always have extra luggage to battle with. Sometimes, it may not be the baby’s diaper bag you have to struggle with; it could be your handbag or your mobile device.

The 3 wheel strollers can be easily pushed with one hand and are ideal when you have bags to carry or another child to attend to while pushing your stroller. You can hold your other child with one hand and push your baby on a 3 wheel stroller with the other hand.

3. They are Easy to Pin Down

There are times when you will need to pin down the stroller so that you can attend to other things. The aim of pinning down a stroller is so that the stroller does not roll off when no one is attending to it.

Unlike in the case of a 4 wheel stroller where you will have to lock all for wheels to pin down the stroller, the 3 wheel stroller can be easily pinned down by locking the front wheel.

4. They Offer Easy Navigation

A stroller with 3 wheels can be easily navigated in tight corners and can easily maintain a straight line.

The single front wheel helps to direct the larger wheels behind to achieve and maintain easy navigation regardless of the terrain and navigation requirements in the area.


Cons of 3 Wheel Strollers

I know you are already thinking that the 3 wheel stroller is the perfect utility for babies and could have no disadvantages. Well, you are wrong because everything has its downside.

Below are the cons of a 3 wheel stroller:

1. The Cost of the Stroller

As you would expect, the 3 wheel strollers are way more expensive than the 4 wheel strollers. In some cases, they can be as expensive as ten times the cost of the regular 4 wheel strollers.

2. The Size and Weight

3 wheel strollers are usually bulkier and heavier than 4 wheel strollers. They are often designed to house more compartments and structured to be higher. The 3 wheels restrict the design to erect upward as against the 4 wheel stroller design where the child can lie flat.

This is one reason why many mothers and caregivers still prefer the 4 wheel strollers because they want a stroller they can carry around.


Pros of 4 Wheel Strollers

We have talked so much about the advantages of 3 wheel strollers and how they are an upgrade to the 4 wheel strollers. You may possibly be wondering if the 4 wheel strollers have any advantages – yes, they do.

Below are the pros of 4 wheel strollers.

1. They are Budget Friendly

If you are on a budget but want a good stroller that can take your baby around in, then you should consider the 4 wheel strollers.

Compared to the 3 wheel strollers, the 4 wheel strollers are an alternative you will jump on. Basically, they offer the same purpose and you get to save a lot more money on your purchase.

2. You Have a Variety of Choices

As you know, the 4 wheel strollers are the traditional types of strollers and have been around for as long as we can remember. So, there are a lot of varieties for you to choose from.

From multi-seat systems to umbrella and easy-fold varieties, there is always a 4 wheel stroller to match your taste and preference.

3. They are Light Weight

Some 4 wheel strollers can be folded into a backpack – that is how light they can be. In a time when mothers and caregivers want to travel as light as possible, 4 wheel strollers come in very handy.

They are naturally very light and easy to move around. This is perhaps the greatest advantage of the 4 wheel strollers over the 3 wheel strollers.

4. Stability and Balance

The number of wheels on a 4 wheel stroller helps to create stability and balance for the stroller.

When a baby lies on a 4 wheel stroller, the baby’s weight is evenly distributed and there is virtually no chance of the baby tripping over. This is one reason why mothers and caregivers opt for 4 wheel strollers.


Cons of 4 Wheel Strollers

We have discussed the pros of 4 wheel strollers, let us check out the cons.

1. Not Designed for All Surfaces

One of the disadvantages of a 4 wheel stroller is that they are hard to push on rough surfaces.

When on a level surface, they are very easy to push and navigate but they are not designed to move on bumpy

terrains which creates a limitation on the areas where they can be used.

2. Not Ideal for Jogging

It is a common sight to see parents and caregivers take their babies in a stroller for a morning job. Well, if you are considering doing this, a 4 wheel stroller is not for you.

This is because 4 wheel strollers are not designed to be used for jogging or running.